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The principal died in the hands of zombies, and was decapitated by Li Yalin after becoming a zombie.

For Kamiyama Akiko who witnessed this scene with her own eyes, it was undoubtedly a huge blow.

Li Yalin was also very uncomfortable in his heart. Even if it was zombie that he killed, the other party was still human before his death and even talked to him.

But… this is not the time being sad.

Isn’t it?

For the people in this world, it seems that Li Yalin also experienced the end of the world in an instant.

He was talking to his cute imouto in the coffee shop just a few hours ago and playing piano for customers, but he beheaded several zombies in succession a few hours later, and even cutting off a zombies head!

What a tremendous change this is!

However, even if this is the case, he must do his best to survive. The dead are dead, the living still have to survive.

The next step is to work hard to survive.

After all, Li Yalin has promised the principal!

Goes to the basement entrance to close it, because the principal was too injured and failed to close the shutter door. This must be fixed quickly or the zombies will come in, and neither he nor Kamiyama Akiko will have an easy time.

As for the principal’s body, after taking a deep breath, Li Yalin packed it into a sleeping bag while enduring the nausea, wrapped it in plastic cloth, and prepared to deal with it tomorrow.

The emergency shelter area on the second basement stores a lot of living materials. Sleeping bags and plastic cloths are all found there, they all can be used.

The blood on the ground was wiped clean, and finally it was done.

“Have some food.”

With Li Yalin’s otaku physique, it makes him really tired after finishing all these.

This is also thanks to Kamiyama Akiko, although she was hit pretty hard at the beginning, but she helped him later, such as consolidating the body and cleaning the blood, so he didn’t have to do everything himself.

Only after everything was done, she shrank silently in the corner, maybe today’s blow was too great for her.

Li Yalin didn’t use the food in the storage warehouse. He still had the compressed food and water prepared in his bag. He was prepared to deal with it for one night. Now it is a special time, so not much enjoyment.

As for Kamiyama Akiko, Li Yalin also gave her a share of food. One can’t function properly on an empty stomach. She need to replenish her physical strength or she will not feel well tomorrow.

“I… I can’t eat…”

Fortunately, although Kamiyama Akiko’s spirit is a bit weak, she can still speak.

But she gently shook her head when he give her the food, indicating that she had no appetite at all.

After so many things happen, it would be a miracle if she can still eat. Li Yalin also the same, but he understands the seriousness of lack of physical strength, so he can only force himself to eat to supplement energy.

“I know you have no appetite now, but you have to eat and sleep well.”

Not allowing Kamiyama Akiko to refuse, Li Yalin put food and water to her hands.

“Tomorrow, we will move upstairs to meet your colleagues and friends. If you don’t have physical strength, how can we get rid of zombies along the way?”


Kamiyama Akiko immediately awakened when he put it that way. The principal was indeed dead, but her colleague Sakura sensei, and her students, Takeya-san, Ebisuzawa-san, Wakasa-san… they were all still alive!

They are still waiting for her on the rooftop!

Even for them, she have to eat!

That’s right!

She must eat!

With the goal, Kamiyama Akiko naturally has a motivation. She understands that she is not alone, and there are people waiting for her!


Seeing Kamiyama Akiko’s unremarkable appearance of eating food, Li Yalin raised his mouth slightly.

Obedience is a good sensei.

But… I’m sorry to tell you that tomorrow you might be disappointed.

Li Yalin was still sleeping peacefully at night, he originally thought that he would have nightmares. He just killed so many zombies, but he can still slept until dawn and woke up at 7 am.

After getting up and having breakfast, the next step is to go to the rooftop rescue plan. The signal of the mobile phone has not disappeared. Through Kamiyama Akiko’s mobile phone, they can quickly contact the girls on the rooftop.

The girls on the rooftop were certainly very excited when they learned that there are safe rooms in the school basement. But to go from rooftop to the first floor, there will be a long distance along the way. The risk is too high with the school is full of zombies.

In this case, Li Yalin suggested that he go to the rooftop to greet everyone. When he went upstairs, he could also wipe out the zombies near the stairs.

Although this proposal was rejected by everyone because it was too dangerous. But eventually, in the absence of a good idea, they have to take risks.

Of course, Li Yalin is absolutely confident in himself. After all, he has the experience of yesterday. As long as he starts sneaking, he will have no problem even wandering in this school.

“Why? Why can’t I go with you?”

Kamiyama Akiko was very incomprehensible with his decision. He had already said yesterday that today they went to meet with Sakura, but why he left her behind?

This is different from what he said!

“Because when we come back, there must be someone here to respond, otherwise what if something unexpected happens? Kamiyama sensei, stay behind to take care of things is a very difficult task, I can only ask you!”

Li Yalin certainly has his own explanation for his decision. Regardless Kamiyama Akiko believes it or not, he believes it anyway.


Li Yalin’s justified statements made Kamiyama Akiko hesitate for a while. Although it sounds reasonable, is it really the case?

“In short, you must keep in touch with us at all times so that we can respond to all unexpected situations.”

Taking advantage of Kamiyama Akiko’s hesitation, Li Yalin made the decision directly. Without letting her to say anything else. He carried his backpack and turned to the door of the roller shutter door.

“Once I open the rolling door, you will close the door immediately after I go out. Don’t open the door no matter what happens. When we come back, we will open the door with the password.”

Before leaving, Li Yalin gave his final reminder to Kamiyama Akiko.
Kamiyama Akiko could do nothing but subconsciously nod.

When everything has been said, she can’t continue to go upstairs with him.

“Be careful…”

In the end, Kamiyama Akiko could only say such a word.

A thousand words into one sentence.

“Must come back safely…”

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