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Li Yalin’s return surprised all the girls in the school. Everyone didn’t expect it. He obviously said that he was going to go out to explore, but then he brought back survivors and a lot of materials.

Especially from the blood stains on his body, it must have been an extremely difficult battle.

Shovel-kun expressed great dissatisfaction with this issue. As a comrade-in-arms, she clearly can fight alongside him.

But they still warmly welcomed Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei arrival, especially because they are students of Megurigaoka High School, it makes everyone feel very close.

They are all girls, and there will be no barriers to getting along, which is really gratifying and congratulatory.

By the way, the cute pet who came with Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei, the little Shiba Inu named Taromaru, has now become the mascot of Megurigaoka High School. This little guy is smart and cute, it become the favorite of little loli in not time.

Not to mention the little loli, even a sensei like Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko occasionally touch the head of Taromaru, their girl’s heart is overflowing.

It seems everyone has begun to adapt to this collapsed world.

Li Yalin was very pleased looking at such scene.

Although the scene on the campus appeared happy and overflowing with joy. What would greet everyone after walking out of this campus is a doomsday, human hell, zombie paradise.

How commendable it is to be able to show a smile in this doomsday.


This is not enough, he doesn’t think this is enough!

Li Yalin knew he wouldn’t be able to take everyone with him if he’s going to leave this world, so what would happen to these girls after he left?

It’s not that he thought the girls couldn’t survive without him after he left, he wasn’t that arrogant. But the problem is that in this doomsday world where crisis is everywhere, every day in the future is full of variables.

He does not want to see any girl around him have an accident, either now or in the future, so he feels that he needs to plan ahead.

How can we ensure everyone’s safety?

This is a good question, Li Yalin feels that they should start with the following points.

First, improve the defense of Megurigaoka High School. Although the school gate has been completely blocked, it is not a solid solution. Once a large number of zombies hit the school gate, even the iron gate can’t stop it for long.

Therefore, strengthening Megurigaoka High School is the most urgent task.

Second, improve everyone’s overall quality. To put it bluntly, increase everyone’s ability to fight zombies, so they won’t be hopeless when fighting zombies.

Kurumi is doing very well in this point, but she alone is not enough. Everyone must train, even Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko are no exception.

Third, in order to further improve everyone’s ability to fight zombies, Li Yalin felt that it was necessary to get a batch of weapons back.

Except for his General Blade and Kurumi’s shovel, everyone really lacks weapons to deal with zombies. Once they are approached by the zombies, they can do nothing but escape.

In Li Yalin’s view, the best weapon for dealing with zombies is firearms, as long as ammunition is sufficient, plus the advantage of sticking to one party, as long as not all zombies in the city come to attack the school, this is the safest place to live.

But firearms are not so easy to find. After all, this is not a European and American country. The management of firearms is very strict. You can’t find firearms unless you go to the police station or the Self-Defense Forces station.

So, let’s start with the first two points.

To enhance the defense of Megurigaoka High School, Li Yalin felt that the first task was to strengthen the fence and the gate of the playground. A lot of barbed wire must be installed on the fence, not only to prevent zombies, but also to prevent the enemy invasion.

In this world that has collapsed, having the heart of not harming others is indispensable, but self-defense is also indispensable!

Li Yalin’s decision has been unanimously agreed by everyone. Megurigaoka High School has become everyone’s home and the last residence on which everyone lives. No one wants to see their homes destroyed.

In order to protect their homes, everyone is willing to contribute their own strength!

A part of the school reinforcement materials can be found in the school, but more of them have to go to the hardware store and building materials store outside the school. For this reason, Li Yalin had to take a few girls to venture out and get enough supplies.

Although they experienced some trouble period, but they face them all without fear.

“It’s finally done, the zombie won’t be able to get in!”

Half a month later, with the joint efforts of everyone, the reinforcement of the walls and gates of the Megurigaoka High School was finally completed. Not only that, but as the main residence for everyone, there have also been huge changes in the school building.

Those broken windows now have been replaced with new glass, especially on the first floor, every window has been reinforced with fences. Li Yalin has made great efforts for this, and even went to study the use of electric welding.

Although it takes a lot of effort, the effect is really remarkable. It can be said that even if the walls and gates outside the playground are broken, the school building of Megurigaoka High School can also be used as a defensive bunker against zombies.

At least ordinary zombies alone can’t break into the school!

“Then, everyone shouldn’t be lazy. How is the process of physical fitness training?”

“Yes, now that we have free time, everyone can go to school to study and go on to physical training, it should be no problem.”

Although the end of the world is coming, everyone has not forgotten their own responsibilities, especially Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko. These two sensei are very concerned about homework and will not forget to teach everyone every day.

Thankfully, everyone is a good kid who is very interested in learning. If changed to a scum that doesn’t feel like learning, I’m afraid sensei will cry without tears.

Why study when it’s already the end of the world?

In fact, learning is also very good, though Li Yalin would politely decline the offer.

Yes, he did not plan to take classes with these children every day. After reinforcing the school, he directly throw the matter of learning and physical training to Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko. They have been in charge of teaching everyone, may as well let them take up this responsibility.

As for Li Yalin himself, his next focus is the third point he considered previously. The reinforcement of the school has been completed, and everyone’s training has also been on the right track, what to consider next is the issue of weapons!

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