Cafe 103

“Prepare for self-help? What should we do?”

Hearing Li Yalin, Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko looking at each other, they have to admit that this is very reasonable.

“I think the most important thing to do now is to create a safe refuge!”

What is self-help?

To put it bluntly, it is just to survive. As Li Yalin thought, creating a safe refuge is the most urgent thing to do.

The teaching philosophy of Megurigaoka High School is to hope that students can accumulate a variety of social experiences while they are in school. Because of this, the school was built as a miniature town.

Thanks to this teaching concept, they don’t have to worry about hydropower and other problems at all. They were even able to start a vegetable garden at the top of the school building, the source of fresh fruits and vegetables wouldn’t be a problem.

In addition, some necessary daily necessities can also be obtained in the kiosk on the second floor of the school building. And a large number of practical clubs can also provide various help for daily life.

In other words, as long as the zombies in Megurigaoka High School are cleaned up, this place can become the safest place to live.

This is Li Yalin’s next goal.

Without him, it would be very difficult for the girls to clean up all the zombies, but now with him, the situation is completely different.

Li Yalin can easily kill the zombies. Not to mention that he won’t be fighting alone. Among these girls, there is a fighting power that is not inferior to him, it’s Shovel-kun!

Yes, although she didn’t have stealth skill and had no good weapon like General Blade, but Shovel-kun… cough, Ebisuzawa Kurumi-san combat power is not inferior to any man!

She could easily cut off the zombie throat with her shovel, and there is no hesitation in her eyes.

Her performance is simply a natural warrior!

It’s amazing…

Even if he had been mentally prepared after seeing Shovel-kun… Kurumi-san’s performance, Li Yalin still sigh in his heart.

He might not be her match without his cheat.

All in all, she is very similar to Rize. He might even get confused if they are put together.

As expected of Hōbunsha famous actress.

Li Yalin’s proposal has been widely accepted by everyone. The next zombie cleanup plan is also led by him and Kurumi, with Wakasa Yuuri and Kamiyama Akiko as the supports.

As for Takeya Yuki, her situation is the same as the original plot. The tremendous changes caused her emotions to be extremely unstable, so she is not fit for the work of beating the zombies. It is better to let Sakura Megumi take care of her.

Although their numbers are not many but they kill the zombies efficiently. Li Yalin and Kurumi worked together to remove all zombies in the school building in just one day.

This is also due to the small number of zombies in the school building. When the disaster occurred, most of the students were running outside the school building, so a large number of zombies were wandering on the playground outside the school building. Only a few are in the building.

However, killing zombies is only the most preliminary work, the corpse disposal is the most troublesome.

Because of the hot weather, the school building will soon be covered with corpses if they didn’t dispose them, and it might spawn unwanted viruses and bacteria when the corpses rot.

Barricade the school building to prevent the zombies on the playground from entering the building are also top priorities.

There are three entrances and exits on the ground floor, including the gate. After much discussion, they decided to close all entrances except the small door leading to the underground entrance.

All windows in the classrooms on the first floor were nailed with wooden boards to prevent zombies from invading!

Luckily, there are several small carts for shipping in the cafeteria on the first floor, they also found many tools in the warehouse next to the workshops. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time to complete such a large workload.

But even with the tools at hand to shipped out all the corpses, and then sealed all the doors and windows, it took them almost two days. Everyone almost collapsed from exhaustion after everything was finished.

Their hard work for several days produced enormous results. The large school building of Megurigaoka High School is completely safe. Everyone can walk around freely without any worry.

In this time of hardship, the surviving people warm up to each other, because of this they can get closer to each other very quickly.

Li Yalin was already very familiar with the girls, and has began to address each other with their names.

“Yuki’s situation…is she okay?”

“Yes, Yuki’s situation is pretty good. With Megu-nee care, she has gradually accepted all this.”

Wakasa Yuuri is talking to Li Yalin right now, the most stable character in the high school students. At the beginning of clearing the zombies, she gave Li Yalin a considerable help.

The content of their dialogue is about Takeya Yuki, who had experienced a huge stimulus at the start of disaster outbreak. Takeya Yuki will show a mental regression when left alone.

Her luck is really good, although her spirit was stimulated before, but this stimulation did not last long. Especially after Li Yalin appeared, the zombies in the school building were quickly cleaned up, and Yuki’s safety was also guaranteed. In this case, her psychology is gradually recovering.

She should be able to return to normal soon after she fully accept everything.

“That’s good.”

Li Yalin was also relieved after hearing this. He didn’t want to see Yuki having a mental regression disease.

It’s great to be able to control the problem now.

“Speaking of which, Yuuri have you contacted your family?”

He speak thoughtlessly since he had no topics to talk about. But he never thought that just as he said this, her face fluctuate instantly when he look at her again.

Not good… he seems to have stepped on the minefield!

This zombie crisis is not limited to the outbreak in Megurigaoka High School. Since the zombie appeared, the contact with the outside world has been completely cut off. Even the mobile phone has lost its signal from yesterday.

Li Yalin knew that Kamiyama Akiko lost all contact with her family, Sakura Megumi and Kurumi also failed to contact their family. But Wakasa Yuuri never talk about her family situation, and no one ask her about it.

Looks like the situation isn’t very good…

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