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Virus outbreak, zombies everywhere, doomsday is coming.

In this sudden collapse of the world, dead people are the most common. After a few days of catastrophe, everyone have resigned.

Our own loved ones and friends may have die in this disaster.

It’s just that before they could see it with their own eyes, their hearts still hold hope. Perhaps their relatives have been rescued? Maybe everyone is still alive?

Even if this possibility is very low, it is necessary to do this self-hypnosis.

The same is true with Wakasa Yuuri.

Reason told her that her parents and imouto should have been killed. If this disaster only affected a small area, rescue should have arrived early.

But it has been a few days. No one came to rescue them. Instead, all external communication had been severed. Not only does the telephone signal disappear, even the internet can no longer connect. This is definitely not normal.

Worst-case scenario, this disaster affected Megurigaoka city and even the whole world?

Will humans be extinct?

A world with zombies theme is not a novel thing, and it is for this reason that everyone become panicked in the face of this disaster.


Wakasa Yuuri still hopes for a miracle, maybe her parents have escaped the disaster, maybe her imouto is still alive…

She didn’t dare to think much before, nor did she want to think about it. But now, an opportunity is placed in front of her. If her imouto is still alive, will Li Yalin’s visit bring her a ray of life?

It will!

Most definitely!

With such a thought in mind, Wakasa Yuuri summoned her courage to plead with Li Yalin, but she didn’t know if he would agree to her rude request.

No way, the outside world is too dangerous, she has no qualifications to let Li Yalin take risks for her.

Will he… promise her?

“Yes, since I’m on the way, I will go to Namekawa Elementary School to see the situation. But Yuuri-san, do you have a photo of your imouto? It will make it easier for me if you have her photos.”

Wakasa Yuuri’s worries are completely unnecessary, because Li Yalin’s goal is to save her imouto from beginning but he can’t say this to her.

Since she brought it up, how could he not take this opportunity to promise her? Of course he’ll promise her!

He had considered this issues. It will definitely become very troublesome if he didn’t have any reference. This task will definitely be easier with her help.

“Yes! I have the photos!”

Listening to Li Yalin agreeing so readily, Wakasa Yuuri was overjoyed and took out her mobile phone to show the photos on the wallpaper.

It’s a girl with long hair that is 70% similar to Wakasa Yuuri. She looks about eleven or twelve years old. She feels quite cute.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

It would be much easier for Li Yalin with the photo in hand. He did not hesitate to print the photo directly from the office computer and take it with him.

“I’ll be back.”

After getting the photos, everything almost ready. After everything was prepared, Li Yalin turned back and smiled at the girls behind him.

He traveled this time with everyone’s help. Everyone’s face, including poor mental state Takeya Yuki, carries a concern.

He knows that everyone is worried about his safety, but it’s okay, he will definitely come back safely!

“You must return safely!”

As Li Yalin took steps, Takeya Yuki couldn’t help shouting. Although she was not familiar with Li Yalin, she also knew that she and everyone was saved by him.

She hopes he can return safely!


Really worthy of being the most energetic girl, everyone was shocked by her loud voice. Fortunately the surrounding zombies had been cleaned, otherwise her loud voice would attracted the zombies?

But even so, Yuuri and Kurumi covered her mouth. You can’t be loud at this time!

Li Yalin almost laughed from seeing this scene. She is really a funny girl, isn’t it?

It is a pity that he could not respond to Yuki. He already stepped into the playground and could only wave his hand as a signal, and then walked towards the parking lot.

Now it’s time to work!

In order to complete the task before, Li Yalin killed almost every zombies on the playground. Because of this, he went smoothly along the way.

After coming to the parking lot, with Sakura Megumi’s instructions, he quickly found the car. As could be expected of a female car? This color is really festive.

Okay, it’s not time to tsukomi.

Taking out the key and opening the door, Li Yalin breathed a sigh of relief after sitting in the cab. Fortunately, this is an automatic car. He would have trouble if it was manual transmission.

There is no way. Although he had a driver’s license before being transmigrated, he has never touched a car after taking the driver’s license. It can be said that he is a retired old driver.

He can learn as he drive with automatic car, but manual car needs to shift gears and stepped on the clutch, he really can’t drive it!

The car will stall if he lift his foot off the clutch too quickly. It was an act of seeking death when going out in this zombie world!

Forget it, it was an automatic transmission anyway.

Start the engine, shift to the forward gear, step on the accelerator, and drive away!

Even though he is not good at driving cars, in this collapsed world, no one will ever care with his driving skills. It didn’t matter how he drive the car on the wide street.

However, he has only twenty hours left for the rescue task due to the previous series of preparations, he can’t waste his time on the road.

Looking at the map and determining the direction, he will rush to Namekawa Elementary School as quickly as possible.

So… he will fight with elementary school students later?

To decapitate primary school students zombies, this is not a small challenge for him.

Holding the steering wheel in his hand, Li Yalin gazed at the front with a dignified expression.


No problem, with his overall growth of strength, constitution and agility, he will not lose no matter what kind of opponents he will encounter!

Even if the zombies is an elementary school students… he will slash it with General Blade!

Wakasa Ruu…

Wait for me!

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