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Everyone knows how dangerous the crime-related groups are. If they were caught by the Yamada group, the schoolboy would be okay, but if it were a girl… the consequences would be unimaginable!

They all dared to shoot and kill, so what they dare not do?

Deguchi Touko’s move undoubtedly saved everyone of Melee Fight Crew, which is commendable, but in the same way, she also threw away her last card.

Compared with the number of people, Melee Fight Crew has the absolute upper hand. When fighting for strength, Fallen Crew is basically a group of girls who physically very weak. After the area is blocked, the management of B area that originally belonged to them has undoubtedly fallen to Melee Fight Crew hands.

After confronting the Yamada group, Melee Fight Crew must find ways to regain their territory and even clear the enemy out of the school. For this goal, they decided to use a series of unacceptable counterattacks.

Many people could not accept the plan of fighting enemy with number. Deguchi Touko was one of them, but after she opposed it and argued with Melee Fight Crew, the exchange turned into force suppression.

Is this kindness returned with malice?

In fact, it’s not that way. Melee Fight Crew is just for self-protection. From their perspective, it is really understandable to do so, but it’s also really chilling in the eyes of many people.

Hikarizato Aki, is one of them.

She really can’t figure it out, even if it is to regain the place of survival, there is no need to use this dirty method, right? Especially the practice of sacrificing companions is simply too cold-blooded!

With the passage of time, this contradiction finally broke out. Some girls headed by Hikarizato Aki and Deguchi Touko finally chose to oppose the Melee Fight Crew because they could not accept the practice of Melee Fight Crew.

They gave up the asylum of Melee Fight Crew, and want to leave this cold-blooded group!

But will Melee Fight Crew allow them to leave?

The answer is no. In fact, if it weren’t for Li Yalin who had given Hikarizato Aki a police revolver, and was hidden by her afterwards, they would not even be able to escape the Saint Isidore University gate.

Fortunately, they finally escaped, taking these girls who were unable to fight with the zombies or could not tolerate the Melee Fight Crew style and fled to Megurigaoka High School.

Although Hikarizato Aki didn’t know if Megurigaoka High School was their shelter, she still remembered what Li Yalin said before separating.

“If you encounter any difficulties, you can come to Megurigaoka High School to find us.”

If it was him…

He will help her…

Hikarizato Aki chose to believe in Li Yalin, and it turns out that her choice was not wrong.

Although these female college students don’t have much fighting capacity, Li Yalin would not think they are really useless like Melee Fight Crew did. Taking a step back, what if they are really useless? Before this catastrophe that could almost wipe out mankind, how could humans survive this catastrophe if they could not help each other?

A group of short-sighted guys!

Li Yalin could understand the behavior of Melee Fight Crew, but he absolutely disagreed with it. He even sneered at them.

Since you think these female college students are useless, let me take them in!

“Okay, I also know the cause and effect. You guys have a good rest. It’s really hard for you guys to come this way.”

After clarifying all the information, Li Yalin nodded slightly, he had already made a decision in his heart.

“Don’t be too restrictive, just treat this as your home. Although our materials here cannot be described as rich, we can guarantee everyone’s food and clothing and will never let you go hungry.”

“Oh yeah, has not officially introduce myself. My name is Li Yalin, one of the Megurigaoka High School survivor groups. Let’s help each other from now on.”

Regarding whether they will be accepted or not, although Hikarizato Aki chose to believe in Li Yalin, the rest of the girls were nervous and uneasy. After all, this is a strange group of survivors, and whether or not they can be accepted is a matter of dilemma.

What’s more, they are abandoned people, so the burden on their hearts is naturally heavier.

Fortunately, Li Yalin didn’t disappoint these girls. With his voice, the heart that everyone was hanging on finally fell to the ground.

He accepted us!

We… finally have a home!

Escape from Saint Isidore University is to resist Melee Fight Crew’s arbitrariness, but that is everyone’s shelter after all, and no one wants to leave their homes easily.

So now, they have finally found a new home, and finally can feel safe again, an experience that ordinary people can’t even imagine.

Apart from the excitement, many girls burst into tears.

This is why… girls are really emotional creatures…

Seeing the excitement of the group of female college students, Li Yalin can’t help but pursed his lips. He doesn’t feel that much emotion now, instead he is thinking about other issues.

Yes, his move is not just to take in these poor girls, but more importantly, because of his decision, the population of Megurigaoka High School has increased, and it is not the loli like Ruu-chan and the others, but a mature female college student.

What does this mean?

Yes, they are all ready to eat… ahh, that’s not the case!

Technique, technique!

Talent, talent!

Labor force, labor force!

This is the key to Li Yalin’s consideration!

Although it is difficult for these female college students to fight with zombies, it does not mean that they are really useless. Maybe they can have unique achievements in other fields.

What’s more, the two girls, Hikarizato Aki and Uraha Shino, are members of the Melee Fight Crew expatriate team, and they also have a certain degree of combat effectiveness. Their participation has virtually added great strength to Megurigaoka High School!

It’s hard to find such people. He would be stupid if he reject them!

Having taken in so many girls at once made him laugh inwardly.


When their emotions are soothed, he will immediately inquire about their abilities. Those who can fight are divided into combat teams, and those who cannot fight are responsible for the logistics work in the school.

Even though Megurigaoka High School seems to be on the right track, there are still many areas to be improved. The arrival of these girls has just made up for the shortage of staff.

This is awesome!

The arrival of the Hikarizato Aki group did give Li Yalin a huge surprise. However, what made him more helpless was that he seemed unable to allocated these girls right away, because just now, he received a message from the system. It was a side task about Saint Isidore University.

Originally, he didn’t plan to interfere, but now it seems that he must take this trip!

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