Cafe 112

Right here!

On the fifth floor, Li Yalin found that the staircase was blocked by a large number of boxes. It was a smart method to isolate zombies.

After all, zombies are not good at climbing stairs, plus these boxes block the road. As long as there is no accident, the fifth floor can indeed be used as a safe area.

In this way, he was more certain that the fifth floor is where the survivors gather.

Since he come all the way here, go in and see.

Although these boxes can block zombies, it can’t block people. At least Li Yalin easily overturned the blockade of those boxes.

But after entering the fifth floor area, he was discovered before he could take a few steps.

“Don’t move! Who are you!”

Along with this voice, Li Yalin was quickly surrounded by people who heard the news. He saw that these people were armed with various weapons, and the expressions on their faces were also different.

There is bewilderment, excitement, and confusion, all sort of expressions.

“Don’t be excited, I’m not like the zombie outside.”

After being surrounded by so many people at once, Li Yalin did not plan to get into conflict with them. He raised his hands to show that he was not hostile, and his eyes quickly surveyed around.

Found them!

Among this group of survivors, Li Yalin soon saw two girls wearing Megurigaoka High School uniforms. They did not come to surround him with arms like those of male survivors. Instead, they hid and looked anxiously not far away.

“Are you… coming from outside?”

Although he saw his target, Li Yalin failed to talk to them because the leader of the group of survivors had already come to him.

This young man looks very handsome, and the survivors around him are taking him as the leader. He seems to be very capable guy since he can gather these survivors.

“From outside? I did just come to this shopping center.”

It seems these survivors did not leave the shopping center after the virus broke out and knew nothing about the outside world, so Li Yalin’s arrival makes them excited and even flustered.

It immediately stirred the crowd after he speak these words.

“You said you came from outside, are you saying the outside is safe now?”

Soon, a man with a steel rod rushed up and forcefully grasp Li Yalin’s arm with an anxious expression.

“Unfortunately, the entire Megurigaoka city has now become a playground for zombies.”

He didn’t mind some physical contact if the other party is a pretty girl, but will politely decline if it was like a rough guy in front of him.

Gently flicking his hand, Li Yalin broke away from the other person’s wrist. He didn’t like being touched by a man.

But his answer just now disappoint everyone.

“Zombie’s… playground?”

Perhaps Li Yalin’s answer hit the man hard. At this moment, he subconsciously dropped the steel rod in his hand and sat on the ground with his butt, his expression was dull.

No, perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe it as despair.

“How could this be…”

“Is the doomsday really coming…”

Li Yalin’s answer not only distracted the man, but also caused a commotion among the survivors. They finally met a survivor from outside, but it brought them a hopeless news. It’s really hard to accept in a short time.

“Don’t panic everyone! Haven’t we all said before, as long as we work hard, rescue will arrives sooner or later!”

The young man does have a bit of charisma to be able to lead these survivors, at least he can quickly calms down the commotion when he speaks at this crucial moment.

“Although we don’t know how you survived outside, we welcome you to join our group.”

Turning his gaze to Li Yalin again, the young man extended his hand to him, his expression was sincere, and his attitude was quite sincere.

“Thank you, but I’m sorry, I just passed by here and won’t stay here for long.”

He didn’t want to treat the other party coldly since he reach out his hand. He also reached out and shook his hand, with a slight smile on his face.

He didn’t plan to settle here since he came to save people. From the look of things, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei are safe. He didn’t expect to take them away in a few words.


“The injury on your hand is…”

When shaking hands with the other party, Li Yalin keenly noticed that something was wrong on the back of his hand. He even put a piece of medical tape on it, which made him frown.

In this apocalyptic world with zombie virus outbreaks, the most feared thing is injury. It’s okay if it is just a normal scratch, but if it is bitten or scratched by the zombie, it will never escape the fate of being infected by the virus.

Don’t blame him for thinking too much, but there have been too many plots in the movie that some people were bitten by zombies, yet concealing the truth led to the destruction of the teammates.

There’s no harm of being careful.

“It’s nothing, I was just scratched by an iron nail.”

The young man did not expect that his injury would be noticed by Li Yalin, which caused him to retract his injured hand subconsciously, and then he explained in panic.

Scratched by iron nails?

Even though the young man made an explanation, his reaction made Li Yalin’s eyebrows furrowed. Why he’s so panicked if it was just a scratch?


Something is very wrong here!

“Are you really not hurt by the zombies?”

At this time, Li Yalin gazed at the young man quite sharply. He can be 100% sure that the other party is lying!

“What are you doing!”

Perhaps Li Yalin’s attitude was too aggressive, a few fledgling young men among the survivors immediately surrounded him with a hint of hostility.

Looking at the situation, it seems a big fight is about to happen after a disagreement.

“Don’t get me wrong, I just want to confirm. You guys should know the consequences of being infected with the zombie virus.”

Li Yalin did not show the slightest fear from being surrounded by several people. He can pass through many zombies, how could he be afraid of these young men’s threats.

With his current strength, he can easily solve these few guys!

Even though he haven’t shown it, don’t forget that he still has expert fighting skills.

“I might be able to help you if you are really bitten by zombie.”

Turning his gaze to the young man again, Li Yalin’s expression became a little playful. Yes, he can help the young man, but it depends on what choice the other party will make.

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