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“Not good! Several cars appeared in front of the school!”

It was Takeya Yuki, a happy-go-lucky girl from Megurigaoka High School, who came to Li Yalin in a panic. This little girl is always full of vitality, and her enthusiasm is infinitely inspiring everyone. It was really rare for her to panic like this.

“Survivor? Yuki, calm down and tell me slowly.”

Yuki’s panic shocked Li Yalin. She suddenly said that there was a car at the school gate. He thought it was an enemy attacking the school. Otherwise, how could this girl be so scared.

“There is a car! There are people inside!”

Although Li Yalin try to calm her down, Yuki’s emotions did not stabilize so quickly, he saw her hands dancing around, but she still failed to explain the point.

Nonsense! How could the car get here if no one inside?

He gave Yuki a very helpless look. Li Yalin resisted to tsukomi her. What he is more concerned about now is the car that appeared at the school gate.

How many cars?

How many cars are there?

How many people are there?

Nothing is clear, how can he make his judgement?

“Yuki, go and notify everyone, turn on the first level alert mode!”

Li Yalin knew it was impossible to rely on her to explain the situation. He could only see it with his own eyes.

Grabbing the assault rifle next to him, Li Yalin stood up immediately.

But before that, he still said to Yuki that it was still unclear whether the people at the school gate is an enemy or a friend. Before everything is clear, everyone must maintain a high level of alert.

The so-called first-level alert mode means that all personnel must be alert. Although he said this partially as a joke, everyone will know what it means without needing a long explanation.


Although still flustered, Yuki’s reaction was not slow. Listening to Li Yalin’s words, she immediately understood what she should do.

After standing at attention, a salute, without waiting for Li Yalin to speak again, she immediately turned around and rushed out, jogging all the way to inform everyone.

This girl…

Seeing Yuki’s back, Li Yalin shook his head, but now is not the time to sigh. After calming his mind, he immediately rushed out of the room.

He’d like to see who come to Megurigaoka High School.

After leaving the school building, Li Yalin saw Kurumi who was also armed with a gun from a distance. After a few steps to meet her, he found that the girls were not quite aware of the situation.

“Forget it, go to the school gate first.”

Since they didn’t know the situation, just take a look to understand the situation. After looking at Kurumi, Li Yalin stepped to the gate of the playground.

This is…

Two cars?

Before Yuki said that there were several cars, Li Yalin really thought that many people came to Megurigaoka High School. But it turned out that there were only two cars parked at the school gate when he got closer.

Of course, the car is not the key. The real key is the people in the car. With the arrival of Li Yalin and Kurumi, the car parked in the front opened the door immediately.

When he look closely, it turns out to be a familiar face. Isn’t that Hikarizato Aki who parted the other day?

Why does she come here?

“Hikarizato-san? Why you are are…”

Li Yalin felt a little puzzled about her arrival, because he could see clearly that besides Hikarizato Aki herself, there were at least seven or eight people sitting in the car.

“It’s hard to say… I’m here to ask you for help…”

Seeing Li Yalin’s appearance, Hikarizato Aki’s eyes flashed with excitement. But soon, her expression dimmed, the expression on her face was full of fatigue and sadness.

For help?

Hikarizato Aki’s answer made Li Yalin frowned subconsciously.

This… did something happened?

Well, although he wasn’t sure what happened, it’s better to let these people come in first. They have been standing outside the school gate. God knows if they will attract the attention of zombies.

“Kurumi, help them.”

Winking at Kurumi, Li Yalin didn’t intend to turn people away. Of course, even if he met someone he knew, he couldn’t really trust them so easily.

He knew very well that Yuuri should have been in the sniper position at this time. Kei and Miki both came to the playground with weapons. The loli were protected by Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko. They wouldn’t be able to do much even if they came here with malicious intention.

After opening the playground gate, Li Yalin asked Kurumi to guide the vehicle in. After both vehicles entered the playground, he slowly closed the gate.

Without going too far, the two cars stopped one after another, and when they came to Li Yalin, Hikarizato Aki’s eyes were already full of grateful eyes.

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

Holding Li Yalin’s hand, Hikarizato Aki hasn’t let go for a long time. Perhaps in her heart, Li Yalin is already her last straw.

“You don’t have to thanks me first, what the hell is… what’s going on?”

Being grabbed by a beautiful girl and shaking his hand back and forth, even Li Yalin couldn’t help but feel a ripple in his heart, but now it was not the time for this, his eyes quickly turned to the car behind Hikarizato Aki.

As the car stopped steadily, the passengers in the car also walked out one after another. What is surprising is that all of the people who got off the car were young girls.

These… are all Saint Isidore University students?


Why the are wounded?

In this apocalypse world where the zombie virus is raging, people most afraid of encountering is undoubtedly the wounded, because you don’t know how they got injured. Once the other party has the zombie virus and you aren’t aware of it, then you are very likely to become food for zombies in your sleep.

The rescue center was the best example.

This time Hikarizato Aki showed up with the wounded, which make him cautious.

Wait! That wounded is…

Looking closer, Li Yalin was surprised again, because he realized that he actually knew the wounded person.

Isn’t she the big breated girl who childhood friend got killed when he met Hikarizato Aki last time? Remember her name seems to be…Uraha Shino?

That’s right!

It’s her!

Why is she hurt? Looking at the bandage on her arm and her pale face, it seemed that the injury was not so serious.

“We…were attacked…”

Li Yalin looked at Uraha Shino’s gaze, and Hikarizato Aki could naturally see that he knew exactly what the appearance of the wounded meant, so at this moment, the expression on her face was very bitter.

It is normal to be cautious if people come to their shelter place.

And this time, she was still asking for help.

“Saint Isidore University was attacked by zombies?”

Hikarizato Aki’s answer made him daze, which means… Saint Isidore University has fallen?

“No… it was attacked by people!”

It’s a pity that Li Yalin guessed wrong this time. It was not zombies who attacked Saint Isidore University, but… a living people!

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