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It was completely unexpected for Li Yalin to meet so many survivors in the shopping center. He originally thought that Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei can stay alive was not an easy thing.

Judging from the situation, he can at least confirm that there are at least double-digit survivor here even if he didn’t count them carefully.

These survivors have nothing to do with his task and he doesn’t have to care about these people. But after all, those who can survive in these doomsday are all lucky and poor people. He don’t mind helping them if it is within his power.

For example, he appreciate the young man attitude who hide his injury because of selfishness. He don’t mind giving him some help.

Of course it’s only limited to providing some help. He never thought of taking these survivors back to Megurigaoka High School.

These survivors have formed a small group. Taking them away without regard to consequence whether they are willing or not, it would ends badly.

“This is an antidote that can suppress the zombie virus. Although it cannot completely cure the virus, it can temporarily suppress the virus. This can help you if you are really infected with the zombie virus.”

Li Yalin carry two zombie virus antidote with him every time he goes out, just to prepare for unexpected needs. Now this antidote has a place to use.

Taking out the syringe from the backpack and handing it to the young man, Li Yalin wondered how he would choose.

Would he take the antidote and admit that he was bitten by a zombie, or refuse the antidote and let the virus spread to his body?

This is a good question.

“An antidote to suppress zombies virus? Something like that exist?”

Just when Li Yalin took out the syringe, there were several exclamations from the crowd. Everyone still has no idea why the disaster broke out, but now an antidote to suppress the zombie virus appears?

Is this really an antidote?

“Who are you! Why do you have an antidote to suppress the zombie virus?”

What makes humans different from animals is that they are smarter and better at thinking, but sometimes, excessive thinking can be counterproductive.

Just like now, some imaginative guys among the survivors are filled with dark thoughts.

The next moment, several young people clenched the weapons in their hands with a posture that would attack at any time.

“Yes! Who are you!”

“How could you have this antidote!”

People have herd mentality, especially this small group, it was easy to go against the common enemy.

Clearly Li Yalin was willing to take out the medicine, but in the end became the target of hostility and alertness.

What is this? Kindness regarded as ill intentions?

Thinking from their perspective, not believing in strangers and the so-called antidote of unknown origin is actually a normal thing. Even for Li Yalin, he wouldn’t easily believe in a stranger.

But one thing often has two sides, they only think of the dark side, but why can’t they think about the bright side?

Human nature?

That’s right, this is human nature.

“How? Do you believe me and use this antidote?”

Ignoring the survivors around, Li Yalin’s eyes were fixed on the young leader across from him, because he was the only one who could make the final judgment and choice, and at the same time be able to convince the crowd.

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t injured by zombies. I don’t need your antidote.”

To be honest, Li Yalin hoped that the young man would accept this antidote. Although it can only solve the immediate urgency, it will allow him to continue to live, at least temporarily.

But unfortunately, the other party rejected him after all. There are all signs that he was infected with the zombie virus, but he still chose to hide it.

There are two reasons for his refusal. First, he did not want to expose the fact that he was infected by the virus. Second, he did not believe Li Yalin. In the final analysis, this is still a manifestation of human nature.

Li Yalin understood this very well, so after being rejected, he withdrew the syringe without saying a word.

“In this case, good luck.”

This survivors have huddled into a group, Li Yalin as an outsider wouldn’t be able to change their minds. There is a leader infected with the zombie virus. The ultimate future of this small group is already conceivable.

He is willing to help, but he can’t do anything since it was their own choices.

In the end, he can only wish the young man, including everyone here, good luck.

“Are you a student of Megurigaoka High School?”

Li Yalin could feel the hostility around him after what happen. He knew that he could not stay here.

But before leaving, he still has something to do.

Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei, these two girls are very recognizable. Although they hide far away, they can’t hide from Li Yalin’s eyes.

Well, they are all very cute girls, it would be a shame if he didn’t save them.

“Can I help you?”

Shidou Kei is a very courageous girl. When facing a stranger like Li Yalin, she consciously and unintentionally guarded Naoki Miki in front of her. She is indeed a girl friend.

“I came from Megurigaoka High School and your school uniforms look familiar.”

With a slight smile at Shidou Kei, Li Yalin appreciates such a girl. In comparison, Naoki Miki behind her is somewhat weak, at least she has no intention of talking to Li Yalin.

“I will not leave the shopping center immediately. If something happens, you can notify me through this.”

As a member of this group, he would not be able to take them away with just a few words, Li Yalin knows this so he didn’t waste his time to convinced them.

He pulled out two walkie-talkie from his backpack, and handed one of them to Shidou Kei, which was a good insurance.

The young man infected with the virus is like a time bomb that will detonate at any time. He won’t be at ease without this insurance.

“Thank you…”

Shidou Kei felt an inexplicable feeling being given a walkie-talkie by Li Yalin. This boy who looks as old as her came from Megurigaoka High School? Is he also a student at Megurigaoka High School?

But what does this walkie-talkie mean? Is there a catch? What will happen? Is it the leader? Is what he just said true?

Compared to a stranger like him, Shidou Kei is naturally more willing to trust her leader. But the question is, what if he said is true? What if the leader is really infected with the virus?

In that case…

Shidou Kei didn’t dare to think more, but subconsciously took the walkie-talkie into her hands.

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