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Namekawa Elementary School is not far from Megurigaoka High School. It can be reached in about ten minutes by car. However, it is annoying that there are often zombies wandering on the street, not to mention the occasion of various car accidents. As a result, Li Yalin had to make a detour.

In a dozen minutes, he drove more than half an hour to reach his destination.

“Finally here…”

After arriving at the destination, Li Yalin finally found a good place before parking the car in a relatively spacious area with fewer zombies.

After getting off the car, he was relieved. There is no way. For an old driver like him, it is really not easy to drive this car.

But then he couldn’t continue to relax, because the sound of parking will attracted a lot of zombies.

No time to tangle with them!

Glancing at the zombies approaching slowly, Li Yalin ignored them and activate the stealth skill, walking towards Namekawa Elementary School.

He knows very well that he don’t have to kill every zombies he see. When he leaves, the zombies will disperse on their own after losing their targets, he won’t waste his energy on them.

Sneaking to the entrance of Namekawa Elementary School, Li Yalin found that it had also become a paradise for zombies, except that the wandering zombies had changed from adults to children.

What an unbearable scene, it is obviously such a small child…

So… how many survivors are there in this Namekawa elementary school?
Stepping into the school gate, Li Yalin evaded the surrounding zombies and started to advance into the building.

He is very clear that since Wakasa Yuuri imouto is still alive, she must be hiding in the school building. She would become zombie food if she run outside and would not be able to survive to the present.

Because of this, he felt that there should be a safe area in the school building.

Wandering around the first floor of the school building, he found nothing but zombies, blood and flesh everywhere, exactly the same scene as Megurigaoka High School, which made Li Yalin a little disappointed.

It wasn’t until he came to the second floor that he found a classroom where the door was tightly closed and the windows were nailed with wooden boards, it made his eyes shine!

Found his goal?

Well, no matter whether he has found his goal, there is only one thing he needs to do now, and that is to clean up all the zombies around!

Since Li Yalin completed the hidden task, he has achieved a qualitative leap in strength, stamina and agility.

Although it only added three points each, but after getting this extra point, his strength and agility have reached the average level of 10 points for adult men, with stamina is slightly worse, only 9 points.

But even so, it is much stronger than his previous otaku. He feels like he can wields his sword faster and more powerful. The most important thing is that he won’t get tired easily!

Only a hidden task can improve him so much, what if he gets more bonuses? Will he become superman?

This is not impossible.

Of course, no one know what will happen in the future, Li Yalin only knows that he must do his best to complete the task!


Go to aferlife peacefully!

It didn’t take much time to clean up the wandering zombies. After confirming no more threats around, Li Yalin came to the classroom door and knocked on the door.

“Anyone in there?”

As soon as his voice came out, there was a cry of exclamation in the classroom. He didn’t wait for too long, and the door was opened with a snap.


Holy, it’s so close-packed.

When the classroom door was opened, what he saw is a rows of desks tied together. It was like a simple blockade wall. It is probably because of this that this classroom was not penetrated by zombies.

“Are you here to save us?”

Before Li Yalin finished watching the desk blockade wall, a small head emerge from the gap of the desk. It was a young loli, her expression was full of panic and her voice also filled with urgency.

“Yes, I’m here to save you.”

To Li Yalin’s disappointment, this little loli is not his goal. He have come all the way so he can’t ignore such a small child.

In fact, he was ready to take everyone before he arrived, but he didn’t know how many survivors remained in this school.

“Someone came to save us!”

“Great! We are finally saved!”

Cheers broke out from the classroom after receiving affirmative answer from Li Yalin. But from the sounds, it seems to be all little girls?

No boy?

No adults?

What’s happening here?

The cheers of the girls made him frown. It was not that he looked down on little girls, but according to normal circumstances, how high is the survival rate of a group of little girls in a place filled with zombies without the leadership of an adult? Everyone should be able to imagine.

Forget it, it’s useless to think too much, he can just ask them.

“Please… please save Ruu-chan!”

With the cheers in the classroom sounded, the little girl who protruded her head from the gap in the desk also grabbed Li Yalin’s ankle.

Look at her urgent expression… did something happen?

“What’s the matter, don’t worry you can talk slowly.”

Li Yalin did not struggle when his ankle was caught, he leaned over and try to keep his eyes level with the little loli.

“Ruu-chan she… she is sick…”

This loli’s expression was very anxious and also looked back from time to time, presumably worrying about her companion.

“Sick? Let me take a look first.”

Listening to little loli’s words, Li Yalin suddenly made a chuckle in his heart. Ruu-chan got sick… Ruu-chan is his goal Wakasa Ruu? Remember that Wakasa Yuuri also used Ruu-chan to address her imouto.

And she’s sick… Is she really sick or infected by virus?

It wouldn’t be a problem if it’s the former, but if the latter…

That is the worst case!

Fortunately, Li Yalin’s figure is relatively standard and has no problem to drill in and out of the gap in the desk. After drilling in along the gap, he quickly saw the situation in the classroom.

In this classroom, including the little loli who just met him, there are a total of five people. All of them are little girls, and they are all very cute.

Among them, a little girl was lying on the ground with a blanket, and she seemed to be short of breath. Even Li Yalin’s arrival did not cause any reaction from her.

Is it her?

That’s right!

It’s her!

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    Title:’ Loli Seducer’ have triggered Special Event.
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    B.Abandon She(auto-Massacre)
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