Cafe 104

Li Yalin was about to apologize to Wakasa Yuuri because he stepped on the minefield, but system suddenly sent him a message.

Crossing world side task: Imouto salvation.
Task content: Go to Namekawa Elementary School to rescue Wakasa Yuuri’s imouto.
Task reward: Virus immunity constitution.
Task tips: This side task has a time limit. Task will be deemed to be failure if not completed before 27h’17m’54s. The imouto will die, and the reward will be cancelled.


This triggered a side task?

It can work this way?

Okay, this is not the time to be surprised.

To his knowledge, Wakasa Yuuri’s imouto should have already died in the original plot. This is an indisputable fact, but it seems like there is still room for manoeuvre.

At least until the prompt number given in the system tips is over, Wakasa Yuuri’s imouto will not die, that’s mean he still have plenty of time to prepare!

Yes, Li Yalin had never thought about giving up when this side task was triggered. He knows this task would be very dangerous, but he must complete this task at all cost!

He is not just trying to save Wakasa Yuuri’s imouto, but more importantly, the task reward makes him completely unable to refuse it!

Virus immunity constitution!

What is a virus immunity constitution?

Quite simple, he won’t be getting sick in the future with this constitution!

Of course, not getting sick is secondary. The most important thing is that he don’t have to be afraid of zombie virus with virus immunity, right?

In this world with zombie virus outbreak, once scratched, you will get infected by the virus and turned into a zombie. Even with antidote, it is useless because there is no vaccine that completely cures the zombie virus.

But he don’t have to be afraid now, Li Yalin no longer has to worry about injuries once he complete this task. In the future, as long as he don’t go to a horde of zombies seeking death, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he get scratched.

He has no reason to hesitate at all!

Of course, he must also be prepared in advance to face any danger in this task. He need to complete it as quickly as possible like the previous hidden task.

After cleaning up the zombies inside the building with Kurumi, the number of zombies killed by Li Yalin has exceeded 100. His task can completed if he cleaned up some of the zombies outside the school building.

Nothing to hesitate, right?

“Yalin… did you go outside?”

Five hours later, Li Yalin were filled with blood when he return again, it also attracted everyone’s attention.

Although he killed the enemy with sneak attack, the black blood still splattered everywhere. It’s still difficult to avoid the blood even if he want to, it made him look like a mess.

This makes everyone very concerned.

Why he want to venture outside when the school building is already safe?

“Kurumi, help me prepare some food and water. Sakura sensei, please lend me your car key. Kamiyama sensei, give me the map of the city.”

Feeling everyone concern, Li Yalin didn’t explain much, he just took off his coat.

He needs to clean the blood in his body quickly.

He didn’t speak until he finished taking off his shirt, but what he said surprised everyone.

“You want to leave?”

To say who have the best relationship with Li Yalin, it must be Kurumi. The two often fight together side by side, and have developed quite a tacit understanding with each other.

This is made her unable to understand. Li Yalin obviously wants to leave, but why he want to leave?

He don’t want to be with everyone?

“I’m not leaving, but going out.”

Seeing that Kurumi was standing in front of him, Li Yalin shook his head slightly. He didn’t mean to leave them, he went out to complete the task.

But how can he explain it to everyone?

Does he have to show them he have foresee ability?

“This crisis broke out for so many days. I want to go out to take a look, I also have an acquaintance who lives near Namekawa Elementary School. I am going to try my luck there to see if he is still alive.”

He can’t tell everyone the truth, but he can give them an explanation. They should be able to accept his explanation.

“I see…I’ll go with you.”

As predicted, Kurumi feel relieved when she heard that Li Yalin just wanted to go out to investigate the situation. But then, with a firm look on her face, she said she wanted to act with him.

This is somewhat beyond Li Yalin’s expectations.

Although he and Kurumi are very good at killing zombies, but to act together all of sudden…

“No, this time I am going alone. I still need you to stay here. I am not at ease if you leave with me.”

He will be more at ease if he was accompanied by Kurumi. After all, he recognized Kurumi’s combat strength.

But Kurumi is the only battle force besides him. With both of them leaving, it will be a big issue if something happens on the school side.

So after thinking about it, Kurumi still has to stay.


Although she want to act together with Li Yalin, his words were very reasonable, it made Kurumi hesitate.

A moment later, she nodded and approved his statement.

That’s right, they can’t relax their guard even if the school is safe already.

“Yalin-san… could I have a word with you?”

Everyone helped in his preparation to go out. The necessary water and food on the road, the city map and Sakura Megumi’s car key, all need to be prepared in advance.

However, while everyone was helping, Wakasa Yuuri’s complexion kept changing, as if hesitate about something.

It was not until the last moment that she finally made up her mind, she came to Li Yalin and whispered such a word to him.

“What’s the matter Yuuri-san?”

Li Yalin is not surprised when Wakasa Yuuri come to find him, because he deliberately mentioned Namekawa Elementary School in order to prepare for the next rescue task.

He believe that Namekawa Elementary School will definitely hit Wakasa Yuuri fragile heart!

Yes, don’t be deceived by her calm behavior, her heart is the most vulnerable one!

“That… if… if possible, Yalin-san can you take a look at Namekawa Elementary School… my imouto, she should be at Namekawa Elementary School…”

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