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After leaving the safe basement, Li Yalin’s mood was also quite tense. After all, he stepped into this school with zombies again.

The zombie body that he killed yesterday is still on the ground. Due to the hot weather, the body has begun to emit an unpleasant smell, which made him frown.

Although killing zombies is simple, handling the body is actually a hassle.

If he want to use the school as a stronghold, zombies and corpses must be treated with the highest priority.

Forget it, don’t think too much. Let’s start cleaning up zombies.

Although he killed a lot of zombies yesterday. As soon as he came out today, there were a lot of new zombies in the corridor. After thinking a bit, it is better to clean the zombies on the first floor before going to the roof.

The school building of Megurigaoka High School has three stairs, but only the middle staircase can directly lead to the top floor. Otherwise, it will not be so troublesome, he can just go directly from the stairs on the right.

He must clear the zombies all the way until the classroom of Class A Grade 1. But after the zombies over there have been cleaned up, there still a few classrooms left, right?

Simply kill all the zombies on the first floor!

With this plan in mind, Li Yalin activated the stealth skill and started the zombie assassination show again.

He found that he was becoming more and more proficient in stabbing zombies, killing several zombies in a row didn’t make him feel tired.

To be honest, Li Yalin feels lucky because Gakkou Gurashi has no BOSS-level zombies. Otherwise, if he really meet a BOSS like licker, he might die even without knowing it.

He really want to finish the task in one breath!

When he killed the first zombie, Li Yalin was tangled, when he killed the second zombie, Li Yalin was emotional, so…when he killed the tenth zombie?

The answer is simple, there is no longer any feeling.

Now killing zombies is like playing game and grinding tasks to him.

Pulled out the knife, stab, solved one.

Continue to pull the knife, stab, and solve the next one.

It’s that simple.

Soon, the first floor was cleaned up, and from the stairs next to Class A Grade 1, Li Yalin quickly reached the corridor of the second floor.

Looking around, there are also many zombies in the corridor on the second floor. After cleaning up the zombies near the stairs, Class A Grade 2 and the toilets of men and women, Li Yalin stepped upstairs again and went to the third floor of the school building.

According to the Sakura sensei on the phone, yesterday she and several students escaped the zombies’ chase. They blocked the rooftop door and finally escaped. Then, there should be a lot of zombies on the third floor.

But when he actually reached the third floor, Li Yalin found that even if he is mentally prepared, there were more zombies wandering here than expected.


Or more?

This is really a large amount of work…

Li Yalin sighed looking at the number of zombie at the entrance of the stairs.

However, he must do his best no matter how heavy the workload, right?

More than thirty zombies?


He don’t have to worry about where to grind the task!

Go die!




His stamina was running out with the passage of time, Li Yalin’s movements have become slower and slower, and even stealth cannot be perfectly maintained.

He initially wanted to kill all the zombies as soon as possible. Now it seems it’s still too much for him.

What to do?


Fight again after recovering the stamina?

Just when Li Yalin cut off the head of a zombie, thinking about whether to retreat, the rooftop door was opened suddenly, and a purple-haired twintail girl with a shovel rushed out of the door.


Seeing the girl with a shovel, Li Yalin subconsciously thought he met an acquaintance. That purple hair twin tails and purple eyes. Isn’t that Rize at the coffee shop?


She’s not Rize!

Although he subconsciously confuse her with someone else, Li Yalin immediately reacted. Rize could not appear here, that is to say this girl who has almost the same appearance as Rize should be Ebisuzawa Kurumi-san with Shovel-kun nickname.

The four-character surname is quite rare, it is no wonder that Li Yalin can remember her immediately.

“Come here!”

Obviously, Shovel-kun…Ebisuzawa Kurumi heard the sound outside and opened the door to cover him.

He saw her clenched the shovel, rushed to the side of the zombie and shoveled its neck, blood spatter immediately. The scene was quite bloody.

While killing a zombie, Ebisuzawa Kurumi did not forget to wave to Li Yalin. This is a great opportunity.

Li Yalin quickly muster all the strength to maintain stealth, and with fastest speed toward the rooftop.

With their cooperation, they finally avoided all zombies and successfully returned to the rooftop.

Close the door with a bang, they are safe!


After successfully entering the rooftop, Li Yalin couldn’t help but take a breath. He felt a lot of pressure when he feel tired, otherwise he won’t be thinking of retreating.

This feeling is really frustrating.

If he can… he want to get stronger!

“Umm… are you the one to meet us?”

Li Yalin just took a breath, and then ushered in four eyes full of expectations. Everyone is feeling fatigued after hiding all night in the rooftop. Similarly, everyone is also looking forward to rescue arrival.

Although Li Yalin is not a real rescue, his arrival still brings them hope.

“Yes, my name is Li Yalin, we talked before.”

Looking at the four girls in front of him, Li Yalin had already confirmed their identity before they even introduce themselves. Apart from Shovel-kun, the girl with pink hair and purple dress must be Sakura Megumi who die earlier in the original plot.

It’s really nice to see Megu-nee still alive…

The short pink hair and wearing a weird cat ear hat girl should be Takeya Yuki.

And the pretty brown-haired girl must be Wakasa Yuuri.

The main characters expect Shovel No. 2 are all here.

“I can’t thank you enough for taking such a big risk to meet us.”

Li Yalin observe the girls then looked at Sakura Megumi, her eyes are full of gratitude.

Yesterday, she talked with Li Yalin by phone and knew a lot of things. At this moment of crisis, such a person can take a huge risk to come to rescue herself and her students. It’s impossible not to feel touched.

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    Title:-Zombie Slayer(Normal)LV.6 -> LV.20 (Grade UP LVL required: LV.75)
    -Assasin(Normal) LV.10 -> LV.30 (Grade Up LVL required: LV.200)
    – One san hunter (Rare) LV.10(Grade Up LVL Required: LV.90)
    Note:Some Special event can Evolve Title

    Example:-‘One-san Hunter’ can evolve to ‘One-san Magnet’ if the wielder is a shota.
    -‘Loli Hunter’ can evolve to ‘Loli seducer’ if the target get Seduce by the wielder without Noticing.

    The Tittle can evolve if the level reached 100 or above.

    The Evolve title usually hev Higher Grade than the Normal Title

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