Cafe 110

“There! Yes! That convenience store!”

As a paratrooper, Li Yalin did not understand the environment around Megurigaoka High School. At this time, Kurumi and Yuuri showed their role. After leaving the school, they were leading the way.

Kurumi and Yuuri’s expressions were a little excited after leaving the school for the first time after the catastrophe, as if the bird trapped in the cage was about to release their wings.

Li Yalin can understand their mood. After all, they have been suppressed for too long, and they really need a way to vent.

But this is not the time to vent the pent-up frustrations. This excitement must not last forever, because the next work is not only tiring, but also very dangerous.

You know, this is not an outing in peacetime, but walking on a street full of zombies!

Okay, he said that but in fact, the number of zombies wandering on the street is not very large, they might be hidden in a house, or they are attracted by something. Anyway, on this road, the zombies are probably only three or five, very few in number.

In the van, Kurumi is very excited to guide Li Yalin. It seems that the convenience store she set her mind on is a place she often visits and is very familiar.

However, after arriving at the targeted convenience store, the car quickly stopped at the door of the convenience store, but Li Yalin did not dare to let them get off.

“You wait in the car first, I went to scout out. I will come to find you again if there is no problem. Don’t get off before I come back! If there are a lot of zombies, drive away before you are surrounded and go back to school, get it?”

Yes, Li Yalin did not intend to let Kurumi and Yuuri get off the car. Currently, he is the only person who can safely avoid zombies without fearing the zombies virus, so he can only do the job.

“Be careful…”

Both Kurumi and Yuuri knew what Li Yalin meant. In fact, they wanted to get off the car to help him explore the convenience store, but when they open their mouth, they subconscious nod their head after seeing him being serious.

In the end, they can only remind him, hope he will not have an accident.

“Relax, leave it to me.”

Li Yalin smiled slightly at the two girls. Although he said he was going to scout out, in fact, his goal was to clean up all the zombies in the convenience store.

No other way, this is a job that must be completed, otherwise they can’t transport the food with peace of mind.

After entering the convenience store and activate the stealth mode, it’s zombies assassination time!

“Yalin-san… will he be okay…”

Sitting in the van, Wakasa Yuuri looked anxiously in the direction of the convenience store. This was her first time facing zombies outside the school, it made her a little apprehensive and uneasy.

“It’s okay, he is much better than me, he should be fine.”

Kurumi is much more calm than Yuuri, she had partnered with Li Yalin to kill so many zombies, she is still very confident in Li Yalin’s strength.

It’s just…

Her hand which had been holding the shovel, seemed to betray her at the moment.

Sure enough, she still nervous…

This little detail from Kurumi can’t be hidden from Yuuri, but she didn’t say it, but after taking a deep look at Kurumi, she turned her sight to the convenience store again.

Yes, Yalin-san is very powerful, nothing bad will happen to him!

Fortunately, Li Yalin did not worry these two girls for too long. In fact, thanks to the fact that there are not many zombies in this convenience store, he went around twice and only found three zombies in total. He easily kill them, now this convenience store is completely safe.

“Let us get this done quickly. The supplies are enough to last for a long time!”

After solving the zombies, Li Yalin found that the convenience store had far more supplies than he thought. Because not only was there food on the shelves, but through the back door, he also found the convenience store warehouse.

This is a big discovery.

So without wasting time, let’s move the goods quickly!


Seeing Li Yalin return safely, Kurumi and Yuuri glanced at each other with relief. As for the next, they also knew their task and quickly jumped off the car, entered the convenience store along with Li Yalin.

Fortunately, this convenience store has not been patronized by other survivors, though it looks very messy, but the supplies are very complete.

But now is not the time to idle about. They must carry those foods with long shelf life that are not easy to deteriorate to the car at the fastest speed!

Boxes of biscuits and cans are Li Yalin’s top priority. After all, they have a long shelf life and are most suitable for consumption in this end of the world.

In addition, all kinds of instant noodles are also loaded into the car as much as possible. Although this stuff is very space-consuming and it is considered junk food, it is really indispensable after thinking about it.

How terrible the taste would be if they just eat biscuits and canned food, without a wide variety of instant noodles, how to satisfy the appetite?

Oh right, there are all kinds of chocolate, candies, energy drinks and other foods that can quickly replenish physical strength. We should take more of it. Anyway, it is to fill the car as much as possible.

As for the last…

Li Yalin remembers that all the snacks in the school canteen have been eaten up. After hesitated a few time. He decided to get two more boxes of coke and a large box of potato chips into the car.

He is not interested in these snacks, but the girls seems to like them. Especially the little loli, they would be very happy if they see him back with snacks.

It’s a pity that the bread in the convenience store has passed the shelf life, and he can’t get the flour and rice that he really wanted. Not surprising since this is a convenience store and not a food store. They need to take a special trip to a food store to refill the grain.

It’s a pity that they can’t do that now and can only do it next time.

Everyone was very tired after running back and forth several times. But the van was completely jammed, Kurumi and Yuuri had to squeeze on the co-pilot.

Although it was very crowded, their faces was full of smiles. Because they knew that with this vehicle, they would not have to worry about food for a long time.

Yes, Kurumi and Yuuri is very satisfied with this trip, but after looking at Li Yalin, he seems not very satisfied.

That’s right, Li Yalin is indeed dissatisfied, because he thinks this is not enough.

This won’t do! They need to gather more supplies!

The more the better!

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