Cafe 120

“It’s going to start!”

“They really want to fire a gun? So scary…”

“I heard that the high school students have to learn how to shoot, should we also learn?”

“I don’t think so, but we still have to do physical raining. Recently, Kamiyama sensei is very strict, it’s so exhausting.”

Li Yalin quickly put on the agenda for everyone’s firearms practice. For this reason, he specially marked an area on the playground for shooting training.

And this news spread quickly among the girls, especially the little loli, who were scared and curious, hid and chattered non-stop.

These little guys…

Since taking these little loli back to Megurigaoka High School, they have gone through the initial hesitation and confusion, and now they have restored their innocent nature. Although it is a good thing, but sometimes it was a headache.

Fortunately, there is a cute pet Taromaru who can share most of their energy, otherwise he would be overwhelmed if he keep getting surrounded by them.

Because these little guys are still too young, Li Yalin didn’t even count them in the battle ranks. What they need to do every day is to eat, have fun, learn to exercise, and protect their homes. They don’t need to worry about anything else.

Of course, elementary school students can be carefree, but it does not mean that high school students can be relaxed. In the case of extreme lack of combat effectiveness, their training must be strictly carried out.

For example, Kurumi, Yuuri, Yuki, Kei and Miki, the five girls are standing in front of the shooting range prepared by Li Yalin, listening intently to his teaching.

“This gun in my hand is a 9mm pistol mass-produced by the Self-Defense Force quoted from the Swiss SIG P220 production line. Pay attention to the safety here. If you want to fire the gun, you must first open the safety. Remember to hold it with both hands before shooting. Don’t follow the handsome one-handed shooting on TV. It’s not suitable for beginners and will only hurt yourself.”

“When aiming at the target, try to align with you pistol sights, learn to aim with two eyes, don’t open one eye and close the other, that will only close your vision!”

“Now let me demonstrate, take a good look everyone!”

In terms of live ammunition drills, Li Yalin himself has no experience, but in any case, he was much better than the girls. The most important thing is that after the weapons were shipped back to the school, he’s been reading the fire training guidelines issued by the Self-Defense Forces these days. He had gained the knowledge on the use and maintenance of firearms, and finally won’t be as clueless as before.

Standing up to do this demonstration, he was also somewhat doubtful that he can really do it. But someone has to take the lead, he must now take the responsibility.

Standing in front of the target position and aiming at the round target according to the shooting training guidelines, Li Yalin took a deep breath.




The target is just 20 meters away, Li Yalin can easily hit the target. He has practiced secretly these days, so he won’t put on a shameful display in front of the girls.

“The sound is so loud…”

“Wasn’t it installed with silencers? Why it makes so much noise?”


Li Yalin shot on target, in exchange for the soft exclamation of a few girls. In this doomsday world where zombies are everywhere, shooting casually without a silencer is definitely asking for trouble. They don’t want to makes much noise even in this safe school.

All of the weapons in front of everyone at this moment were equipped with silencers in advance, but even so, the loud gunshots shocked everyone.

Isn’t there no sound after the silencer is installed? Why does it still feel loud?

“I said you guys… don’t be misled by movies and TV shows. Whoever says that there is no sound if the silencer is installed. That is just to reduce the sound to a certain extent.”

Hearing the girls, Li Yalin couldn’t help but slap his forehead. These are the younger generation who have been misled by film and television works. It seems that they need to be taught more common sense.

“Kurumi, you are the first to test the gun, Yuuri will be the second.”

After retorting, Li Yalin quickly gave instructions to Kurumi. He’s done with demonstration, the next step was the training time for the girls.

As the strongest among girls, Kurumi must be the first to be called, he believe that she will definitely make a good start.

“Hold the gun with two hands… align with the sights… open the safety…aim …”

After being called by Li Yalin, Kurumi was stunned first, but she quickly recovered. After a light nod, she can came to the target position while holding the gun.

Before today’s training, Li Yalin had communicated with her in advance. She was very clear about her mission and knew she was to play an exemplary role for everyone.

She whispered what Li Yalin said just now, open the safety, aim and shoot!

While pulling the trigger, Kurumi only felt her arms numb from the huge recoil, and the smell of gunpowder in the air made her sniff.


Did she really fired a gun?


“Kurumi is so cool!”

Kurumi’s expression was a little dazed after firing a gun for the first time, she didn’t even know if she hit the target.

Currently, the girls had already issued a series of cheers, just like Li Yalin said, after Kurumi made a good start, everyone’s spirits have been lifted up.


Hearing everyone’s cheers, Kurumi turned her gaze to the target, she could clearly see that in addition to the bullet hole that Li Yalin had just made, there was another round hole on it.

Is that what she shot?

Holding the gun in her hand, Kurumi’s hands shook slightly.

It’s an incredible feeling.

But… it wasn’t so bad.

“Well done Kurumi, then change to Yuuri.”

Kurumi was still in a daze. Li Yalin had already stepped forward and patted her shoulder, he was full of admiration.

Yes, Kurumi’s shot was very beautiful. Although it was far from the center, it did not miss the target. As a beginner, it is already commendable.

So what will everyone do after Kurumi?

Seriously, Li Yalin is already looking forward to it.

Immediately after Kurumi, it was Yuuri debut, and when she finished shooting, the other girls tried to shoot one by one.

Among them, Kurumi’s results are the best, followed by Naoki Miki. Yuuri and Shidou Kei have more misses, but they are quite satisfactory. After all, they are all beginners, and the first shots are considered good.

Only Takeya Yuki, after a round of testing, Li Yalin was completely despaired with her marksmanship. He always felt that letting her take a gun would seriously threaten everyone’s lives!

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