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Melee Fight Crew, this is a group of survivors formed by the remaining college students of Saint Isidore University. The goal of this organization is simple, that all personnel survive safely and wait for rescue.

In the apocalypse, almost every survivor group will have this idea, trying to open up a living environment like Li Yalin. Even preparing to become a rescuer. On the contrary, this is quite unusual.

However, Li Yalin didn’t have much to say about this. He was very aware of the terrible zombie virus outbreak, so he also understood that the arrival of rescue was minimal.

But he didn’t say this words to everyone, it was too shocking after all.

All in all, this Melee Fight Crew seems to be a self-contained system, and the life of the survivors is pretty good. There should be no need for outsiders to intervene. Then, let’s talk about the cause of this conflict.

Although Melee Fight Crew has opened up a living space in the school, it is clear that those survivors of college students are also facing a food crisis.

The food in the school alone is not enough for them to survive. In this case, going out to search for supplies has become an inevitable choice.

Hikarizato Aki is one of the captains of the Melee Fight Crew search team, the purpose of them appearing here is to search for survival supplies.

However, the luck of this search team isn’t so good. They ran into the hooligan group halfway through, and the two sides had a conflict.

As for the cause of the conflict, it is actually quite simple. Those hooligans are not good people at all. Seeing the young and beautiful female college students, they act with distorted mind.

There are certainly not a few simple characters who can survive in this apocalypse world. They were bullied to the breaking point, and Hikarizato Aki will naturally resist.

It’s a pity that Hikarizato Aki didn’t think that those hooligans actually had firearms and weapons. It hit them by surprise. What’s more important is that in the chaos, two members of Hikarizato Aki’s team were shot and killed.

If they didn’t escape quickly, this search team might have become their prey.

Two deaths…

After hearing Hikarizato Aki’s narration, Li Yalin subconsciously looked at the gun-holding hooligan who was still lying on the ground. His voice was very weak because of the excessive bleeding. His accomplices were all squatting beside him, but didn’t dare to move at all because of the surrounding gun muzzle.

These guys really deserve to die!

In the troubled times, human life is the least valuable, especially in this apocalypse world. Without restraint, the wicked can be more fearless. This is the best example.

All they committed were sins!

Look at the big breasted girls. The reason why she is so sad is because her childhood sweetheart, who she always regarded as her own brother, was shot. He was still alive and kicking the moment before, but turned into a dead body in the next moment.

Those guys… is really damned!

“Yalin, the noise just now is too loud, there are many zombies gathering in your direction.”

Suddenly Yuuri’s urgent voice came from the headset. As a sniper, in addition to killing the target, she must pay attention to the surrounding movements.

So she’ll notified Li Yalin at the first moment if there’s movement from the zombies.

This place isn’t safe anymore, they must leave this place as soon as possible!

“Ready to retreat!”

Hearing Yuuri’s report, Li Yalin made a decisive decision because he also found zombies appeared not far away.

They must leave this place before the zombies arrive!

“What should we do… with these people?”

Li Yalin issued an order to retreat, but they still didn’t solve this several hooligans. Everyone knew about the evil deeds these guys have done, and it disgusted them. These sinful people didn’t have the qualification to be called a human!

But no matter how disgusted they are, they are all living being. Everyone does not think that they have the right to deprive others of their lives, so naturally they don’t know how to deal with these guys.

“Squat here, don’t move!”

Shoot these guys?

After listening to Hikarizato Aki’s words, Li Yalin knew that these were a group of unworthy bastards who were a waste of food if keep alive, and a waste of land when they died.

If he can, he would like to kill all these guys one by one.

But when he really wanted to shoot, he felt that these people would make his hands dirty. Although he had been conscious for a long time, it was not worth it to get his hands dirty by killing these garbage.

But now is not the time to hesitate. After a little hesitation, Li Yalin made up his mind and aimed his gun at these hooligans in front of him, so that they didn’t dare to move.

“Everyone leave here first, I’ll cover your retreat.”

A large number of zombies are approaching, and Li Yalin is not ready to fight the zombies here, so the girls’ retreat is an inevitable choice.

However, he himself still stood there and didn’t move, still pointing his gun at those hooligans.

Although they didn’t know what Li Yalin wants to do, the long-term tacit understanding has given everyone absolute trust in him. Now that he said this, the girls immediately started to take Hikarizato Aki and her two companions to evacuate from the street.

However, even after the evacuation, the girls did not go too fast. Only when Li Yalin turned around would they really speed up.

This is the mutual guard between companions.

In contrast, those hooligans still squatting on the ground.

“Zombie… Zombie is coming… Help…”

“Please let us go! Please!”

“Please forgive us!”

Those hooligans know that the zombies are approaching. They really want to jump up and run away, but the problem is that their boss is still lying on the ground with a gun pointing at them. Where can they dare to move?

What if he got angry and shot them?

It’s not worthwhile to die that way?

“Don’t move, don’t make a sound, zombies have very sensitive hearing. As long as you guys don’t make a sound, they won’t find you guys.”

Unlike those hooligans who were anxious and frightened, Li Yalin’s expression was very calm, and even show a calm smile.

With his reminder, the hooligans were silent for a moment, and they dared not move anymore, for fear of making a little noise.

In this way, the zombies approached, the zombies found fresh flesh and blood, and the zombies began to bite their prey.

Yes, the injury of the gun-holding hooligan was enough to attract the attention of the zombies, they were still discovered even if they didn’t speak.

In contrast, the hooligans who squatted not far from him had not noticed it yet. They all squatting down with their heads on the ground, and didn’t dare to look around.


Good luck to you guys.

Seeing the zombies approaching, Li Yalin didn’t make a sound. He just blessed those hooligans with his mouth.

They may be able to survive if they are lucky.


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