Cafe 118

In the emergency evacuation manual for staff, many contact information and addresses are marked, but what is more ridiculous is that most of them have been blacked out and cannot be investigated at all.

Li Yalin can’t do anything with the blacked-out areas, but he was interested with areas that didn’t get blacked-out.

Megurigaoka High School and Saint Isidore University, these two locations are not blacked out, indicating that these two locations are closely related to the zombies outbreak. Does this mean that Saint Isidore University also has the same underground facilities like Megurigaoka High School?

Will there be survivors there?

This is a question worth considering.

However, what concerned him the most is the name at the top of the emergency contact – Randall Corporation!

In the emergency evacuation manual, the name of Randall Corporation has appeared more than once, and all the signs indicate that the company has an indispensable relationship with the virus outbreak. Taking this a step further, this Randall Corporation is like Umbrella Corporation or perhaps a replica!

Maybe he would be able to find out the truth of the virus outbreak if he goes to that Randall company, and even further explore the secret of the virus.

He will definitely go check it out if he has interests in this.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t care why the virus broke out, and he is also very self-knowledge that he doesn’t have the ability to discover the truth.

Fighting against a company that can make virus that almost destroy the world? He is not a main character like Alice who possess super power, he won’t be full of himself after killing hundreds of zombies.

He knows his abilities very well, so he put his next goal on the SDF station near the outskirts of Megurigaoka city.

He was not interested in investigating Randall Corporation, but he must go to where this self-defense force being stationed. First, he went to see if it was occupied by enemy. Second, he might be able to get some weapons if he was lucky enough.

“I said…we didn’t go for outing, why you are so excited?”

Li Yalin did not go alone on this trip to the Self-Defense Forces. Currently, Kurumi-san who had fought alongside him many times is sitting in the co-pilot position of his car.

Originally he was prepared to act alone, but everyone was very uneasy about his trip. With the lessons learned from the shopping center, they thought that someone should accompany him to act together.

So Kurumi took the place for granted. After all, they have worked together many times, and very familiar with each other. They can coordinate and cover each other if something goes wrong.

For everyone’s persistence, Li Yalin did not refuse. Having a pretty girl as a partner is actually a very pleasant thing. The journey won’t be boring.


Seeing Kurumi humming along the way, Li Yalin couldn’t help but wonder. This is not her first time going out, why is she so excited today?

“Aren’t we going to find rescue soon…”

Hearing Li Yalin, Kurumi on the co-pilot’s face couldn’t help but blushed. She also knew that she was a bit over-excited, but nothing she can do about it.

After all, that’s the self-defense force station, there are so many soldiers stationed, it was impossible to fall, right?

Before this, the girls had a private discussion. Everyone felt that the Self-Defense Forces were absolutely impossible to be captured by zombies. It was only because there were too many zombies in Megurigaoka City that they could not immediately start rescue.

It even said that perhaps the SDF did not know that there were survivors at the Megurigaoka High School, so they didn’t come to rescue them.

All in all, everyone expressed great confidence in this trip and believed that as long as they arrived at the Self-Defense Forces station, they would be rescued.

But… will it be really as everyone wishes?


Looking at Kurumi who was flushed with excitement, Li Yalin cant help sighed lightly. He didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm, but he really did not expect anything from this trip.

At least he believes that the Self-Defense Forces is not in better conditions.

Imagine if the Self-Defense Forces still maintain a complete organizational system, why they didn’t come to the urban area for rescue?

But now, how long has it been since the virus broke out? Maybe almost a month? Something obviously wrong if they didn’t to rescue after such a long time.

“How can this be…”

Hope is good, but the reality is cruel, the fact is just as Li Yalin thought. When he arrived at the Self-Defense Forces station with Kurumi, this place had become dilapidated ruins.

The traces of the guns firing are very obvious. The Self-Defense Forces seem to have launched a confrontation with the zombies, but in the end, the zombies must have won.

In this large self-defense force station, apart from the zombies of soldiers wandering around, there is no sign of survival.

This fact undoubtedly hit Kurumi hard.

“Are you staying in the car or are you going down with me?”

Seeing Kurumi’s face that was a bit dull because of the blow, Li Yalin was a little helpless. He expected this results earlier, so he didn’t have high hopes, but Kurumi…

How long does it take for her to digest this fact?

I’m afraid it will take a while looking at her reaction.

Let her stay in the car first?

“I will go with you!”

Well, Kurumi is indeed stronger than anyone else. After a brief depression, she soon raise her spirit again.

Patted her cheek, Kurumi tried to make herself more energetic. Although her hopes were shattered, her hopes would never die!

“Be careful, don’t leave me too far.”

Li Yalin was also very pleased seeing her able to recover quickly. After all, this is not a safe school. He didn’t have much time to comfort this girl.

There are still arduous jobs waiting for them.

Although the SDF station has fallen under the attack of zombies, Li Yalin’s goal was not to seek rescue from the beginning. He wanted the weapons and equipment in the SDF!

Even if it was a little far away, he could see clearly that the zombies had guns and ammunition hanging on their bodies. As long as the zombies were killed, those good things would fall into his hands.

In this case, what are we waiting for? Go straight without much explanation!

After getting out of the car with Kurumi, he carefully walk behind a single zombie soldier, pierced his neck with a knife, and easily beheaded him.

Dangdang Dangdang~

Firearms obtained successfully!

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