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It didn’t take Li Yalin too much time to confirm his goal. After all, Wakasa Ruu’s physical characteristics is very obvious. Such a cute girl can be recognized at a glance.

Li Yalin immediately came to Wakasa Ruu, reached out his hand and touched her forehead, hot!

She got a fever?

“How did she get sick?”

On the surface, Wakasa Yuuri didn’t show any signs of turning into zombies, but her body is hot and sweating. These are symptoms of fever.

But for the sake of insurance, he turned his attention to the loli in the classroom.

He has just arrived and needs to know more.

“Ruu-chan hasn’t eaten anything these past few days. She caught a cold last night, and had a fever after waking up today. Onii-chan… please help Ruu-chan!”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, several little loli answered in a hurry, their expressions were very urgent, and they all seemed very worried about Wakasa Ruu’s condition.

“I understand.”

With this answer, Li Yalin has figured out the situation. Wakasa Ruu has not been infected with the virus, she has not been able to eat normally for a few days so her body’s immunity has declined, resulting in a high fever.

Such a bad timing, he didn’t bring any emergency medicine!

Before leaving, Li Yalin carried two virus antidote for insurance, but that thing could only have a limited inhibitory effect on the zombie virus and was completely ineffective against colds and fevers.

He have to use a cold and fever medicine to treat her.

Li Yalin can’t do anything without the medicine. Now he can only take the water out of his backpack, then take out a hand towel to pour the water on it and gently apply it to Wakasa Ruu’s forehead.

This will lower her temperature for a while, next is…

“Have something to eat first, then tell me the location of the school infirmary.”

Turning back to look at the few loli, he found that they were looking at his backpacks while swallowing saliva. They must be hungry.

He won’t be stingy to these children, he take out all the water and food, and then give it to them, he also asked them the location of the school infirmary.

Logically speaking, the best way to do now is to take everyone back to Megurigaoka High School. But the problem is that it is too time-consuming. Instead of delaying the treatment, it is better to get the materials directly on the spot.

Seeing the food and water in Li Yalin’s hands, the little girls in the classroom secretly swallowed saliva. The classroom seems to have no more supply, they must have been hungry in the past few days.

Such a poor little girls…

Very soon, Li Yalin distributed the water and food in his hands, and learned the location of the school infirmary in the school, it was not far away. In fact, he did not spend much effort and got the supplies he wanted very smoothly.

No way, stealth this skill is very convenient to deal with zombies. As long as there is no sound, the zombie won’t notice him even if he break dance in front of them. Not to mention a small thing such as taking medicine.


He got the medicine and fed it to Wakasa Ruu. But how to leave this place is a big issues.

“Everyone take a good rest first, I will go out again. Don’t think too much, wait for me to come back!”

There are a lot of zombies in the school building of Namekawa Elementary School, and there are more outside the playground. Taking five loli along the way with one being sick, it’s like carrying a time bomb with him that will detonated at any time.

Once they made a noise when leaving, they will attracted the zombies. Everyone will become the target of the zombies. Li Yalin can runs away by himself, but how about these children?

He can’t he abandon them, right?

So it is better to be more cautious.

More importantly, according to these little loli, the survivors of Namekawa Elementary School are not just a few of them. In fact, in the early stage of the zombie virus outbreak, the number of survivors here should be more than ten.

This closed classroom was also created by the surviving sensei.

The problem is that although the zombies cannot enter the classroom, water and food have become a big problem. Everyone will starve to death if they didn’t look for it. In this case, their sensei goes out to look for foods for everyone.

It’s a pity that sensei never came back after going out. After a long wait, the schoolboys also started to take action. They volunteered to go out and said to everyone that they will definitely find rescue, but in fact…

The last schoolboy went out yesterday afternoon, but he never came back. Li Yalin knows what this means.

He finally understood why there were only five little girls left in this classroom. It’s clear that the sensei and small schoolboys met with an unfortunate accident. But to be safe, he decided to conduct a search, both for the purpose of searching for survivors and to open up a safe path.

He hoped that those children can survive…

Li Yalin went out with such idea, but reality is too cruel.

In this city with man eating zombies, not to mention children, even adults cannot survive, let alone have to find food and water.

He didn’t go far away, Li Yalin found the boys, and the way to recognize them was really simple, each of them had a sign on their body with words asking for help and there are more survivors within Namekawa Elementary School

Li Yalin cannot help them even if he recognized those children, because they have become living corpses, zombies that feed on humans.

What he can do is to free them completely.

Sorry I couldn’t save you, but don’t worry your friends are safe, and I assure you that they will all live well!

In the face of zombies, the only thing Li Yalin can do is to wield his General Blade, eliminate every enemy in front of him, and open up a safe path.

Only in this way can he safely leave with the girls!


“Onii-chan you are back!”

The little girls in the classroom were very nervous when he left. In the past few days, they saw too many people gone.

Will the onii-chan who gave them food and water come back?

This is the worry that every little girl has in their heart.

It wasn’t until the classroom door was opened again that they finally felt relieved.

“Okay, I’m back. I will take you home now!”

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