Cafe 114

“Kei… do you think that person said… is true?”

Li Yalin left after handing over the walkie-talkie to Shidou Kei. He left happily under many eyes that contained hostility and complexity.

Regarding his arrival and departure, naturally there was a big wave in this group of survivor. At least in the next moment, the topic about him has never stopped, of course, including their leader’s injury.

The same is true of the two girls, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei, especially Naoki Miki. Although she did not talk to Li Yalin, she always felt that what the other party said was justified and not like a lie.

“I am not sure…”

Faced with her friend question, Shidou Kei sighed deeply. To be honest, her mood is also very chaotic. Intuitively, she is the same as Naoki Miki. She feels that the schoolboy didn’t lie, but she also did not want to believe that their leader would deceive everyone.

After all, from the beginning of this disaster, he lead everyone to open up such a survivable habitat.

Leader… he would not lie to everyone…

She thought about this in her heart, but the walkie-talkie in her hands became tighter and tighter.

“Everyone! I found something good today, let’s celebrate!”

Today, the men went out to search and found a lot of good things. Leader raised a bottle of red wine in his hand, his expression was very happy.

Despite the visits of uninvited guests, this did not seem to affect everyone’s interest. Soon, a banquet for the survivors began, and the topic of the leader’s injury was also ignored by everyone.


After leaving the survivor camp on the fifth floor, Li Yalin shook his head gently. I wish you all a good time and I will not be able to accompany you.

Yes, Li Yalin has no time to keep an eye on the movements of the survivors. He also has very important work to do. This time he came to the shopping center, one is to rescue Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei, and the other is for food. He didn’t save people but he can take away the food, right?

The food court on the first floor of the shopping center is the most frequented area for survivors. But they can’t take all the food in a short time even if they visit it many times. Li Yalin found a lot of good things there.

Canned food, canned food with an extremely long shelf life, he will never be short of such good things.

But in addition to canned food, he also hopes to get rice and noodles. After all, they can’t just keep eating canned food. There are so many loli in the school, they must keep their diet healthy.

Fortunately, there are no shortage of rice noodles in the food court, Li Yalin also feel lucky. Fortunately, he came here with a van and can hold a lot of things.

Find a trolley and then began to move within the zombies, walk in and out, carefully avoiding the zombies. He is like a hard-working bee, running back and forth between the shopping center and the van.

There are really many good things, but unfortunately, the capacity of the van is limited.

After moving the last box of food into the car, Li Yalin sat back in his cab and couldn’t help sighing.

He was full of food, but in fact, there are too many good things over the food court. If he can, he really wants to drive a truck and get all the good things.

Of course, he can only think about it.

It is also a pity that the food area on the ground floor is very dangerous. He don’t know why a large number of zombies are gathered on the ground floor. Even if he has a stealth skill, he will never dare to move the goods.

No way, although the zombies sight is deteriorate, they are very sensitive to the light source. He can’t move the goods in the dark underground without light, in this case, the goods in the food area will be very difficult to move in the future.

Can only put this off until later.

After getting the goods into the car, Li Yalin wanted to ship these materials back to Megurigaoka High School. But after thinking about it, he gave up this plan again.

He was worried about the young man infected with the zombie virus. If he just left, what would happen to Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei?

Sure enough, it is better to stay and observe for a while.

With this intention in mind, Li Yalin slowly closed his eyes. Anyway, he parked the car in a hidden place, and all the zombies around him has been cleaned up, it shouldn’t be a problem even if he slept.

He also feel tired after moving so many supplies.

“Please help us… please help us…”

Due to his exhaustion, Li Yalin quickly fell asleep. An unknown period of time passed. The sudden sound on the walkie-talkie wake him up.

Save us?

With a trembling body, Li Yalin who was awake grabbed the walkie-talkie in a hurry. Did something happened?

“What’s going on? What happened above?”

Pressing the switch, Li Yalin asked in a hurry.

“There is a fire… everyone is dead…”

What came from the intercom was Shidou Kei’s crying voice, which made Li Yalin’s heart jump.


Why did it catch fire?

Everyone is dead?

“Hide to a safe place and wait for me! I’ll be there soon!”

Now is not the time to ask questions. After hearing Shidou Kei’s words, Li Yalin immediately grabbed his General Blade and rushed out the door.

He is very clear that Shidou Kei must be in danger now, and he didn’t hear Naoki Miki voice, he wasn’t sure if she was injured or not.

No way!

He must go up as soon as possible!

Feeling anxious, Li Yalin didn’t bother to activate the stealth to move slowly. He avoid the zombies at the fastest speed and rushed from the safe passage to the fifth floor of the shopping center.

When he reached the fifth floor, what he saw was a sea of ​​fire. By the look of it, the fire spread very quickly.

“Where are you guys?”

The fire was fierce, and Li Yalin did not dare to run around at random. He could only take out the walkie-talkie and inquire about Shidou Kei’s location.

What worries him is that no matter how many times he asked, there was no more voice from the walkie-talkie.

Did something happen to her?

Damn it!

Knowing this, he should have taken down the young man by force!

Li Yalin also regretted how things went like this. He didn’t want to get into a conflict with this group of survivor at that time, so he took the initiative to leave. As a result, such a tragedy happened.

After all, under normal circumstances, even if the survivors do not pay attention to fire prevention measures, it is impossible to cause such a fire?

It can be concluded that the fire must be related to the young man infected with the zombie virus!

Forget it, now is not the time to think so much. The top priority is to find Shidou Kei and Naoki Miki as soon as possible, saving them is the most important task!

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