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Elite Press’s Weekly Young Fiery can definitely be regarded as the top manga magazine in Japan district. In terms of circulation, it is difficult to compare with the same kind of magazine.

The Japan district’s manga industry is also the best in the empire. After all, in order to vigorously develop the cultural economy, the empire has given a lot of preferential treatment policies. In comparison, Japan district is actually the most suitable for the development of the entertainment industry.

For this reason, the entertainment industry in Japan district is prevalent, and a large number of idol stars have been discovered in recent years, which are highly sought after by the viewers.

It is a pity that discovering high-quality idols does not mean that you can have high-quality works. At least in Li Yalin’s opinion, those idol stars broadcasted every day on TV do not seem to have anything worth mentioning except for the face value.

Even if there is strength, it is useless without matching works.

By the way, the manga industry seems to have been inspired by this aspect recently, thinking of using mangaka to create IP value. Even launched the concept of idol mangaka that attracted a considerable number of readers.

Just from factual point of view, a mangaka drawing popular manga with idol face value is basically equivalent to zero.

Of course, equal to zero does not mean it doesn’t exist. Now Weekly Young Fiery has launched a young rookie mangaka. Ready to cultivate him vigorously and his works are indeed very popular. He just debuted in magazine but he had beaten the little famous mangaka of the same period, which can be described as frightening.

Such a potential newcomer will surely achieve greater success with the promotion of the magazine. Although he cannot reach the top of the manga world pyramid in a short period of time, but he can rise up as long as he is given time.

In the feedback from the readers of the new issue, the young newcomer’s praised very highly. Among the 20 works serialized during the same period, his work is ranked fifth in popularity, except for the top mangaka above him. He seems to have no rivals.

Perhaps he will soon become a member of those top mangaka.

In this case, the newcomer mangaka’s evaluation on the internet will not be too bad. Instead, internet is more receptive to new things, such newcomer authors should be more popular.

However, what the editors of Weekly Young Fieryeditor did not expect was that the newcomer they pushed did not get much attention on the internet. On the contrary, the attention of online readers was actually attracted by a work called Cat’s Eye’s.

Cat’s Eye?

What kind of work is this?

Weekly Young Fiery’s editors learned this news on the forum. Their first reaction was to look at each other. Although they reviewed many works every day, no one has impression on this manga called Cat’s Eye.

No one has reviewed Cat’s Eye, so why does this manga appear on the magazine’s website? Who carelessly missed such excellent work? Or did something goes wrong?

Or perhaps… those praises on the internet were hired by this manga author?

It’s not that there are no works that get axed from magazines and become popular when it was put on the internet. In fact, this situation can happen once or twice a year. After all, editors’ works are carried out according to strict procedures. Black is black and white is white. Everything depends on the score, if the score are not up to the standard, it will be replaced by better works.

This is the company’s regulation. From the point of view of capital, there is nothing wrong with it. But from the point of view of mangaka, it is somewhat unreasonable. After all, for mangaka each of their works is their hard work. Equivalent to their children and no one wants to give up their children easily.

For this reason, mangaka who are not willing their work get discontinued will choose to continue to update the serialization on the internet. If the subsequent plot is approved by the reader, it is possible to bring the work back to life, but this is a rare case.

The more common one is the extreme means used by some mangaka, such as spending money to popularize their work are not something new.

But to gain readers’ recognition, excellent works are really the hard truth. Buying popularity will certainly keep the works popular for a period of time. But it will lose readers overtime.

Then Cat’s Eye is really an excellent work or spend money to raise the popularity?

When the editors of Weekly Young Fiery carefully read chapter 1 of this work, they finally understood.

Yes, everyone is not a newcomer in this industry. Whether a work is excellent can be seen from chapter 1, and because of this, the editors who reads Cat’s Eye take a breath of cold air.

“No wonder this work is so popular. With this exquisite style, it can attract so many readers!”

“It’s not just about drawing style, the story of this work is also very good. Although the love story of the female thief and the male police officer has not been fully expanded, I can’t wait to read what will happen next!”

“This is definitely an excellent work that rarely seen in recent years, my god… Why did the author of this work not submit it to the magazine, but chose to update it on the internet?”

Even Weekly Young Fiery’s editors are so gaffey, let alone the reader’s reaction. In fact, Cat Eye’s storm on the internet is far more exaggerated than expected.

Although the manga industry in this world is in the initial development stage, it is very popular with young people. Especially on the internet, an excellent work will surely become the object of everyone’s discussion.

It’s because of this Cat Eye was quickly unearthed, and did not need deliberate promotion. Those readers who have seen this work will spontaneously recommend it to their friends. A terrifying phenomenon happened.

Weekly Young Fiery’s website rankings are always those outstanding works that are serialized in magazines. But in just two days, this ranking has suddenly changed dramatically.

A work called “Cat’s Eye” is like a rocket, it reached the top ten of the ranking at a very fast speed. From top five, then rushed into the top three, and finally competed for the second and the first throne!

That’s right! It is the first throne!

Has not experienced any promotion, but can rush all the way to the top of the rankings. This work has undoubtedly caused a great impact in such a short time.

So as the author of this work, what is the creator of all this Li Yalin doing now?

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