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Deguchi Touko’s self-abandonment attitude does not affect this trip plan. In fact, Li Yalin did not count her in the battle rank.

Regardless of how she formed Fallen Crew, this survivor group, but in a practical sense, she is a game Neet. She didn’t say anything wrong. As she said, she’ll be just a burden if she go with them.

Therefore, this time the operation member have been decided, in addition to the five-man combat team including Li Yalin, plus Hikarizato Aki is enough, there is no need to add more candidates.

Although Uraha Shino can be considered in combat power, it is better to keep her in Megurigaoka High School to recover from her injuries.

After persuading Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko, the next course of action is very simple. Let Hikarizato Aki take a good night’s rest. Everyone takes this time to recharge and wait until the next morning when Li Yalin drives out LAV-25, all personnel were armed with weapons, head towards the target Saint Isidore University.

“Excuse me… are you really going to negotiate with the Yamada group?”

On the way to Saint Isidore University, Hikarizato Aki was a little disturbed. She couldn’t forget what Li Yalin said to Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko before the operation started.

According to him, in this trip they will try to solve the problem without violence, sit down peacefully with the Yamada group, and reach a consensus between them is the only way to survive in this apocalypse.

This sounds very reasonable. Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko can also agree, but Hikarizato Aki feels that it is impossible for members of those violent organizations to consider coexistence. If they want to treat survivors equally, then they wouldn’t shot from the beginning.

They dared to kill even people, simply treating human life as a waste.

Peaceful dialogue?

Is this possible?

No! That’s impossible!

“Negotiating? You think too much, what can you talk about with those violent organizations, and they have to be willing to even have conversation.”

To Hikarizato Aki’s surprise, when she was anxiously trying to remind Li Yalin that this trip was about to face a group of villains who were extremely vicious and unable to communicate with each other, he only sneered.


Hikarizato Aki is shocked. Didn’t you still talk about negotiations before? Why his attitude changed so much?

Yes, Hikarizato Aki didn’t expect that Li Yalin’s so-called negotiation was just an excuse to perfunctory Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko. He never considered the issue of negotiation from beginning to end.

Either force to expel or destroy by force! There are only two roads left to the Yamada group!

Regarding this result, the few girls who were also sitting in the car did not speak, but they had expected this results.

Yes, after fighting side by side with Li Yalin for so long, these four girls can be said to know him best. However, seeing him subconsciously wipe his nose when talking to Sakura Megumi and Kamiyama Akiko, they guessed that he was having a guilty conscience.

What peace talks, it was just an excuse, he had no such intention from the beginning!

They have seen this point a long time ago, and the girls’ hearts are also psychologically prepared. What everyone will face next will be an unprecedented tough battle.

Shoot and kill…

Although they have thought of this possibility, they didn’t expect that this day would come so soon…

Along the way, the four girls Kurumi, Yuuri, Kei and Miki were silent, and the atmosphere became very solemn for a while.

… Did they realized this already?

He was driving the car while sitting in the cab, but the expressions of the girls were reflected in his eyes through the reverse mirror.

I’m thankful that you guys make this realization, but I will never let your hands tainted with blood if not necessary!

“Are we going to meet Melee Fight Crew first?”

With no words on the way, the armored car arrived at Saint Isidore University, but Li Yalin did not go directly to the front, but turned a corner and drove the car to the back door of the university.

Hikarizato Aki said very clearly that Melee Fight Crew and Fallen Crew were separated and ruled. School building A and the main entrance belonged to Melee Fight Crew, while B and the back entrance belonged to Fallen Crew.

After Yamada group’s attack, Melee Fight Crew occupied the B area and the back door, and used this line of defense to block the Yamada group’s attack. Now, they come directly to the back door, he wanted to contact Melee Fight Crew?

It seems Li Yalin didn’t intend to fight Yamada group immediately, Hikarizato Aki thought so.

“Yes, compared to the Yamada group, I think it is necessary to talk to Melee Fight Crew first. Although we are here to save people, we are not a free international rescue organization.”

When answering Hikarizato Aki, Li Yalin’s eyes narrowed to slits. All in all, his purpose is to complete the task, not to come and save people with saint’s heart, he won’t go to this place by risking the girls just to save the Melee Fight Crew.

They are not worthy of him to spend so much to save!


Even if they have no value, Li Yalin is not prepared to simply waste these resources.

“Talk to them…”

Hearing Li Yalin said he wanted to talk to Melee Fight Crew, Hikarizato Aki didn’t know what to say for a while. They are not a free rescue organization. This meant that Melee Fight Crew had to pay a certain price to be rescued?

Is that correct?

What will he do?

What would the Melee Fight Crew pay?

At this moment, Hikarizato Aki was a little confused.

What is the price the Melee Fight Crew had to pay?

Regarding this issue, Li Yalin already had a plan in his mind.

Through the experience of Fallen Crew, the high-pressure policy of Melee Fight Crew has been confirmed. Since they like to use this method to survive, it is as they wish.

Li Yalin is a very democratic person. Melee Fight Crew chose this path he was happy to let the other party to carry on.

Due to the attack of the Yamada group, Melee Fight Crew was very cautious. Multiple observation posts were set up at the entrance of Saint Isidore University’s back door. As long as someone approached, an alarm would be issued immediately.

The arrival of Li Yalin group naturally attracted their attention. Well, just as the armored car stopped in front of the school gate, two young men with short crossbows appeared immediately.

“Take precautions to protect yourself. I won’t be able to take care of you when there is a conflict.”

Seeing the two short crossbows aimed at his armored vehicle, Li Yalin’s mouth raised slightly, their vigilance was quite strong, but with that kind of toy, you really think it is useful?

He turned around and told Hikarizato Aki, and then opened the car door, he wanted to see the worth of these college student survivors actually had.

Melee Fight Crew?

I hope you guys can live up to this name!

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