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Saint Isidore University was attacked, but it was not zombies that attacked this school, but another group that also belonged to Megurigaoka city survivors.

The Yamada group was already a well-known gang-related violent organization in Megurigaoka city before the outbreak of the zombie virus. Although it is not frightening, ordinary people will definitely choose to retreat when they encounter them.

No one thought that after the outbreak of the virus, the Yamada group unexpectedly appeared a large number of virus immunity people, and it was because of luck that this organization would survive and even grow further.

It should be said that it is indeed a gang-related organization. Sure enough, it is violent and bold enough. Facing the zombies that ordinary people avoid, those gang members dare to gather together and launch a counterattack against the zombies.

In contrast, the Self-Defense Forces, which clearly had stronger firepower, suffered annihilation, people can’t help but let out a sigh.

It is worth mentioning that the hooligans who had previously clashed with Hikarizato Aki were members of the Yamada group.

Of course, the Saint Isidore University was attacked, and it has nothing to do with those hooligans. The reason for such a disaster, in the final analysis, is only one sentence, it is the fault of the site and the interests.

If the Yamada group wants to continue to develop and grow, it must step up to gather survivors, take up more sites, and open up more environment and soil.

Saint Isidore University is a goal they must overcome. So many college students and a safe university campus are just the resources they dream of, aren’t they?

At the beginning, the Yamada group also wanted to use the soft policy to subdue Melee Fight Crew, but it is a pity that Melee Fight Crew did not pay attention to it. They believed that it is best for both parties to mind their own business. They don’t want to join a criminal organization.

No one thinks that the Yamada group dare to provoke human infighting in this apocalypse world. After all, they are students who have not much experience in this world, their ideas is still too simple.

Needless to say, the next scene happened. The Yamada group secretly bought a Saint Isidore University survivor, opened the school gate at night and rushed into the university campus.

Thanks to Melee Fight Crew’s many careful thought, they immediately discovered the enemy with hidden sentry arranged for night duty, Saint Isidore was not as easy to take down as the Yamada group wanted.

But even so, Melee Fight Crew still suffered heavy losses. Not only several important members were killed, but even half of the school building was taken.

Uraha Shino was injured in that melee.

“Sakura sensei, you and Yuki take Uraha-san for treatment. Pay attention to her wounds and remember to take the antidote.”

Hikarizato Aki said this, Li Yalin has turned his gaze to Uraha Shino again. Although the other party said so, he still can’t be rest assured.

Injury inspection, this is a necessary behavior, but also to ensure the safety of everyone, in any case, we must go through this process.

Sakura Megumi and Takeya Yuki have taught themselves a lot of first aid methods during the time when everyone is working hard to hunt zombies.

Although they can’t cure serious illnesses, they can still bandage the wound and check the injury. With the two of them, Uraha Shino situation should be no problem.

“Besides, don’t stand here anymore. We will continue talking after entering school.”

The wounded were taken away, and there was another girl from the university student group with them. As for the remaining survivors, they should not be allowed to stand stupidly on the playground. Let’s talk after entering the school.

Although Hikarizato Aki hasn’t finished speaking yet, he is not in a hurry, and it is not too late to talk in detail after entering the building.

Bring everyone to the cafeteria on the first floor. Kamiyama Akiko has already got some food and hot water under Li Yalin’s signal. Seeing everyone’s tiredness along the way, it is better to let them regain their strength.

After everyone was seated in peace and had the steaming food, Hikarizato Aki continued to talk about the situation while eating.

During this period, Li Yalin also knew the name of an important character.

Deguchi Touko, one of the survivors of Saint Isidore University, but she is not affiliated with Melee Fight Crew, but is counted as another survivor group.

Fallen Crew, this is the name of the survivor group where Deguchi Touko belongs. To be honest, Li Yalin’s expression was quite speechless when he heard this name.

Abandon oneself to despair… That is to say, it is a group of survivors who eat and wait to die?

Well, it seems to be the case.

In order to ensure survival, Melee Fight Crew implements a high-pressure policy, and the management of each member is very strict. To become a member of Melee Fight Crew, you must show the courage to fight against zombies. Only the strongest can survive while the weak will be abandoned.

So it’s quite natural that some survivors who could not fight with zombies were turned away by Melee Fight Crew, and most of them were women.

Without a place to stay, what a wait for the weak is only a dead end.

From a rational point of view, the idea of ​​Melee Fight Crew is not wrong. In this cruel apocalypse world, it just a useless person if one can’t fight with zombies. It’s just a waste of food to stay and take up more supplies. The choices of driving them away does makes sense.

But psychologically, I believe that there are also many people who cannot accept such ruthlessness.

Deguchi Touko is such a person.

Unable to agree with the practice of Melee Fight Crew, she gathered all the abandoned survivors, and almost miraculously opened up a safe area, dividing the territory of her own group.

Although she experienced sacrifices and various hardships during this period, she succeeded in the end.

In the school building of Saint Isidore University, Fallen Crew occupies a considerable area as a gathering place, and successfully separated from Melee Fight Crew.

With this alone, Li Yalin had to look at this Deguchi Touko with admiration.
This girls, don’t look at her wearing glasses, the bodies exude the atmosphere of the game neet, but what she does is beyond comparison with most people.

It’s amazing.

You know, if it wasn’t for the girls’ Fallen Crew, Melee Fight Crew would have been solved by the Yamada group long ago!

Because of the opposition between Fallen Crew and Melee Fight Crew, Saint Isidore University was divided into two areas AB, area A is occupied by Melee Fight Crew, and area B belongs to Fallen Crew. These two connected areas is blocked by both parties. While minding their own business as usual.

Thanks to this blocked area, when Melee Fight Crew was attacked by the Yamada team at the front gate, Deguchi Touko promptly opened the blockade and let the Melee Fight Crew members go before protecting them.

Afterwards, the survivors of Saint Isidore University could also use this blockade to oppose the Yamada group. Otherwise, Saint Isidore University would have all fallen, and these survivors would inevitably become prisoners of those gang members!

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