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After Li Yalin, Kurumi and Yuuri returned to the school, they did not immediately conduct a second search, because the food they brought back was already enough. If they eat it with plan, it can support them for three months.

But only three months of supplies are still far from satisfying Li Yalin. He is now considering how to makes everyone survive better.


Should he go to RIVERCITY TRON shopping center…

There is not only a wealth of materials there. The most important thing is that if the plot has not changed, Shovel No.2, one of the original plot main characters should be trapped in a room on the top floor at the moment.

Yes, he really want to go!

Megurigaoka High School is safe, Li Yalin can be very proud to say that after everyone’s joint efforts, this school has been completely built as a safe place to live.

But don’t forget that there are still a lot of survivors outside Megurigaoka High School. He doesn’t know other place, but there is characters with an important role in the original plot in that shopping center.

Kurumi, Yuki, and Yuuri are all safe, he can’t just leave Shovel No.2 alone, right?

She must be saved!

Crossing world side task: Shopping center rescue operation.
Task content: Go to RIVERCITY TRON shopping center to rescue Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei.
Task reward: All attributes +2.
Task tips: This side task has no time limit, but if any one of Naoki Miki or Shidou Kei dies, the task is regarded as a failure and the reward will be invalid.

Holy shit!

Li Yalin was just thinking about taking a trip to the shopping center to get supplies and save people along the way. As a result, the system reponded quickly and immediately released the side task.

Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei…

Naoki Miki needless to say is Shovel No.2. Well, as one of the main characters in the original plot, she should be living well now.

But her girl friend Shidou Kei, although there is no specific ending in the original plot, but through all kinds of hints, her ending seems to be very miserable. That is to say, she is the focus of rescue.

Even if there is no time limit for this task, Li Yalin knows that Shidou Kei will definitely not survive if he went too late.

The reward is all attributes +2, not to mention that he himself wants to save people, he can’t just miss this reward, right?

It’s decided!

Set off now!

“You are going to the shopping center? Isn’t that too far?”

Li Yalin does not intend to waste time. Megurigaoka High School is now very safe. There shouldn’t be much trouble even if he leaves, so he can leave with ease.

But everyone was very surprised when he decided to go out alone. Why did he have to go out again? And this time he went further to the shopping center in the outskirt.

What is he doing there?

“Although we got a lot of supplies, we will eat them all sooner or later. The shopping center is very rich with materials. I plan to go there to explore while it is safe. It is also a back up plan for us.”

He feel sorry to the girls for not telling the truth. Li Yalin can only think of another reason to explain it, but he is quite good at making excuse, at least the girls are convinced.

RIVERCITY TRON shopping center is the largest shopping plaza in Megurigaoka city. The materials are indeed very rich. They won’t have to worry about food in the next few years if they can get all the food there.

But is it really okay to go alone?

Kurumi volunteered to follow him going out, but Li Yalin refused her this time.

He has a good excuse. He does not want to carry materials, but secretly investigating so he didn’t need any help.

Rather, it will hinder him if there are more people with him.

Yes, his goal this time is to save people. He will have a hard time reaching his target if many people come along. Going alone would be more convenient as he can retreat quickly if something happens.

Under Li Yalin’s persistence, everyone still failed to persuade him. They had no choice but to bless him, hoping he would go back early.

How could he not go back early with so many girls waiting for him?

Looking at their lovely faces, Li Yalin couldn’t help raising the corner of his mouth. He felt that it was the right choice to accept this crossing world task. Had he choose to give up, the outcome waiting for these girls… he don’t want to imagined them.

Although after coming to this world, he changed from an otaku who draw a manga and making game to a zombie killer who killed zombies without blinking an eye, but he didn’t feel any regret at all.

Yes, totally worth it for these girls!

So let’s keep saving people!

Goal – Shopping center!

Let’s go!

Nothing worth mentioning about the journey, everywhere is a broken and doomed sights. Li Yalin had witnessed it when going out before.

Smoothly drove to the destination. This once bustling shopping center is like the scene in the urban area, full of blood and debris, like hell on earth.

Li Yalin has become accustomed to this scene and will not bat an eye at all.

Hmm… let’s take a look at the area distribution of this shopping mall first.

The area with the most food should be the food area on the ground floor and one floor above ground is the food court. Second floor above are all jewelry, clothing, shoes and hats, which he put aside for now.

In other words, the first floor and one floor above ground will be Li Yalin’s main exploration area, and the food here will be the main source of materials for Megurigaoka High School in the future.

But before that, he had to find his target first. He doesn’t want some unexpected accidents to happen if he arrives late.

It is indeed a shopping mall. There are really a lot of zombies.

Compared with Megurigaoka High School, shopping center had a lot of zombies. After all, it is a densely populated area. After the catastrophe, the surge in the number of zombie naturally multiplied.

However, it won’t matter much to him how much they are. After activating the stealth skill, he can easily pass through the zombies.

It’s just…

There’s a survivors? And the number is not small.

After going up to the third floor, the number of zombies began to decrease. Judging from the zombies lying on the ground, the cleaned up zombies is absolutely artificial, otherwise there would not be so many dead bodies with damaged head.

This is definitely not something that one or two people can do. It can be judged that there should be a small number of survivors living in this shopping mall.

Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei… are they both among them?

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