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Li Yalin doesn’t know much about firearms and wasn’t a military nerds. To be able to recognize weapons in several games are already the limit.

He didn’t know what type of firearm he gets from the soldier’s zombies, but after a little trial and error, he could basically understand how to use it.

You have seen them before right? Firing gun is nothing more than a bullet loaded while the safety open, and finally pulled the trigger.

It was easy and simple.

Of course saying it was simple, but he wasn’t stupid enough to pull the trigger when zombies is around, otherwise the sound of gunshots would attracted the surrounding zombies.

And this is just the beginning. As long as he finds the arsenal in the station, he can fiddle around with guns and ammunition.

The reason why he picked up the gun on the zombie was mainly due to his charade. After all, gun is a man’s romance!

“Yalin… do you like guns?”

After seeing Li Yalin get the gun from the zombies and kept playing around with it, it made Kurumi on the side wondering.

She doesn’t care much about firearms. In fact, instead of letting her use firearms, she thinks that her shovel is more reassuring and more practical.

Does boys like guns?

“Of course, since I can’t touch them before.”

After hearing Kurumi’s words, Li Yalin straightened his mind. He strapped the assault rifle into his back, and smoothly inserted two magazines into his pocket.

Prior to this, the only firearm he had contact with was Rize’s airsoft gun, which was completely incomparable to the real thing.

Woman can’t understand the man’s romance and ambition!

Well, except Rize.

All in all, Li Yalin could not return empty-handed after coming here. His romance and ambition were greatly satisfied after getting an assault rifle, then his next goal is not the one in the soldier’s zombies.

What really awaits him and Kurumi is the weapon and ammunition warehouse in this station, where the real treasure is accumulated!

Unfamiliar with this station, Li Yalin and Kurumi can only search blindly. Luckily, they won’t get lost since the sign in the self-defense force station building is very clear. After some searching, they finally came to the target of this trip – Weapons Storage!

The door is unlocked!

This is great!

Looks like the battle between the Self-Defense Forces and the zombies broke out very suddenly. The soldiers who were not infected with the virus immediately started the firefight after receiving the weapons and ammunition. As a result, the door is still opened after their defeat.

It was convenience for him.

There are so many good things!

Although some of the firearms and ammunition were taken away, more weapons are still kept in this room.


It’s all mine!

Li Yalin was overjoyed seeing the rows of firearms. He knew he would not have to worry about safety in the future if he can move all these good things back to school.

He must take these weapons as soon as possible!

Li Yalin has made up his mind after seeing these weapons. These weapons must be transported away even if he has to take a few trips.

It’s just that these weapons are too heavy to be transported by ordinary vehicles. To solve the transportation problem, the military vehicles parked in the station have become his target, not only the military vehicles, but also the gasoline stored in the station. All of them are important strategic materials, and we cannot let them go!

So in the next few days, Li Yalin put all his energy on cleaning up the zombies. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, he must first kill all the zombies in this station.

When the zombies were all cleaned up, he asked Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko to come along and let them serve as transport drivers and transport all the supplies he and Kurumi got back.

They got a big harvest this time!

Besides the weapons and fuel, this self-defense force station also store a lot of military rations, all of which can be stored for a long time.

Although there is no shortage of food for the time being in the school, it can’t be wasted. Let’s take it back too since since we’ve found it.

Anyway, Li Yalin made up his mind to take everything, he will take anything that he likes. Anyway, there was a military transport vehicle, the load won’t be a problem. It just took a bit more effort.

In this way, after several days of high-intensity work, Li Yalin and the girls thoroughly half emptied the Self-Defense Forces station.

It is a pity that Li Yalin didn’t know how to operate a tank and helicopter. Otherwise, he will definitely take away the two tanks and the helicopter in the garage.

What a pity!

If there’s a chance, he must learn how to control and drive tanks and helicopter!

At the end of the last transportation, Li Yalin also could not help but turned back. Obviously, he really want to take away the tank and the helicopter, but he didn’t how to operate it. He would get more vexed if he kept agonizing over it, let’s just go back to school to check the loots.

In terms of firearms, various types of pistols, assault rifles, and ammunition have been added together to fill a classroom. This is specially kept by Kamiyama Akiko, so there is no need to worry.

In addition, there are also a variety of military life supplies and military rations, all of which are handed over to Wakasa Yuuri for statistical storage.

Finally, a total of twelve military vehicles of various types were parked directly in the parking lot on campus.

As for the cars in the original parking lot, except for some of the more practical ones, the rest were thrown outside the school so as not to take up space.

In a word, after he finished checking the inventory, the expression on his face could not be described with just excitement.


It’s so cool!

With these weapons, they can fight an army of zombies!

Well, he just thought about it a little bit, but in fact, although they got weapons and enough ammunition, no one knows how to use these weapons.

Li Yalin like firearms but he just an ordinary self-proclaimed otaku. His understanding of firearms is limited to liking, he had no idea about the specific use.

The girls even more unhelpful. They only know how to pull the trigger. Most of them didn’t even know about safety lock.

How to use these weapons suddenly became a big issue.

After working so hard to get this many weapons, don’t tell me we’ll let it pile up in the classroom to rust?

No, Li Yalin didn’t plan to waste it. Since we got all these weapons, what are we waiting for? Learn how to use it quickly!

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