Cafe 116

“Keep up with me!”

Li Yalin felt like a complete fool rushing into the zombies while fighting the zombies head-on, but he had no choice at all. Besides, fighting while protecting pretty girls, wasn’t it the heroic character of my generation!

Well, Li Yalin is not going to be a hero. With the feeling of killing zombies these days, he dares to make such a seemingly reckless decision.

The results isn’t so bad either. After all, the zombies movement is slow, besides their sharp iron claw, it was easy to kill these zombies.

But he didn’t dare to keep fighting like this. After all, the physical exertion consumption is too fast. He would inevitably be bitten by these zombies once he was tired.

After continuously beheading the zombies around him, Li Yalin turned his head again and found that Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei stared at him in a daze. There was no intention of moving at all, which made him anxious.

We had no time, why you guys keep standing still?


With his reminder, the two girls were finally recovered from the shock and quickly hurried to keep up. They also knew that this was a critical moment and must not drag the other feet.

Seeing the two girls react quickly, Li Yalin was also relieved. He has no problem clearing the road ahead as long as they could keep up.


Kill them!

From the fifth floor to the first floor, Li Yalin cut off at least more than 20 zombies’ heads. Although they seem to be many, there are still many more zombies in the surrounding area.

Must not stay here, leave here immediately!

There was fire spreading above and zombies besieging below. Li Yalin knew in his heart that this shopping center was about to be destroyed. So many survivors, but he can only saved Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei.

Oh yeah, plus a little Shiba Inu.

This is a clever and cute little guy, after going back, it will be very popular with the girls.

“Sorry guys. The rear compartment is already full. Just squeeze into this co-driver.”

After arriving on the first floor, Li Yalin rushed out of the mall with the girls and went straight to the parking lot.

After opening the car door, he rushed into the cab immediately and twisted the key to start the car.

As for the two girls, he can only say sorry to be squeezed into the co-pilot’s seat. The supplies were too much, the rear compartment was already crowded and there was no room at all.

When Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei were seated in the co-pilot’s seat, Li Yalin slammed down the throttle and left the shopping center as quickly as possible.

They are safe!

As the car started, whether it was Li Yalin who was driving or two girls sitting on the co-pilot, they were all relieved.

This scene is really like a movie plot, having experienced the horrors of the catastrophe, escaped in the mouth of the zombies, and finally the main characters drove the car to the unknown distance location.

Okay, it’s a man and two women plus a dog, this ending seems to be very good. If it can be made into a movie, it will definitely sell well.

It is a pity that this is reality rather than a movie, and the launch of the car does not herald the end, but a brand new beginning.

“What next… where are we going?”

In the vast night, Li Yalin drove a van on his way home. From the escape of the shopping center to the present, there was no voice in the entire van. Li Yalin did not speak, and the two girls did not speak. Even the little Shiba Inu in Naoki Miki’s arms also felt the repressed atmosphere, and kept it silent.

After the car returned to the city and they saw the familiar buildings around them, Shidou Kei who had been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t bear to ask him question.

In this city full of zombies, where is our final destination?

What would happen next? The girl seemed to keep the bad experiences in her heart, constantly being hit with worries.

“Megurigaoka High School, I will take you back to school.”

Li Yalin has not taken the initiative to speak because he feels tired now. Originally, he was awakened halfway to sleep and rushed up to the fifth floor to save people. Then he took two girls and kill his way out. This alone was not easy for him with his physique just reached the standard of adult men.

However, he naturally cannot ignore her question, after all, this is no secret.

“Back to school!”

Li Yalin’s answer surprised the two girls. Although they heard that he was from Megurigaoka High School, they did not expect that he would sent them back to school.

With two beautiful pairs of big eyes looking at each other, both Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei can find surprises in the eyes of their friends.

They would go back to school?

Can they really go back?

“Are you… a senpai from Megurigaoka High School?”

Li Yalin just spoke with a smile, which made Shidou Kei feel warm, and also understood that this is a good-speaking schoolboy. Although he just cruelly hacked to death the zombies in succession, at this moment, he just like a thoughtful neighbor onii-chan.

This erased many of her misgiving.

“No, I am not a student of Megurigaoka High School, but I live in Megurigaoka High School now with sensei and students the survivors of the school.”

“Survivor of the school!”

Li Yalin’s answer made the eyes of the two girls shine again. There’s a surviving classmates and sensei in school? That’s a great news!

After this night’s changes, both girls’ bodies and minds were greatly affected. Fortunately, the news they learned at the moment was like injecting a strong needle into them and inspiring them.

“It’s great Kei!”

“Yeah, that’s great!”

The hands of the two girls clasped together, and Li Yalin’s corner of mouth curled with hint of a smile.

It’s great that he can save these two children.

Yes, Li Yalin was very happy that he could save these two girls, but felt very sorry after thinking about the survivors of the shopping center.

They can clearly survive, but they are wiped out because of wrong judgments and choices. If they choose to believe in him at that time, even if they are very wary of him, if they let him helped the alerted young leader who is infected with virus, today’s tragedy will not happen.

Despite the system, Li Yalin is only a slightly stronger ordinary person. He has no way to influence others’ ideas, and he is unable to interfere with others’ choices. Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei are very lucky to be rescued, he can’t do anything with the others.

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