Cafe 115

“Wang Wang…”

Although he want to find Shidou Kei and Naoki Miki, but he had no idea how to find them in this sea of ​​fire.

A dog bark suddenly caught his attention.


Is it…

A thought ran through his mind, Li Yalin immediately ran to the sound of the dog barking.

Found them!

Fortunately, he didn’t have to go too far, Li Yalin found two trembling figures hiding in the corner. Isn’t that what he was looking for?

Great, they are still alive!

“Are you all right? Can you stand up?”

When he rushed to Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei at the fastest speed, Li Yalin’s expression was slightly anxious, but his heart was relieved.

Anyway, it was good that the two girls was safe and sound.

“It’s you…”

Why is there such a big fire suddenly, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei are also completely unclear. They only know that everyone was drinking to celebrate. As minors who can’t drink, they don’t like this kind of party, so they hide in remote room to rest.

But they didn’t expect that when they woke up, everyone’s shelter place was swallowed by flames. They went to find their companion, but what they saw was a corpse of a companion who was killed in the fire and… the corpse of their companion turned into zombie.

Yes, their companions were either burned to death or turned into zombies. They might have suffer the same misfortune if they did not hid in a room to rest.

The girls can’t handle the sudden change. In a panic, Shidou Kei could only grasp the last life-saving straw – the walkie-talkie she previously received.

The walkie-talkie was switched on, and the boy at the other end of the walkie-talkie told them to hide in a safe place, and he’ll arrive soon.

But how fast is it soon?

This fifth floor full of flames, where is a safe place?

Flame eats people, and their former companions who become zombies now are also threatening their lives!

Fortunately, under this double attack of fire and zombies, the panicked Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei were rescued by the Shiba Inu that they had previously adopted.

It was its bark at a critical moment that attracted their attention, and helped them find a way to escape.

However, Shidou Kei lost the walkie-talkie when she run away in a panic. They didn’t know what to do after escaping from the flames and zombies, until they met the figure they saw during the day again.

So far so good…

Seeing the little Shiba Inu held in Naoki Miki’s arms, Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel happy that if it weren’t for this little guy, he really couldn’t find these two girls so quickly.

Although there is a lot to say, it was clear that this is not the time to talk nonsense.

“Can you guys stand up?”

Reaching out to the two girls in front of him, what he need to do now is to take them away!

This place is no longer a safe place to live. The fire is too fierce. He judged that it will soon affect the entire shopping center.


Facing Li Yalin’s hand, Shidou Kei grasp his hand without hesitation. Although she was hit by this huge change, she was also reluctant to stay here to be burnt to death or eaten by zombies.

The survival instinct is driving her and letting her escape this dangerous place!

Shidou Kei stood up with his help, and then she also lifted up her friend Naoki Miki. Although they looked very miserable and their expression was also very uneasy, but they should be in a good state.

At least they still have the strength to escape.

“Follow me, I will take you away.”

Observing their conditions, Li Yalin nodded gently. He then turned around and led the way, opening a safe path for the two of them.

Although the fire was fierce, it did not block all the way out. Anyway, there was no hindrance to return to the same way. The three people and one dog quickly came to the safe passage.

They can escape this flame hell as long as they go down the stairs.’=


“What a bad luck…”

Yes, they would be save if they just rush down the stairs, but the problem is that the empty stairs are now full of zombies!

Seeing this, Li Yalin had headaches and pressed his temple. He knew that it was because he had made too much noise when he rushed up, and the fire on the fifth floor also attracted many zombies.

It will be too risky if they just rushed down, it would undoubtedly be seeking death. There were zombies in the flames behind them and the front road was also blocked, it turned into a dead end!

What to do?

There are two options in front of Li Yalin at this moment. The first option is to turn on the stealth skill. He can easily pass through the zombies containment and escape in the blink of an eye.

But he can escape, what about the two girls behind him?

No doubt, as long as he made the first choice, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei will definitely die, so he has no choice at all!

“Don’t be too far from me, be careful not to get caught by zombies.”

Turning back to tell the two girls, without waiting for them to react, Li Yalin straightened his body again, while his hand slowly extended toward the handle at his waist.

Don’t hesitated since there is no other choice!

I’ve grown tired of playing assassinations these days!

Today, let us have a serious fight!


Seeing the zombies enclosed in the stairs, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei all showed a look of despair. They were very clear that it was impossible to rush out of this zombies. They will soon be caught by the zombies and become their meal even if they able to run a few steps.

However, what they did not expect was that at such a desperate moment, the schoolboy in front of them whom they did not even know the name yet pulled out a long knife from his waist and rushed towards the zombies.

What is he going to do?

He’s gonna get himself killed?

The two girls had no experience fighting zombies, but they also knew the horror of these monsters. The survivors of the shopping center were looking for supplies every day, but they never dared to fight the zombies head-on. They always engage in guerrilla attacks.

This is also something that can’t be helped. They had fought the zombies head-to-head before, but the end was… an unbearable memories.

So now, the schoolboy rushed out like this, what will happen to him?

Will he die?

Die in the hands of those zombies?

Subconsciously exclaimed, Shidou Kei and Naoki Miki closed their eyes and couldn’t bear to watch the next scene.

To their surprise, however, the expected screams did not appear, and when they opened their eyes again, they saw an unforgettable sight in their life.

The zombies are constantly being slaughtered, and every time a knife is swung, a zombie head will be cut off.

How did he do that?

He… was so powerful!

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