Cafe 102

This rescue mission is more difficult than expected, and the zombies is too many.

Fortunately, after the initial virus outbreak, the zombies’ actions began to calm down. As long as he maintain enough stamina, it is not a problem to kill those zombies.

At least after reaching the rooftop, Li Yalin who recovered his strength quickly attacked again, clean up every zombies around the third floor, and successfully returned to the underground area with the girls.


As the one being left behind, Kamiyama Akiko’s mood was extremely tense and finally relaxed when she saw Li Yalin group return.

It can be imagined how excited she was to meet her colleagues and students again in this broken world.

Seeing Kamiyama Akiko pounce on Sakura Megumi, and then hugged Takeya Yuki and Ebisuzawa Kurumi tightly together, Li Yalin took a step back to give them time for warm reunion.

At this time, he should just keep silent.

“Thank you very much!”

“What are you doing Sakura sensei, didn’t you thank me when we were on the rooftop?”

Everyone must have a lot of things to say after meeting again. Especially seeing Takeya Yuki crying in the arms of Kamiyama Akiko, Li Yalin’s mood is both gratifying and heavy.

Everyone’s emotions have fully recovered when he see this. It is estimated that he has to wait for a while, during which he only needs to smile silently.

But what he didn’t expect was that while Kamiyama Akiko exchanged conversations with several girls and pouring out their uneasiness and excitement in their heart, Sakura Megumi came to him and bowed to him again.

He was a bit surprised for Megumi’s gratitude. She had thanked him before, why she do it again?

“You saved all of us. Without you, I really don’t know how long everyone can persevere.”

Sakura Megumi’s gratitude to Li Yalin came from the heart. After encountering such a big change, even if she was a sensei, she was also very frightened. She was full of anxiety about the future. But as a teacher, she can’t show it in front of her students.

Now, the appearance of Li Yalin brings hope to them. At least to Sakura Megumi, he brings them courage to survive, so she is very grateful to him.

“Persevere… in fact, those kids are far stronger than you think…”

Facing Sakura Megumi’s gratitude, Li Yalin whispered softly. He knew that if he didn’t appear, Kamiyama Akiko and Sakura Megumi would die, but those kids wouldn’t die.

Although they will experience all kinds of hardships and difficulties, they will get stronger and survive.

Of course, he will naturally let these kids live better!

“What did you say?”

Li Yalin’s whisper was not loud. At least Sakura Megumi didn’t hear it clearly. Just when she asked in a slightly suspicious voice, when she looked at Li Yalin, his expression suddenly became serious.

“Sakura sensei, I think you should take a look at this evacuation manual.”

Yes, everyone is indeed safe now, but that is only temporary safety. What they have to face next is how to survive in this desperate situation.

So the first thing everyone need to understand is the truth.

“This is…”

Sakura Megumi were surprised when she saw the emergency evacuation manual in Li Yalin’s hand. But she soon reacted, she was given such manual by the principal.

Why he suddenly take this out?

With doubts in her heart, Sakura Megumi turned the first page of the manual, her complexion instantly became ugly after she actually saw the contents of the manual.

“Why? Is this really true?”

The truth is often the cruelest. Li Yalin knows this in his heart, it will definitely hit them hard when they know the truth.

But it will only hurts them more if the truth is kept hidden. So it is better to let them know the truth sooner than later.

“Everything that happened… the school also involved?”

“How could this be…”

Sakura Megumi knew the truth, and the other girls should know them too. Because of this, it take time for everyone to digest this fact.

During this period, Li Yalin also began to calm down and seriously think about his next goal.

Looking at his hidden task, he has killed 36 zombies. He might not have to go outside the school, he can complete the task as long as he kill all the zombies in the school building and the playground.

Other than the hidden task, the side task has not been triggered. According to the system, the side task contains a lot of rewards. He must actively trigger the side task if he want to become stronger and get more rewards.

But he didn’t know how to trigger them.

Try his luck outside the school?

Maybe he can try them later.

Before that, they must solve the most important problems first!


That’s right! The highest priority right now is everyone’s safety. They can avoid the zombies if they hide in the basement, but is it possible for everyone to keep hiding all their lives?

Even if there is enough water and electricity, what about food? Food is always non-renewable.

So what the mission means by finding living space for the girls is to create a living place similar to the gathering place of human beings.


He really need to plan carefully.

“Sakura sensei and Kamiyama sensei, can we have a talk?”

Li Yalin has given them enough time, and the girls’ emotions have gradually stabilized. Seeing that now is the right time, it is time to talk about business.

“We supposed to be waiting for resuce when a crisis like this happens. But we don’t know what happen to the outside world, so I think that we should prepare for self-help while waiting for rescue to come.”

The first thought of ordinary people when a crisis occurs is to wait for rescue. Whether it is Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko who is a sensei, or Takeya Yuki, Wakasa Yuuri and Ebisuzawa Kurumi who are students, they may hold such mentality.

Li Yalin know that no one will rescue them, and they would be digging their own grave if they keep waiting for it.

But he really can’t say them, so he can only use more tactful words to remind everyone, not only to give everyone a psychological preparation, but also to get everyone’s support.

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