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Li Yalin left without looking back. He activated stealth so he won’t be spotted by the surrounding zombies.

But he is gone. It doesn’t mean that those hooligans who are still squatting around the zombies dare to move. If any of them dared to get up at this time, they would definitely become the zombies’ food right after.

Just like their boss.

Can they survive from this zombies?

As Li Yalin said, if they are lucky enough.


Everything that happened on the street was reflected in Hikarizato Aki’s eyes. She saw the guy who killed her two companions was torn apart by the zombies, and heard his desperate wailing before his death.

Although the scene was cruel, it was really pleasant.

“No need to thank me, I don’t want to dirty my hands, but I really want to destroy the scum myself.”

In the face of Hikarizato Aki’s gratitude, Li Yalin shake his head slightly. To be honest, his mood is also very complicated now. Although the gun-holding hooligan was not killed by himself, he died because of him. Not only that, those trapped Hooligan in zombies is estimated to be difficult to escape.

This can be regarded as an indirect killing.

Turning his gaze to the girl on his side, Li Yalin found that everyone’s expressions were a little bit sorrowful, because they knew the cause and no one thought he had done something wrong, but someone died after all, it didn’t make them feel good.

Perhaps this is the cruelty unique to the apocalypse world.

This is also a rare experience for everyone.

“What’s your future plan?”

Arriving in the safe area, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, but unfortunately, it’s time to separate. Although he can talk to girls like Hikarizato Aki, they belong to different groups of survivors. It is impossible for Li Yalin to take the two girls and one boy into their own school.

All he can do is to give some assistance to the other party within the scope of his ability, nothing more.

“Takagami and Noguchi are dead, and we don’t have the ability to continue collecting supplies, so we can only go home.”

Faced with Li Yalin’s question, Hikarizato Aki shaking her head slightly, her expression is very lonely.

The death of her companion is also a big blow to her.

“We still have some food and water here, although not a lot, you can take it if you like.”

According to Hikarizato Aki’s previous statement, the supplies of Saint Isidore University have bottomed out. Not only did they get nothing, but also reduced two people, which undoubtedly suffered a heavy hammer.

Since Megurigaoka High School does not lack food, Li Yalin group has not paid much attention to the collection of materials recently, so the assistance he can give now is not much, it just a small token of gesture at best.

But even so, it was a big surprise to Hikarizato Aki.

Food and water in this doomsday is very precious, and there will never be too many such materials!

“Thank you so much!”

The ninety-degree bow shows that Hikarizato Aki is really grateful to Li Yalin. With these materials, everyone can last for a while. These foods represent the possibility of survival!

“It is our fate since we’ve met. If you encounter any difficulties, you can also come to Megurigaoka High School to find us.”

He waved his hand to Hikarizato Aki, Li Yalin really didn’t think he had done anything. With just such a little material, he really didn’t take it to heart. It really surprised him to get such respect.

He even wondered, if he throw her a truckload of supplies at this time, would this girls be moved and dedicated herself to him directly?

Ahem, it’s better to put aside this crooked ideas.

Being able to meet Hikarizato Aki, as Li Yalin said, is indeed a fate, and he is also very happy to forge a good fate in this collapsed apocalypse world.

Sometimes, helping others means helping oneself, and no one knows if they will meet again one day in the future.


“Have a safe journey!”

Seeing the three of them driving away, the girls around Li Yalin couldn’t help waving their hands. It could be seen that everyone was a little bit sentimental. After all, they were the same kind that were hard to meet, but they separated early.

Girls are so emotional.

“Yalin, do you think we will see Hikarizato senpai again?”

Until no sign of the car was visible, Kurumi turned her head and asked Li Yalin this question.

In this dangerous world, she is really afraid of meeting a friend who has become a zombie on the street one day.

This is not the first time she has experienced this kind of thing, but she really doesn’t want to experience it again.

“Yes, as long as we are alive, we will meet again one day!”

Looking at the girl in front of him, Li Yalin nodded heavily.

Will they meet again?

Yes, it is possible to meet again as long as they are alive, and he has a hunch that maybe this day will come soon.

Saint Isidore University, when he saw this name in the emergency evacuation manual, he knew he would intersect with this place, but he did not expect that he would meet the survivors of Saint Isidore University so soon.

As for what will happen in the future, although it is still uncertain at the moment, he quietly put out an assurance.

Before he told Hikarizato Aki about Megurigaoka High School, he had taken a precautions in advance.

Hope you can be safe.

When returning to the car, Li Yalin sighed softly.

From Hikarizato Aki’s description, we can know that the situation at Saint Isidore University is not optimistic. Although it sounds like there are a lot of survivors, what’s next? What will happen in the future?

Before controlling those hooligans, the police revolvers and shotguns in the hands of hooligans had been taken away. The shotgun was kept by him, and he quietly stuffed the police revolvers into Hikarizato Aki hands before her party left.

There were ten bullets left for her to use.

Although it was a peaceful encounter, he admired the girl very much and gave her a weapon, which might save her life at a critical moment.

However, what he did not expect was that his unintentional act actually saved Hikarizato Aki, and what made him even more surprised was that his reunion with Hikarizato Aki was so fast!

Three days, only three days later, Megurigaoka High School ushered in a group of unexpected visitors, and one of them was Hikarizato Aki!

What happened at Saint Isidore University?

Why Hikarizato Aki come to Megurigaoka High School front door?

What happened to the injuries and patients who walked with her?

This series of questions, all are waiting for Li Yalin to ask, and all are waiting for Hikarizato Aki to answer!

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