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For the work of Gakkou Gurashi, Li Yalin can’t remember all the plot, but can still remember some of them. If no accident, the three girls in the original plot, Kurumi, Yuki and Yuuri would live in Megurigaoka High School for a long time.

The hope to wait for rescue is very slim. Even if rescue finally come, it was not the kind of rescue they thought.

Perhaps…a dodgy rescuer will bring disaster to this safe school!

Therefore, Li Yalin feels that he should prepare everyone for psychological preparations. He does not know whether there is a large-scale infection with zombies in this world, but what certain is that Megurigaoka city is definitely a paradise for zombies.

In this case, what everyone needs to do next is to survive in this zombie paradise.

They may even become the rescue itself, as Li Yalin said.

Of course, they must first have the ability and conditions to create a completely safe refuge to rescue others, which is the most important issue at the moment.

Although the school building is safe, there are still new zombies on the playground, so after saving the loli in Namekawa Elementary School, Li Yalin started to prepare for his next plan.

Seriously, that is not an easy task.

Kill all the zombies, burn the corpses, close the school playground gate, and then block all the entrances and exits. It was a large amount of work. Even with everyone working together, it still took a long time to finish.

As the only man among them, Li Yalin has to work even harder, he always has to do all the dirty work. This is inevitable. In the face of so many girls, he can’t lose face as a big man, right?

Although it is very tiring, the effect is very gratifying. At least with the joint efforts of everyone, everyone’s activity scope has finally been further expanded. It is no longer limited to school buildings. The territory of the campus shelter has been further extended to the entire school!

This is amazing!

Watching loli run happily on the playground, this sense of accomplishment is simply through the roof!


“Although we are not short of water, the consumption of food is too fast. If this continued, it will not be able to sustain us for too long even if we start saving.”

For these survivors, Megurigaoka High School is a special big family, each with a different division of labor, all of them are very useful.

For example, Wakasa Yuuri is in charge of material management for the entire school.

After all, her attentiveness will makes everyone at ease if she responsible for materials. In fact, she is indeed very responsible. Though she can manage the materials well, but she can’t create materials out of thin air.

Everything else can be managed, but she can’t do anything with the food.

Megurigaoka High School’s underground storage warehouse contains enough food for 15 people to eat for a month. In addition, there is also a lot of food in the store, plus vegetables grown on the roof, it seems to be quite a lot.

But in fact, when actually used, it was found that the consumption of this material is much faster than expected.

So with the consumption of food, Wakasa Yuuri finally come to find Li Yalin with a frown. It can’t support everyone for too long if this continue, they must find a way as soon as possible.

They will be in hunger soon if this not handled.

“Well… this is indeed a problem.”

The food and drink consumption in the school was recorded by Wakasa Yuuri. It seemed clear at first glance. After taking a closer look, Li Yalin found that the situation was indeed not good.

No way!

This problem must be solved first!

If this continues, let alone rescuing others, they will starve after another month, how can they allowed this?

“It’s decided! Let’s start with the nearby convenience stores!”

How to get food, Li Yalin already had an idea in mind. He only collected the available resources in the school. Outside the school, it was still an unknown areas that has not been explored.

In this case, start with the area around the school, such as a convenience store, which is a place with the most food.

“Convenience store? I will go with you!”

Listening to Li Yalin’s desire to explore outside the school, Kurumi immediately got into high spirits and waved the shovel in her hand. She must not miss this opportunity!

“And me! I will go too!”

Kurumi’s words just fell, and Wakasa Yuuri also took a step forward, accompanied by her imouto Ruu-chan. Her mental state has always been very good. She can take the initiative to help, can be considered as a good boost.

“Want to go on an outing? How about taking me too?”

Wakasa Yuuri also come forward, Takeya Yuki is naturally quite interesting. Although she experienced a great stimulus in the early days, but she has recovered quite well under everyone’s careful care. At least she has now fully accepted the reality, and gradually became more energetic and cheerful.

“We didn’t go out to play this time, so, Kurumi and Yuuri-san followed me. Let’s start with a small search. After the surrounding materials are collected, we will consider further expanding the search scope.”

Knock lightly on Yuki’s little head, Li Yalin made a decision immediately. Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko need to stay to take care of those loli, Takeya Yuki is not very suitable to bring in this trip. After careful consideration, sure enough, Kurumi and Yuuri are the most suitable girls.

Of course it will be more safe if he goes alone since he can retreat quickly if there is any danger. But going alone has its limitations, it is impossible to rely solely on himself to get supplies back.

“Okay! That’s it!”

Now that she was selected, Kurumi also nodded her head. She and Li Yalin are old partners who have cooperated many times, plus with Wakasa Yuuri, basically can be called the strongest combination.

In this way, the people in the field team were selected, and the vehicles used to go outside have also been determined.

Sakura Megumi’s car can’t be used as transportation. Her car was too small, it had to be much larger. So after several selections, the largest van in the campus parking lot will be used.

It was said that this is a special truck for the Megurigaoka High School. The space in the rear compartment is quite large. It was often used to transport junk before the disaster. Now they can use it exactly for this kind of situation.

This time the goal of the field team was to fill up the back compartment of this car. It would be great if they could use it several times, so they don’t have to worry about food for a long time in the future.

So this time, there is still a long haul ahead.

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