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Despite taking the medicine, Wakasa Ruu’s condition has not completely improved. She need full care before she can fully recover.

In this case, Li Yalin did not hesitate to held her into his arms. Carried her all the way into the car while also guided four other small loli into the car.

Because he killed the zombies very fast, new zombies has not come yet, so it was smooth to leave Namekawa Elementary School. After everyone entered the car, Li Yalin immediately started the car and leave at full speed.

Let’s go!

Back home!

Compared to his inexperience when leaving, Li Yalin’s car skills when he went back were soaring. Probably because there were several pairs of cute eyes staring at him, he felt that he was driving very smoothly.

Avoiding those car accident routes, the next step was to smoothly return to his home base. There were no accidents during this period, which made him secretly relieved.

He was really afraid of having accidents with these few loli.

Well now, everything is safe after back home.

Yes, it’s home. At this moment, Megurigaoka High School is everyone’s home!


After parking the car, Li Yalin continued to embrace Wakasa Ruu and guided everyone into the school building.

In fact, as soon as he drove the car into the campus, the girls in the school building had already discovered his return. Well, Wakasa Yuuri already rushed out of the building before everyone entered.

Wakasa Ruu in Li Yalin’s arms is very conspicuous. How can Wakasa Yuuri did not recognize her? It’s because of this that in her excitement, she jumped on him.

Even with Li Yalin and Wakasa Ruu together, Wakasa Yuuri hugged them tightly, didn’t want to let them go. She buried her face in her imouto’s body, and also buried into Li Yalin’s arms.

The scene of sisters reunion is very touching for many people, but the problem is that Li Yalin who is being involved is very awkward.

Just pick her up if you want to hug your imouto. Why you also hugged me?

Although… well, it feels good.

“Okay, she still have a fever. We need to prepare a clean room and dry clothes for her as soon as possible, Sakura sensei and Kamiyama sensei, I’ll leave her to you.”

Although the school building of Megurigaoka High School is safe, it is not the case on the sports ground. They may attracts zombie if they continue to stand here. Li Yalin certainly cannot let everyone continue to stand silly here.

He hinted towards Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko, as sensei, they have the most influence.

“Yalin-san is right, everyone come in.”

With Li Yalin reminder, Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko also responded, and hurriedly call everyone to enter the school building.

After closing the door, Wakasa Ruu was taken by Sakura Megumi and she will nurse her with Wakasa Yuuri.

As for the remaining four small loli, it was handed over to Kamiyama Akiko. There is certainly no problem with this friendly sensei.

“You actually found Ri-san’s imouto.”

Li Yalin can finally feel relaxed after the surviving loli of Namekawa Elementary School was being taken care for. After he goes out, he still tired even after his strength and physical strength have increased.

Take a look at the sky, it’s already sunset. Let’s take a break early after having dinner.

Li Yalin thought like this, but before he could rest, Kurumi-san who always carried a shovel, came over and threw a thing at him.

“I was also a little surprised, but it was great to find people.”

Feeling that something was flying towards him, Li Yalin unconsciously reached for it. But when he saw it, it turned out to be a box of milk, which dumbfound him.

According to the plot in the movie and TV series, shouldn’t he received beer? Why the hell he get a milk?

But…milk or beer, I don’t like beer anyway.

Without being polite, Li Yalin opened the milk and took a gulp, then gestured to Kurumi.

He knows what she mean. Not only Kurumi, even Wakasa Yuuri did not expect that her imouto was actually alive.

Seeing her excitement, tears had already appeared in the corners of her eyes. If Wakasa Ruu called her at that time, she would immediately burst into tears, definitely!

It’s a pity that he couldn’t tell the truth to Kurumi. There’s no way he would say that he knew Wakasa Ruu is still alive, right? He is not a sage who can see the future.

It is better to be vague at this time.

“Right, did you find your friend?”

Kurumi did not know that Li Yalin concealed something, but she knew that the goal of his trip was not Wakasa Yuuri’s imouto. It should be said that the child was only rescued incidentally, at least on the surface.

So, has Li Yalin’s real goal been found? As his comrade-in-arms, Kurumi still cares about it.


Li Yalin certainly would not say that he found him, but when he shook his head, Kurumi’s face dimmed immediately.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean it.”

Seeing Li Yalin shake his head, Kurumi knew that she shouldn’t say it. In her opinion, she is just spreading salt on other people’s wounds.

“It’s okay, it’s a good thing I didn’t found him. I didn’t see his body, he may still be alive somewhere.”

Seeing Kurumi’s reaction, Li Yalin knew she had misunderstood, but he had no way to explain it, and could only let the misunderstanding continue.

Fortunately, his next words can also play a relief role. At least Kurumi’s face gradually recovered after he said this.

“You said…should we wait for the rescue?”

Among the girls, Kurumi belongs to the stronger type and also the bravest. But even someone strong and brave like her, she didn’t know what to do in this world where she can’t see the future.

For ordinary person, they would wait for the arrival of rescue.

But the question is, will the rescue really come?

Can everyone return to the peaceful life they once were?

Kurumi thought about this question for a long time, but have not been able to get an answer.

“Rescue… In fact, my long-term idea is to rely on ourself. It would be nice if there is a rescue, but we should not be discouraged even if there is no rescue.”

“And I also have an idea. There are still many survivors like us. If we can’t wait for the rescue, then let us be the rescue!”

Facing Kurumi’s questions, Li Yalin raised his mouth slightly. He knew that it was impossible to wait for the rescue. Instead of waiting for the rescue, he would be the one to rescue others!

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