Cafe 122

Set off!

After the photo was taken, Li Yalin would treasure everyone’s photo group that he kept in his body, he then boarded the LAV-25 obtained from the Self-Defense Force.

In this party, Kurumi, Yuuri, Kei and Miki will come along. They are the combat team selected by Li Yalin, and future battles will also be carried out with these four as the core.

How can he leave this world with peace of mind if he didn’t help them grow up?

By the way… Is this a FLAG?

Well, don’t think so much, let’s get into the fighting state as soon as possible.

Megurigaoka High School is indeed built as a safe place to live, but after leaving the school, every area in the city is dangerous. No one knows when zombies will appear or where the danger will come.

For the sake of safety, everyone must be vigilant at all times.

To this end, Li Yalin also planned well.

Since it was their first battle, he didn’t plan to leave the school too far. Cleaning up zombies can be done everywhere. It can be found everywhere on the street. Just be careful not to let zombies come close.


“Kurumi’s shooting beautifully!”

“Target cleared!”

“The next target appears, right ahead at 11 o’clock!”

Although they are somewhat inexperienced at the beginning, it was not their first time killing zombies. Even if they changed from a melee weapon to a long-range gun, they still quickly adapted.

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin was quite pleased.

If this continues, he believe everyone will soon be able to take their own roles, but he don’t know how far he need to do before he can completed his task.

Yes, his task hasn’t been completed yet, which means the system judge that Megurigaoka High School has not reach the task standard. So what he needs to do for it to be considered as living space for the girls?

Li Yalin wasn’t sure regarding this issue either. The only thing he can do now is to do his best to strengthen Megurigaoka High School and continue to improve everyone’s strength.

Maybe the task will be completed on its own after reaching a certain level?

Without any hint, Li Yalin can only follow his intuition, and he doesn’t think his direction is wrong anyway.

So… let’s continue killing zombiez!

With each passing day, hunting zombies has become a daily routine for everyone. Everyone including Li Yalin’s marksmanship is increasing day by day, and the supplies in Megurigaoka High School are also increasing day by day. Of course, everyone’s scope of activities is gradually increasing.

It’s a pity that after exploring the surrounding streets, everyone could not find any survivors, except for zombies or more zombies. Everyone was frustrated by this result.

Until one day, followed with a loud gunshot, it finally broke everyone’s habit.

“What’s going on? Who fired the gun? Why remove the silencer?”

Li Yalin was shocked when he heard the gunshot, because he was looking at the map in the cab at this time and was not with the girls cleaning the zombies outside.

He reminded everyone more than once about the issue of gunshots attracting zombies. He warn them not to remove the silencer when not necessary.

So what happened to this shot?

Through the wireless headset, Li Yalin asked urgently.

Did something happen?

“I didn’t shoot.”

“I didn’t shoot either.”

“I didn’t do it.”

Soon, Kurumi, Kei, and Miki responded one after another. None of them fired. Wakasa Yuuri, a sniper, stayed in the car and was responsible for observing the surroundings.

In other words, was someone else shot?

There are survivors!

The next moment, this thought came to Li Yalin’s mind. After the shopping center, they finally saw survivors again!


It is indeed exciting to see survivors in these doomsday, but the gunshot made Li Yalin more vigilant.

The opponent is not just a survivor, he…or they still have firearms on their bodies, which makes people have to guard against.

As the old saying goes, refrain from hurting others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you. It is a good thing to find survivors, but if the other party is malicious, then good things will turn into bad things!

“Come back everyone! Don’t act alone without authorization!”

Since no one shot, everyone naturally thought of the possibility of survivors. In this case, what Li Yalin fears most is that everyone gets too excited and looks for survivors without any regard.

At this moment, no one is allowed to act recklessly!

Hearing Li Yalin’s order, the girls returned quickly, after all, they didn’t go too far.

“Put on the body armor, wear a helmet, and be vigilant. The opponent is a survivor who owns firearms, and we doesn’t know if they are hostile to us. We must act carefully!”

Bulletproof vests and helmets are equipment that everyone seldom wear on daily basis, but to be on the safe side, Li Yalin still put these equipment in the armored vehicle in case of emergency.

Now it comes in handy.

While speaking to everyone, Li Yalin had already picked up a body armor, and after slipping it skillfully on his body, he picked up the helmet and put it on his head.

After wearing it, he inserted a few magazines into the module bag of the tactical bulletproof vest. After a little thought, Li Yalin took a few M26 grenades.

Although this kind of thing is rarely used, it is best to take some insurance in front of unknown enemy.

“Follow me!”

After Li Yalin changed the equipment, the girls were almost ready. After all, everyone practiced often when there was nothing to do, and they would not screw up at the critical moment.

Seeing everyone finished their outfits, Li Yalin also nodded slightly and made a forward gesture. He picked up the assault rifle and walked in the forefront. The girls followed closely, keeping enough distance from each other without being too far away. They all learned offensive tactics from textbooks.

Li Yalin had specially trained with everyone before, but now it looks good.

However, just as everyone was moving forward, there was another clear gunshot, which made everyone hesitate for a moment.

Shot again?

What happened?

It can be heard that the gunner’s location is not too far away from them. Originally, it was not possible to fully determine the position. Now with this clue, everyone naturally knows the direction.

They just don’t know what the specific circumstances of this shot were.

“From now on, everyone don’t talk, and everything is directed by gestures.”

Two gunshots made Li Yalin’s expression serious. Facing the unknown situation, he had to be more cautious. After turning his head to tell the girls, he didn’t speak any more.

He didn’t want to expose everyone’s whereabouts when the situation is unclear.

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