Cafe 124

Yes, the gun-holding hooligan was wailing and screaming, but he didn’t die because Li Yalin was not aiming at his head, but his calf.

Even if he had hunted and killed so many zombies, he had no personal experience in killing people after all. He still don’t have the courage to kill the gun-holding hooligan.

At least at this moment, he was not ready to end a life with his own hands, especially with four girls around him.

Of course, even if it didn’t kill people, the effect of this shot is still extremely shocking. At least the hooligans are dumbfounded, and they don’t know what’s happening.

The boss got shot?

The boss fell?

What the hell is going on?

What happened?

“Don’t move! All of you don’t move!”

Seeing that the time was right, Li Yalin immediately gestured to the girls. Except for Yuuri, who was a sniper, hidden in the best sniper position and did not move, Kurumi, Kei and Miki followed closely behind while holding gun and surrounded those hooligans.

Although they haven’t figured out what’s going on, the hooligans reacted fast enough against the black hole’s muzzle. They immediately raised their hands without showing any ​​resistance.

No way, the opponent is holding guns. Look at themselves again, what can a club and crowbar do? Rebel against this stuff? Would they just end up like their boss?

“Squat on the ground! I will kill anyone who dare to move!”

Li Yalin didn’t show any mercy to these hooligans, the gun was pressing on them to squat on the ground, and when he saw one of the slow responders, he stepped forward and kicked the other side directly.

“Kurumi, Miki, you guys watch them. Kei come with me, let’s take a look at the situation in the video store.”

It won’t be a problem with Kurumi and Miki watching over these hooligans. The suppression outside the street has been completed, and Li Yalin’s next goal is the video store.

He wanted to know who would stand against these hooligans.

“People in the video store, listen up. The hooligan outside has been suppressed. It’s safe now and you can come out.”

When he came to the entrance of the video store, Li Yalin didn’t take Kei into the store. He didn’t forget the arrow shot in the video store, and he didn’t know who was inside.

So it is better to be cautious.

“Are you… the rescue from the Self-Defense Force?”

Li Yalin’s words did not receive an immediate response. It took a while, it almost made him impatient, finally a voice came out from the video store.

Well, it is estimated that the tactical bulletproof vest and helmet on Li Yalin made them misunderstood. It was easy to mistake them as rescue since they wear this equipment and even have a firearm in their hand.

“No, we are survivors of Megurigaoka High School, can you come out and talk?”

The voice coming from the video store was very young and still a girl, which made Li Yalin eased his tone and lowered his gun slightly.

Hearing the voice, it shouldn’t be a big threat. Although he can’t completely relax his vigilance, he don’t have to maintain a high degree of tension.

At least looking at the situation right now, they should be able to communicate peacefully with the other party.

He did not have to wait for too long. The survivors hiding in the video store finally showed up. There were three people in total, two women and one man, all young and were about twenty years old at most.

Walking in the forefront is a beautiful girl with a very fashionable dress and high ponytail. She holds a short crossbow in her hand. It is estimated that the arrow shot in the video store just now came from her hand.

Followed behind her was a girl wearing hot pants with side ponytail. At the first sight of this girl, Li Yalin couldn’t help but focus on her chest. Her size is really big, no girl he has seen so far can match her in size.


It is too fierce!

An omen of bad luck!

But… this hot girl looks bad, her eyes are rosy with tears at the corners of her eyes, did she get stimulated by something?

Li Yalin couldn’t ask since he’s unfamiliar with the others, so he could only turn his gaze to the last man.

Very unremarkable ordinary people, wearing ordinary clothes and looking ordinary, there is really no more vocabulary to describe it, and should be no problem to leave it aside.

Anyway, Li Yalin see them coming, and the one who can talk to him now is the girl with the short crossbow.

“Megurigaoka High School… are you all high school students?”

Walking out of the video store, the girl holding a short crossbow looked at Li Yalin and then at Kei next to him, with a puzzled expression on her face.

It’s no wonder that Li Yalin and Kei both look like high school students, but on the contrary, they not only wear military equipment, but also hold firearms and weapons. It doesn’t seem to match.

It doesn’t look like a high school student at all!

“Yes, we are all high school students, so… who are you guys and why you are conflicts with those guys?”

Although the opposite is a beautiful girl, Li Yalin is not obliged to explain so much to her. What he needs to know now is the identity of the two women and one man, what are the origins of those hooligans, and how this conflict occurred.

He believed that this girl would tell him all the information he wanted.

In fact, just as he thought, although the girl hesitated a little, she still told the truth after all. There was no way. He was asking with a gun here, would she dare to hide it?

Not far away there was a guy lying on the ground wailing, who knows the origins of these seemingly young but cruel high school students.

The girl’s name is Hikarizato Aki and she is a survivor from Saint Isidore University. According to her, after the crisis of the virus outbreak, the surviving students of Saint Isidore University organized spontaneously and established a safe base in the school. Because the school can generate electricity and store water on its own, the cost of eating and drinking is not a problem at all.

This is exactly the same as Megurigaoka High School, and it did not surprise Li Yalin.

As early as after reading the emergency evacuation manual, he knew that Megurigaoka High School should be the same as Saint Isidore University. It should be the experimental base of Randall Corporation. Not to mention water storage and power generation. It is estimated that in that university underground, there are similar underground refuge facilities.

Though he wasn’t sure if the survivors of Saint Isidore University have noticed it.

Of course, Li Yalin didn’t intend to ask her about this, he just keep listening to the girl’s explanation.

Especially the conflict between her group and those hooligans, he still needs to ask more clearly.

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