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Crossing world side task: Saint Isidore University recapture campaign.
Task content:
1. Knock back or destroy the Yamada group and recapture Saint Isidore University.
2. Rescue the curator Ryougawara Rise in the university library.
3. Rescue Aosoi Shiiko, a virus expert located in the Science Building.
Task reward: System Lottery ×1/2/3。
Task tips: There is no time limit for this side task. The task reward is based on the number of completed tasks. For each failed task, the System Lottery is reduced by one.

This is the task content sent by the system to Li Yalin. It is very unexpected. This side task actually contains three small tasks, and the reward is also quite interesting. After he complete a task, he can get one System Lottery.

In other words, he can selectively complete the tasks?

Take a look at these tasks.

The first task is to repel or destroy the Yamada group. This task is very simple. It was nothing but a face-to-face confrontation. With their firepower, it should be easy to complete, but he wasn’t sure if the girls have the guts to shoot against humans.

This is a problem that needs to be discussed with everyone later.

As for the second task, to save the library curator Ryougawara Rise, Li Yalin does not know what the library curator is, but since the system gives the task, it shows her importance. He can complete this task as long as there is no problem.

While the third task… the point is here!

Virus expert, this name doesn’t sound too bad, there is such a character in Saint Isidore University? Virus expert, it was a zombie virus expert?

Seeing these tasks, let alone the rewards, Li Yalin felt that he should take a trip just for the third task.

You know, after completing the task, he can leave this world at any time, but he cannot take these girls away.

And staying in this world means facing endless dangers. Zombies are danger, humans are danger, viruses, and even more dangerous dangers await them.

Viruses will evolve. This is well known to everyone. Perhaps in the early stages of catastrophe, the immune system in the human body can help some lucky people avoid virus infection, but what if the virus evolves to the point where it is not immune? Can everyone’s safety be guaranteed?

It’s difficult, it’s really hard, so Li Yalin feels that if he can save this Aosoi Shiiko, he might be able to add a guarantee for everyone’s safety until he is able to take everyone away!

Yes, Li Yalin feels that he can no longer abandon these girls after getting along with everyone. He carries that strong sense of responsibility.

He does not want these girls to continue to survive in this collapsed world, he wants everyone to return to a peaceful life!

It is impossible to rebuild this world, so after thinking about it, he has only one way to go – continue to complete the tasks the system released until he has the ability to take people out of this world!

Think about the rewards of this crossing world mission. Since there is a single version of the crossing world ability, will there be a double version or even a multi version of the crossing world ability in the future?

Li Yalin thinks that this is really possible!

Since it is possible, how can he not work hard?

Complete tasks, increase his strength, and save these girls are the direction he will strive for in the future!

So, he must take this task!

For myself, but also for everyone!

“Everyone, we have another task!”

In the faculty office on the first floor of Megurigaoka High School, Li Yalin held a meeting. The participants of the meeting, in addition to Kurumi, Yuuri, Kei, Miki, Sakura Megumi, and Kamiyama Akiko, were his own members. Hikarizato Aki and Deguchi Touko joined this group.

Regarding the content of this meeting, the girls had no idea what was going on. Especially when Li Yalin said that there is a task at the beginning, they all looked at each other and showed big question marks in their eyes.


What task?

“The Saint Isidore University was attacked by the Yamada group this time. It was a disaster. As a survivor, I think the Yamada group’s actions are really against humanity, so I decided that we will come forward to sanction the Yamada team! Retake Saint Isidore University!”

Just as everyone looked at each other, Li Yalin had already pulled a mobile whiteboard, which was pinned to the map of Megurigaoka city, and clearly marked the locations of Megurigaoka High School and Saint Isidore University.

“Retake the university?”

Well, Li Yalin completely suppressed everyone with just one sentence. Everyone showed surprised expressions, completely wondering what he wanted to do.

Retake Saint Isidore University… how is that possible?

It is true that the Yamada team’s approach makes people angry. Those guys who don’t put human life in their eyes are best if they die.

But the problem is that everyone can only think about it, but can’t raise the idea of ​​resisting it. This criminal gangs is the gathering place for bad guys and villains. Can they fight against them?

“With all due respect, although our gathering place does not lack weapons and equipment, the Yamada group also possesses firearms. If we rashly confront them…”

As Hikarizato Aki who has fought head-on with the Yamada group, she is the one with the most say among everyone, and because of this, she is even less optimistic about this action.

Although the words are very metaphorical, her meaning is very obvious. Once war starts, sacrifice will inevitably occur.

That…is it really worth it?

“I understand what you mean, but Hikarizato-san, have you ever thought that you are safe now, but Melee Fight Crew is still facing the Yamada group.”

“Perhaps they can still hold it now, but after a long time, can those college students really resist the onslaught of the Yamada group? Impossible.”

Regarding his task, Li Yalin certainly cannot tell everyone clearly, but there is a righteousness that everyone can accept.

Yes, he went this time not only to fight against the Yamada group, but also to save those college students who are still fighting against the evil forces.

Although they are also very ruthless in comparison, they are still a group of innocent survivors after all, and they also need to be rescued!


As soon as Li Yalin said this, Hikarizato Aki was shocked. Not only was she shocked, she even felt a little guilty.

Yes, she is safe, but she has forgotten that her former companions are still in danger.

They are standing on the opposite side at the moment, but it is impossible to obliterate the fact that they were once companions!

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