Cafe 13

“I see, that’s great!”

After listening to Li Yalin’s explanation, Chino finally understand and also very happy for Li Yalin.

Chino was also felt moved and proud being the witness of Cat Eye’s work birth.

“That’s it, let’s eat barbecue tomorrow night.”

Seeing Chino’s smile on her face, Li Yalin himself is also happy. He could feel that his relationship with Chino was getting closer. Although she didn’t call him onii-chan yet, but he believe that he will succeed as long as he work harder!

Although with Chino’s character, this goal has a long way to go.

“Barbecue? Manuscript fee?”

Not counting the rabbit who is acting cute on Chino’s head. There are only three people in the coffee shop. Of course, the conversation between Li Yalin and Chino will be heard by Rize.

It is for this reason that her face will show confusion, because just in Chino’s introduction, Li Yalin seems to have transferred to a school in this city and will live in Chino’s house, still a sophomore in high school just like her.

As a student of the same grade, plus Chino’s friend, Rize is very generous to let him call her Rize-san, and she will also call him in the same way.

She is an ojou-sama of a military family after all. Her style is quite straightforward. She knows that she will have many contact with Li Yalin in the future, and she wants to take the initiative to bring the relationship closer.

But this distance does not seem to be as close as she imagine, at least she felt that she could not understand the dialogue between Chino and Li Yalin at all.

It’s understandable to eat barbecue. But Li Yalin, a high school student who is about to transfer school to this city, why would he get a manuscript fee?

Actually, what is the manuscript fee?

“Yes, Rize-san doesn’t know yet, Yalin-san published a manga called ‘Cat’s Eye’ on the internet, and will receive his first manuscript fee tomorrow.”

Rize’s puzzled expression attracted the attention of Li Yalin and Chino. Li Yalin as the person involved was too embarrassed to explain the situation. But Chino had no such burden and explained it simply and quickly.

After all, this was also a manga born under her witness. She is very happy to introduce this work to her friends.

However, what Chino did not expect was that after she finished this sentence, she attracted even more Rize’s surprised expression!

“What? Cat’s Eye? Chino, do you mean that Cat’s Eye?”

Rize’s subconscious exclamation made Li Yalin and Chino look at each other. Not only Chino, but even Li Yalin also baffled.

“Is there many Cat’s Eye?”

When Li Yalin uploaded Cat Eye, he deliberately investigated and had determined that there is no similar manga or other works in this world. After all, he debuted with this work, he must ensure the originality of this work. Otherwise he will be marked as a plagiarism, which definitely become a stain of life!

Since this is the case, the reaction of Rize is…

“No no no! There is only one Cat’s Eye, which means… are you the author of Cat’s Eye?”

“Have you seen my Cat’s Eye?”

“Yes! Just yesterday, I read this manga under the introduction of a friend. Although there is only one short chapter, this is the best manga I have ever seen!”

What Li Yalin had never imagined was that coincidentally Rize had read Cat Eye chapter 1, and became a fan of this manga! Seeing her eyes with little star now, there is a tendency to become a little fangirl.

Is it that exaggerated?

“Something like the best manga… “

Scratched the back of his head subconsciously. Li Yalin never imagine that when he first met with Rize, he actually gained her admiration.

Logically speaking, Rize’s character should have been more calm, unless Cat Eye really touched her heart.

So why is Rize so obsessed with this work? Perhaps… is this the work of +3 attractiveness?

Although it is just a literal number, Li Yalin can clearly feel that the works he draws after using and not using this bonus has completely different effects.

+ 3’s works will give people an inexplicable attraction, as if there is something that encourages people to keep reading. Conversely, looking at the works without bonuses, they will lose that attraction.

So, the performance of Rize is also because manga attraction bonus?

This should be the case, but it still makes him embarrassed.

“In my opinion, that is the best manga!”

Seeing Li Yalin was embarrassed, Rize shook her head firmly.

Although she is not a veteran manga lover, she would occasionally buy manga to read. Generally speaking, she would read the bloody manga that punches the flesh or the like. After all, with her character, she didn’t really like those crude and simple funny manga.

But even so, Rize is a girl after all. Even if she looks tomboy, in fact, she also has the tender heart of a girl.

It is better to say that she will be more sensitive in certain things.

When she read Cat’s Eye work under the recommendation of a friend, she could simply describe it as unforgettable. Apart from the story between Rui and Utsumi, the identity of Kisugi 3 sisters alone has produced great attraction for her.

A heroine thief in the modern city?

Those identity made her longing, and even said that she could only wish to be a member of the 3 sisters. Fighting with the police at night and living an ordinary person’s life during the day.

The most important thing is that she and Kisugi 3 sisters have an amazing thing in common – They both work in coffee shops.

This trigger her resonance!

Because of this, Rize immediately became a fan of this work after reading Cat Eye chapter 1. But she didn’t expect that she would meet the author of this work one day!

Is there anything more ingenious in this world?

“That… well, thank you for your compliment.”

Seeing Rize’s appearance almost changed to a fangirl, Li Yalin can not say anything more. Scratching his cheek and looking at Chino in his side, in the end he could only take the compliment.

“This is not a compliment, but a fact. There are many people on Weekly Young Fiery’s forum who share my opinion… Yes, Yalin sensei, although it sound abrupt, can I know when the chapter 2 of Cat’s Eye is uploaded? “

Li Yalin’s reaction made Chino shake her head repeatedly. It seems to her that Li Yalin’s performance is too modest.

You must know that Cat Eye’s work is soaring on Weekly Young Fiery’s website. There are too many posts discussing this topic, and the rate of praises is amazing.

In this case, everyone must admit that this is an excellent work.

And like regular fans, Rize is also looking forward to Cat Eye’s next plot. So after hesitating for a bit, she finally asked Li Yalin about this issue.

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