Cafe 12

If Li Yalin remembers correctly, the twintail girl standing in front of him right now should be called Tedeza Rize. In the original plot, she was not only a clerk of Rabbit House, but also a heroine with a considerable number of scenes.

When changed to this world, Li Yalin had not seen her in the coffee shop, and subconsciously thought that the setting had changed.

After all, this is not the 2D world he is familiar with. Any change is possible. The 100 million debt is an example. It will not surprise him if Tedeza Rize does not work at Rabbit House.

He just didn’t expect that Tedeza Rize still appeared. It can be seen from the coffee shop uniform she wore. Her settings should not change.

“Are you… Chino’s friend?”

Tedeza Rize is puzzled. Today is the first day of her return to work. She was originally prepared to greet her customers full of vigor. Whoever thought that the first ‘guest’ she greeted actually shouted Chino first name as soon as he entered the store.

Obviously, this boy who is about her age knew Chino, but Tedeza Rize didn’t know this boy at all.

Although Rize and Chino are not together every day, but Rize know more or less Chino’s social circle. She have never heard of any close relationship between Chino and a boy.

So what’s with this boy?

Subconsciously, Rize showed a scrutiny look. After all, she was an ojou-sama from a military family. Her eyes is very sharp.

“Hello, I am Li Yalin who lives temporarily at Kafuu’s house, and I am very happy to meet you.”

Even if she comes from a military family and her style of work is somewhat of a military style, but Rize is only a sixteen-year-old girl. Even if her eyes are sharp, she will never scare Li Yalin.

Raised his mouth slightly, Li Yalin nodded to Rize, and quickly introduced his identity.

This step is very necessary. He doesn’t want Rize to misunderstand because of inappropriate speech.

“Temporarily stay at Kafuu’s house?”

Li Yalin’s candid answer made her bewildered. The schoolboy in front of her, not only knew Chino but now lives in Chino’s house?

This… how come she have never heard of it?

“You are back Yalin-san?”

At this moment, Chino’s voice reached the ears of the two, seeing the house owner coming, their eyes were locked in Chino’s body.

“Chino, can you please give us an introduction?”

Li Yalin and Tedeza Rize met for the first time. They must be very strange to each other, and for this reason, it is necessary to have an intermediary, at least to ease the awkward atmosphere.

And Chino is the best person for this role, her appearance let Li Yalin and Rize a little relieved.

Soon, under the introduction of Chino, Rize knew the origin of Li Yalin, and Li Yalin finally understood why he only saw Rize today.

It turned out that Rize had been working at Rabbit House long ago. The reason why she was not in the shop during this time was because she had just recently participated in a military camp training and take time off.

Now that the military camp is over, of course she will return to work in the shop before school starts.

Tedeza Rize an ojou-sama from a military family will work in a dilapidated coffee shop like Rabbit House, which sounds incredible.

But for Li Yalin who knows some inside things, it is not difficult to understand.

Since Rize’s settings have not changed, the relationship between her father and Chino’s father should not change.

Without Rize’s father’s approval, she would definitely not be able to work outside so easily.

Then the question is coming, if the settings have not changed, Rize’s father should be friends of Chino’s father. Since that is the case, does Rize’s father know where Chino’s father is?

Also, although Rize’s father used to be a soldier, he was also a local tyrant. If so, why he didn’t help Chino?

With the emergence of Rize, Li Yalin had a lot of questions in his mind. But now it’s not the time to seek answers.

After all, this is his first time meeting Rize, and it was too rude to ask such questions as soon as they meet. Not to mention that even if he asked, Rize would not necessarily know.

The things of the previous generation, these children should have little understanding.

“Yes Chino, do you have time tomorrow night? How about we eat barbecue?”

Even with Chino introduction, Li Yalin and Rize get familiar with each other. But to talk in friendly manner after they just meet is too absurd. After a few words with each other, Rize goes to work.

Even if there are no guests in the coffee shop, she must keep the shop clean and tidy, right?

Rize started cleaning. Chino also stood behind the counter and wiped the cup. Li Yalin looked left and right, and found that he had nothing to do. Logically speaking, he should go upstairs and return to his room now.

The problem is, he didn’t plan to go back like this.

Sitting on the seat next to the counter, Li Yalin smiled and sent an invitation to Chino. After all, he will receive his first payment tomorrow. It isn’t too much to take Chino to celebrate, right?

Chino has been taking care of him all this time, so he want to repay her with this.


After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Chino who was wiping the cup raised her head subconsciously. She didn’t expect Li Yalin to send her an invitation, it made her unable to respond in a short time.

Although it is not expensive to eat grilled meat, it can’t be said to be cheap. When she still has a debt at home, a grilled meat is definitely a luxury for Chino.

And she also knows that Li Yalin is also cash-strapped. The paper he used to draw manga is the cheapest one.

Why he suddenly want to eat barbecue?

“It’s like this. When I went to the convenience store to scan and upload, I checked the results and found that the reward from readers was enough for me to receive the manuscript fee. I will get the manuscript fee tomorrow.

“So I wondered, since it’s the first manuscript fee, how about a little celebration? We can’t afford expensive cuisine but a barbecue should be no problem.”

Seeing Chino’s puzzled look, Li Yalin quickly explained that Cat Eye was born under the witness of Chino, and he also received a lot of Chino’s help. All in all, she couln’t run away from this barbecue.

In particular, Li Yalin is very clear that in recent time because live frugally, Chino hasn’t eaten much for a long time. Although barbecue is not necessarily great, at least it can satisfy their belly.

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