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“Saint Isidore University is very special, very special. Like this Megurigaoka High School, it is an experimental sites under Randall Corporation!”

Li Yalin felt it was not enough, so he threw another bomb.

“According to my analysis, the underground of Saint Isidore University should have the same shelter facilities as Megurigaoka High School, and the materials in it are exactly what we need now.”

“Perhaps… we can find more clues in the shelter facility at Saint Isidore University.”

“As for the cause of the outbreak of this disaster, we haven’t figured it out yet, but the zombie virus is terrible. I think everyone should understand that if we can’t find more clues and suppress the virus’s invasion, we will never be able to guarantee our own security.”

“I know that this operation will be very dangerous, but I think we need to take this trip, not only to save others, but also to save ourselves!”

The emergency evacuation manual for staff. This is a confidential document that everyone knows, but that does not mean that Hikarizato Aki and Deguchi Touko also know it. So when Li Yalin said this, it thrown them into confusion.

There’s refuge facilities under the Saint Isidore University?

There’s clues to the virus in our school?

An experimental sites under Randall Corporation?

What is going on here?

Seeing the confused expressions of these two girls, Li Yalin took out the emergency evacuation manual for them to see with their own eyes. He knew that this matter can only be told by facts. Let them see this document and they should know about the matter.

In fact, just as he thought, after reading the emergency evacuation manual, the faces of these two girls were already full of shock.

There is such a thing?

So many things are involved in this?

“What do you think of my thoughts? Should we take this trip?”

Although Li Yalin has become a leader of Megurigaoka High School from various angles, he will not be arbitrary here. The meeting was held not to order everyone.

He expressed his thoughts, and the next step is the time for the girls to choose. Whether or not to go this trip should be decided democratically.

It will be the best if everyone agrees, even if they ultimately opposes this plan, it does not matter to him. After all, this trip is not only risky, but they will ends up in a crossfire. It is reasonable that these girls cannot accept it.

He even had already made up his mind, he would go alone if everyone objected in the end.

Anyway, it was not that he don’t want to act alone, although it would waste some time, but it was not impossible.

“I don’t care, as long as you decide, just call me.”

Among the girls, Kurumi was the first to express her opinion. She has worked with Li Yalin for a long time and also really trusts Li Yalin. Although there is a slight hesitation in her heart, this does not prevent her from continuing to believe in Li Yalin.

Since he said that this action was meaningful, she’ll fight side by side with him.

“I… agree with Yalin’s decision, we need to start this operation.”

Following Kurumi is Wakasa Yuuri. To be honest, Li Yalin originally thought she would oppose it, but he did not expect that she actually agreed with him.

Is this unexpected?

Yes, it was unexpected, but it was reasonable, because Li Yalin’s words accurately hit Yuuri’s heart.

The virus is terrible. Although everyone is safe now, no one knows how long this security can be maintained. After so long, everyone has lost confidence in rescue. Without rescue, everyone must learn to save themselves!

Yuuri is not afraid of her own accident, but she is afraid that her imouto Ruu-chan will be harmed. They can finally meet again in this perilous world. She doesn’t want to separate with her sister due to accidents again!

For myself, even more for my imouto, even if it’s risky, she definitely have to take the trip!

Kurumi and Yuuri both expressed their views, but Kei and Miki, who belonged to the combat team, did not say anything. It can be seen that the two of them were still hesitating, but no matter how much they hesitated, they did not express opposition.

Is it the default… they really have their style.

“I object!”

The combat members of the field team agreed, tacitly agreed, but as her sensei, Sakura Megumi couldn’t just watch her students take risks.

“This action is too dangerous. What you have to face is not only zombies, but also murderous gangs! Do you all want to risk your live?”

Sakura Megumi understood and agreed to Li Yalin statement, but the problem was that she didn’t want to see everyone in a dangerous situation.
She didn’t want to see her students get harmed!

“I also think… should we be more cautious and think carefully before we act?”

In contrast, Kamiyama Akiko is more euphemistic. Like Sakura Megumi, she agrees with Li Yalin, but she is worried about everyone’s safety.

“Consider it seriously… that’s okay, let’s us discuss it carefully and see if we can solve this problem in a better way.”

The opposition of Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko was completely within Li Yalin’s expectations, so he persuaded them that he had already thought about it.

Do you feel unsafe?

No problem, then let’s discuss it, consider it, and study it again.

Anyway, they will not follow the team. When they arrive on the real battlefield, everyone will know that plan can change any time.

There is no point in discussing too much now, and what to do next depends on the situation at the scene.

“I’ll show you the way!”

Although Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko expressed their opposition, it was not a problem for Li Yalin, and they could be dealt with easily.

As for the next step, turning his sight to Hikarizato Aki, the girls’ expression is already serious.

After knowing some of the truth, it was obvious that it had an impact on her mind, but the girls were also strong. Not only did she recover quickly, she even expressed her willingness to be a guide for this trip.

In contrast, Deguchi Touko really makes people want tsukomi.

Should I say that as expected to representative of Fallen Crew? After seeing such a shocking confidential document, apart from a slight shock, she didn’t even say anything, and she didn’t even express her intention to help leading the way.

Not only that, she actually quickly showed an attitude of having nothing to do with herself, stating that she was a Neet and didn’t know anything about fighting, and she was just adding trouble if she go.

Is she self-aware?

No, she’s just being lazy!

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