Cafe 11

“Chapter 2 is done!”

Cat Eye what kind of storm this work caused on the internet, Li Yalin did not actually pay attention to it. After entering the manuscript into the computer and uploading it, he immediately invested in the chapter 2 drawing.

After all, the time is tight and the task is heavy. It is difficult for him to make enough money in a short period of time without making a few more chapters as soon as possible.

Not to mention the one hundred million debt, the next living expenses alone is enough for him to worry.

Yes, because the system did not leave him much deposits, plus the purchase of manga tools not long ago, his deposits were almost completely emptied. In such situation, he has to be frugal until the end of the month.

Although it is not impossible to temporarily borrow from Chino. The problem is, how much thick skinned he can be to open this mouth to borrow money from a loli with one hundred million debts?

So Li Yalin only hope now is on manga, even if he just uploaded chapter 1 and has not started marketing. But one thing is very important, internet serialization manga is not just relying on subscription to make money.

If the readers likes this manga work, they can give the author support through donation or subscription, which is very similar to online literature.

The most important thing is that according to the regulations of the website, the manga author can choose to withdraw money after the manuscript fee has accumulated to a certain standard. That is to say, if Li Yalin’s keep updating and the readers support it, he can quickly get money enough for him to survive this difficult period.

This is why Li Yalin is so desperate.

“Yalin-san’s speed is really fast. But even to draw manga, you should pay attention to your body. Don’t get too exhausted.”

After Cat Eye chapter 2 is completed, Li Yalin’s first reader is Chino who lives under the same roof with him.

Since reading Cat Eye’s chapter 1, Chino has completely become a fan of this manga. She is certainly very happy to see chapter 2 produced so quickly.

She was also a little worried about Li Yalin’s physical condition. After all, he had been focusing in drawing all this time, which can hurt his body. Generally, mangaka who can do a 20 page of manga serialized in the weekly magazine is already be considered highly productive. However, Li Yalin actually draws forty pages of manga in two days.

If this keep going, Chino afraid that his body could not take it.

He should take care of his your body more even if he still young.

“Okay, I will slow down after drawing chapter 3.”

Li Yalin knew that Chino was caring about him, and of course he wouldn’t say any rebuttal. While nodding his head, he sorted out the original chapter 2 manuscripts. Then he would take these manuscripts to a nearby convenience store to be scanned in the copy machines, his chapter 1 manuscript also scanned in a convenience store.

He initially did not know how to use it, but he become more familiar the second scan upload, everything came very smoothly. While on it, he also took a look at the Cat Eye results on the website.

He has been rushing to write chapter 2 so he didn’t have time to go online, and the result also shocked him.

This result… for real?

In just two days, Cat’s Eye actually occupied the top position of the rankings on the Weekly Young Fiery website. He has long anticipate it, but Li Yalin couldn’t still believe his eyes.

He knew that Cat Eye would definitely go on trending, but he didn’t expect it to come so fast. Superb quality product attract customers?

Well, superb quality product can sell well even with the lack of publicity. Looking at the fiery comment area, it can be seen that the readers are very satisfied with this work.

Because of this, the words ‘subscribed’ appear frequently in the comment area. Looking at the statistics, Cat Eye has increased the click-through rate of nearly 300,000 over two days.

The clicks on the internet have always been virtual, and Li Yalin didn’t know how the website counted it, so he didn’t care much.

But he was very clear that the real key to measuring the excellence of works is actually the work amount of favorites and subscriptions after being put on the shelf.

Although not promoted by the website, but sitting on the throne of the ranking list is the biggest publicity. So within a short time, it has increased Li Yalin’s favorites close to 10,000.

This is just the effect of chapter 1, just the beginning.

With the further update of this work, no one can predict what this work would accomplish in the future, even Li Yalin cannot predict them.

In fact, Li Yalin did not have time to predict any future results because he was focusing on a more important thing.

That is Cat Eye’s donation!

This is… more than two hundred thousand Japan currency? Are you serious?

After seeing the number of donations, Li Yalin rubbed his eyes many times, not because it was too little but a bit too much.

You must know that this is a free manga, and it is only chapter 1. Unless you really like it, how can there be so many people donate?

More than 200,000 Japan currency, even if it is replaced by china currency, there are more than 10,000 yuan. Maybe this number is not much for those old mangaka, but it is an amazing amount for a new manga.

The most important thing is that the website stipulates that as long as manga’s manuscript fee reaches 100,000 Japan currency, he can apply for cash in. That is to say, as long as Li Yalin is willing, he can receive the manuscript fee tomorrow.

After going to the website for share and draft tax, Li Yalin can get almost 150,000 Japan currency, although not much but it can alleviate the pressing need.

This is a great news!

Without any hesitation, Li Yalin directly chose to cash in the manuscript fee. Anyway, his contact information and bank card were submitted at the time of registration. It is also very convenient to cash in the manuscript fee.

After everything was done, he didn’t go to read the comments in the comment area but instead hurried back to Rabbit House. He want to share this good news with Chino!

“Chino! I can get the manuscript fee tomorrow!”

“Welcome, Eh?”


Li Yalin returned to Rabbit House at the fastest speed, but after opening the store door. What he saw was not the familiar figure of Chino.

Standing in front of him right now is a young girl wearing a light purple coffee shop uniform, with a dark purple twintail and dark purple double pupils. Not very old, about 16-17 years old.

An outsider appeared in the coffee shop, which was unexpected for Li Yalin, but soon, his eyes flashed with realization.

It turned out to be her!

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