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“Bastards! Stop hiding! You can’t escape today!”

The survivors showed up is definitely a huge encouragement to the girls around Li Yalin. Although there are not too few partners in Megurigaoka High School, they haven’t seen strangers for a long time. It is so rare to encounter the same kind in this dead city.

It’s a pity that with this voice coming to everyone’s ears, all the girls frowned right after. Such arrogant shouts indicate that the owner of this voice is definitely not a kind person.

Could it be that… the survivors who they have finally met are bad guys?

After this idea, everyone couldn’t help being a little disappointed.

That’s right, that guy really can’t be a good person.

Just as the girls frowned, Li Yalin’s eyes were locked in the direction of the street not far away, focusing on the owner of the voice just now.

A guy dressed in a rustic brown jacket with pompadour hairstyle, hooligan’s favorite hairstyle of the last century, with a big gold chain around his neck, and a police revolver in his hand.

Seeing his unusual appearance, it’s not a strange thing to call him a good talent!

And it’s worth mentioning that there is not only one survivor. Beside the hooligan with gun, there are also several hooligans who are still standing. They don’t have guns in their hands, but they have bats or crowbars. Their eyes are slanted and smiled crookedly, it was so annoying to look at.

So, what happened?

Who did the hooligan with gun shout to?

Hiding in the dark, Li Yalin made a silent gesture to the girls, took a few steps forward to find the best observation location, and continued to observe the situation on the street.

Looking at the situation, the hooligans on the street aimed at a video store. They besieged it vaguely and blocked the video store door tightly. What does this mean?

Is there another group of survivors who against these hooligans?

Although he wasn’t sure of what’s going on, Li Yalin knew the situation in front of him.

“Don’t wanna come out? Don’t blame us for being rude!”

On the street outside the video store, the gun-holding hooligan was still yelling arrogantly. Seeing him dancing around, he was not afraid of the revolver in his hand misfired.

It can seen at first glance he wasn’t familiar with gun, it was not enough to makes him afraid even with those hooligans added together.

“Humph! You guys are looking for death!”

Li Yalin remained hidden, and there was still no movement at the video store, which irritated the gun-holding hooligan, he seems to hate being ignored.

“Hashimoto! Get those little bastard out!”

When the gun-holding hooligan gave the orders, another hooligan next to him quickly stood up. He took out two wine bottles from his backpack, and also took out a lighter.

That is…

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin understood. Molotov cocktail, the simplest but also the most lethal weapon. He didn’t expect these hooligans to be able to make this thing.

If these two Molotov cocktails are thrown into the video store, the people hiding inside would be in danger. The group of hooligans on the street are obviously not good people. Should they make appearance here?

Originally, Li Yalin planned to take a good look and reappear after confirming the enemy’s situation. But looking at it now, it seems that he can no longer keep a low profile.

Prepare to move!

Before the hooligan threw the Molotov cocktail into the video store, Li Yalin was ready for action, but even so, his actions were still a step slower.

It was not that the Molotov cocktail was thrown too quickly, but the survivors in the video store took the lead in counterattack!

With a swish, before anyone could react, the hooligan holding a Molotov cocktail had an extra arrow feather on his arm. It was… a crossbow arrow?

The penetrating power of the arrow feather is extremely strong. The arrow has penetrated the hooligan’s arm. Because of this, the hooligan screamed and rolled on the ground. Although the arrow would not kill him, the arm that the arrow feather penetrates is super painful!


The hooligan holding Molotov cocktail fall to the ground, it caused the rest of the hooligans to shout in surprise. I am afraid they did not expect those hiding in the video store had the courage to resist.

At least this scene changed the expression of the gun-holding hooligan.

“You guys are death!”

He pinned the revolver back to his waist, he turned and ran to his motorcycle, and took off an object hanging from the motorcycle.

Take a closer look, it turned out to be a shotgun!

“Bastard! You angered me completely! I’m gonna kill you all!”

In this collapsed world of apocalypse, there is no more order to speak of. Whether it is burning, killing, looting, you can do anything if you have the strength, no one can stand up to maintain order and justice.

What’s happened now is a good example.

The gun hooligan had a gun in his hand, so he could shoot unscrupulously, and the survivors in the video store did not dare to appear.

If this continues, no one can do anything about him even if he really kills someone. In the end, all he can get is the cheers and compliments of the hooligans.

That is the so-called survival of the fittest.

It is said that good people die young. It is not unreasonable for such a villain to survive in these apocalypse world.

But that’s it.

Aim at the target!

Turn off the safety!


Although Li Yalin is not a savior, it is not his style to watch someone wantonly slaughter survivors. The gun-holding hooligan is obviously not a good person so there’s no need to show mercy.

Having been in this world for so long, his mentality has quietly changed. Perhaps he could only write and draw before, but now, he can shoot and kill zombies, and he has the courage to aim his gun at living humans!

Dull gunfire sounded when he pulled the trigger, Li Yalin was different from those arrogant hooligans, he didn’t want to expose his position because of the gunfire.

The installation of a silencer does not mean that the power of the bullet will be reduced. With a wealth of shooting experience, the bullet in the Li Yalin gun hit the target very accurately.

Unlike when hunting zombies, the bright red plasma erupts when the bullet pierces the skin of a living person. That kind of scene is extremely shocking. If it was Li Yalin who has just come to this world, he might not be able to accept it in a short time.

But now…

Not bad, I have improved my marksmanship!

When a bullet was shot, Li Yalin was very satisfied with his marksmanship. As for the effect of this shot, it was also quite explosive. At least at this moment, all those present was silent, and the only thing that could be heard was the wailing of the gun-holding hooligan.

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