You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

Knight of Demise

Knight of Demise
Author : 西贝猫

Brief introduction:
He has single-handedly changed the entire continent
He brought death, destruction and chaos
He holds the world’s most powerful and feared force
His fearsome name is widely spread
Death is not the end but the beginning of another…
When the flag of Rose and Sword flies again under this sky
Will it brought destruction or hope?

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Infinity Moe

Author : 国际精神

Brief introduction :

This is a male love novel in infinity skin, telling the wonderful story of Chuxuan senior colonel constantly pushing girls in the 2D world, but please don’t expect too much…

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Salvation Began from Cafe

从拯救咖啡店开始/Salvation Began from Cafe
Author : 开心小帅

Brief introduction :

Transmigrated to the world similiar to 2D, carrying Salvation system as the welfare.
Increase your proficiency through leveling?
Get various items and abilities after completing the task?
Travel to many 2D worlds to complete the rescue mission?
Okay, what Li Yalin needs to think about the most, how to earn enough for one hundred million debt to protect the coffee shop that carries the girl’s dream.
Everything starts here…

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Strongest Hokage Kakashi

Strongest Hokage Kakashi
Author : 墨渊九砚

Brief introduction :
Kyuubi’s night, soul from earth and Kakashi’s soul integrated, a new Hatake Kakashi was born!
Not enough chakra? Not a problem, he can increase them. Sharingan limit? Not a problem, Advanced Rinnegan is not a dream.
The final Kakashi is the strongest ninja!

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