Cafe 121

“Hehe, it’s my turn.”

Kurumi, Yuuri, Shidou Kei and Naoki Miki successively completed their first target shooting, and the results also quite impressive, which makes Li Yalin very satisfied.

Until the last Takeya Yuki appeared on the stage, who smiling from ear to ear after picking up the gun, his heart suddenly shook.

Can you not be so relaxed on such a serious occasion?

Learn from Miki, look at her serious expression. Look back at you again, this is target shooting, and can you stop touching the back of your head with your gun! The gun safety hasn’t been turn off yet!

“Yuki, hurry up and shoot!”

Li Yalin have a bad hunch seeing her like this. He quickly signaled her to shoot. This is not the time to play.


Listening to what Li Yalin said, Yuki’s attention turned back to the round target. Before anyone could breathe a sigh of relief, she snapped the trigger constantly.


As soon as Yuki fired the gun, Li Yalin cried out ‘not good’ because he discovered that she closed her eyes when she pulled the first trigger, and her body was also began to rotate with her eyes closed.

This girl has no sense of direction at all!

“Stay down!”

Shooting while turning the body, did she want to do a swing through shooting? Are you shooting a target or going to kill someone?

Li Yalin had no time to tsukomi. What he needs to do now to immediately push down Kurumi who is next to him, while also drag Yuuri down. He then take Shidou Kei and Naoki Miki’s arms and threw them all to the ground.

Bullets don’t have eyes, God knows if Yuki will shoot in everyone direction!

Fortunately, there were not many bullets in the P220. One magazines quickly emptied. Seeing that Yuki keep pulling the trigger and no bullets were fired, Li Yalin couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he responded quickly, otherwise he might get hit by a stray bullet.

How unlucky he would be if he really gets shot?

Afterwards, Yuki’s gun was inevitably taken away. After a few more training sessions, her shooting ability was completely beyond expectations.

With her performance, if Yuki really gets on the battlefield, it’s not her enemy who is worried, but her comrades!

That won’t do!

She won’t be allowed to touch the gun anymore. Yuki with gun is a time bomb. No one knows when it will explode and hurt others.

For the sake of everyone’s personal safety, she would be removed from combat team at once.

Of course, even if Yuki is eliminated from the combat team, she is not useless. She can’t fire the gun, but she can still be a medical soldier, right?

The supplies obtained from the Self-Defense Forces’ resident sites contain a large amount of medical supplies. Let Sakura Megumi help out and learn battlefield medical care with Yuki, it may also play a role in the future.

That’s it!

After several training sessions, everyone’s future direction has been almost determined. Among the combat team, Kurumi, Naoki Miki and Shidou Kei have chosen Howa Type 89 assault rifles as their main weapons and have been conducting rifle shooting training, while Wakasa Yuuri take a liking to m1500 sniper rifle, intending to become a sniper who kills the enemy secretly.

In addition, Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko the two sensei will also train together, but their main task is to protect and teach the children. Li Yalin didn’t expect them to become sharpshooters, it’s enough for self-defense.

But training on the shooting range alone will always be theoretical study. He had to take everyone into the battlefield for actual combat experience.


“I think everyone has practiced well enough, but there is still a lack of real actual combat. So I decided to take everyone into the city, mainly cleaning up zombies, while searching for supplies. Maybe we can also provide support and help if we encounter survivors.”

“As I said before, we will be the one to rescue others if no rescue!”

Fighting with zombies is an issue that Li Yalin has been considering for a long time. Now Megurigaoka High School has sufficient weapons and ammunition, and there is no need to worry about food and supplies. In this case, they must increase their fighting experience against zombies.

Holed up in the school and not going out, they would just become a hothouse flower. In this collapsed doomsday world, everyone must get used to taking up arms to fight.

They would die if they don’t fight. This sounds cruel, but it’s the reality.

As for the rescue he was talking about right now, it was not that he really planned to form a rescue team, but just want to set a goal for everyone.

As long as there is a goal, there will be motivation and the courage to struggle.

In fact, just as Li Yalin thought, the girls’ eyes immediately lit up as soon as he said this.

Prior to this, they can only hide and wait silently for rescue. But now they have weapons in their hands, they don’t have to hide since they have sufficient combat power, they will bring hope to the remaining survivors!

This is great!

Driven by this motivation, the girls quickly took action, put on their own equipment, and picked up their usual weapons.

They are going to clean up the zombies! They are going to find supplies! They are going to provide support and help to the survivors!

Not bad.

This is really good.

Seeing the brave girls in front of him, Li Yalin nodding secretly.

He originally planned to let everyone wear camouflage uniforms for the Self-Defense Forces. After all, they are military uniforms. It would be very practical to put them on the battlefield. But the camouflage uniforms has no size that suits them. They are quite large. The girls looks funny in the camouflage uniforms.

Without other choice, in the end he can only make everyone feel comfortable. Anyway, the most indispensable thing in this doomsday is clothes and it can change how people think. And this also makes the girls have addiction to changing clothes.

There is no need to say more about the effect. Li Yalin has already given a like thumbs up. It’s summer, and most of the girls choose short clothes. This is already very eye-catching, plus the tactical vest worn to hang ammunition, matched with the firearms in hand, is the battlefield bishoujo.

It would be a pity if such a scene was not preserved!

“You want to take a picture?”

Seeing Li Yalin took out a camera, everyone was a little curious.

“Yes, take pictures. All of us together, this is our memorial!”

Take pictures?

Of course he want to take pictures. Not only Kurumi and Yuuri, but also Sakura Megumi, including Ruu-chan, must take pictures together!

This is a warm moment in this apocalypse, and it will be an unforgettable memory for everyone in the future!

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