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They have cooperated many times. Li Yalin has formed an absolute tacit understanding with them. When he said this, the girls acted immediately.

Opening the door and rushing out of the car, Kurumi, Kei, and Miki quickly formed a triangular advance team, while Yuuri, who leaned out from the sunroof of the armored car, pointed the gunpoint of the sniper rifle at the two hand-held crossbows young men.

This scene scared the two guys in an instant. With such battle array, and with that dark gunpoint, how could their legs not trembling?

Even after experienced the catastrophe, they are still college students who have just left peace. Against the gunman girl wearing a green camouflage clothes and military helmet, their first thought is that the soldiers of the Self-Defense Force have arrived!

Is this… rescue?

Regardless of whether it was rescue or not, they can’t hold up their crossbow anymore.

Tremblingly put down the crossbow, but the two young men didn’t know what to do next, looking at each other, they couldn’t think at this moment.

The deterrence of armed soldiers is much greater than those of violent gangs. Even if these armed soldiers are young girls, they will still feel awe.

“Open the door!”

The appearance of the girls with guns greatly shocked the two young men. Li Yalin saw it with his own eyes and was very satisfied with it.

After all, it is still a group of young people, it seems that he doesn’t have to change his plans.

Now that everything goes well, let’s continue to play this scene!

Stepping out of the car door, Li Yalin did not raise the assault rifle behind him, but came to the school gate and gave cold orders to the two youths.

As soon as he said this, the two young men were instantly shocked, and their whole body stiffened.

Open the door?

Do they dare to open this door without leader’s order?

If usual, let alone open the door, someone dared to talk to them like this, they would have shot the crossbow in their hands as a greeting.

Now they are facing soldiers with guns. If they disobey the order…

God, they don’t know if the bullet will hit their heads.

“What? Do I need to repeat it? Open the door!”

Seeing the two youths did not move, Li Yalin’s brows suddenly wrinkled, and the voice became colder and colder, causing the two youths to shiver uncontrollably.

This person… looks very young, but why is his aura so terrifying?

Yes, Li Yalin’s aura at the moment is indeed terrifying. After all, he have fought amidst the zombies and come out alive, he even killed so many zombies, he can’t treated as an ordinary person anymore.

He is so powerful, the effect is simply outstanding!

“Yes! We’ll open the door immediately!”

Under Li Yalin’s pressure, coupled with the deterrence of the gunpoint on the side, while trembling in fear, the two young men rushed over to open the door.

They fear that they’ll get shot if they are too slow, They want to cherish their live after living to this day.

It’s not worth it to die here!

Very smooth.

Seeing that he scared them, the two young men obediently complied. Li Yalin expressed his satisfaction.

After driving the car into the school gate and leaving it alone, Li Yalin gathered together with the girls and proceeded towards the school building in a guard formation.

Although this is already a safe area without zombies, they still cannot relax their vigilance, because what they will face next is not a dangerous zombies, but a group of cold-blooded college students.

To deal with these cold-blooded guys, you must behave even colder than them!

“Get your leader, I want to meet with your leader.”

The arrival of Li Yalin group was very conspicuous. The nearby survivors found them without being informed. After seeing their weapons and equipment, many survivors could not help but exclaimed. Showing a surprised look.

Soldiers of the Self-Defense Forces?

Rescue appeared?

Right now, most of the survivors of Saint Isidore University think this way.

What are the survivors thinking at the moment, it has nothing to do with Li Yalin. He’s here for business, so he want the leader of Melee Fight Crew come out to meet him.

According to Hikarizato Aki’s previous statement, the leader of Melee Fight Crew is Takahito Tougo. He was famous at Saint Isidore University before the zombie virus outbreak. Because of this, he also attracted his companions by virtue of his fairly good popularity, and finally formed Melee Fight Crew.

In addition to Takahito Tougo, there is another girl named Kamiji Ayaka who also plays a pivotal role in Melee Fight Crew. This woman must not be underestimated. In many ways, she is more decisive and cruel than the leader Takahito Tougo.

Speaking of Kamiji Ayaka, Hikarizato Aki can’t help but shudder. At least 60% of Melee Fight Crew’s high-pressure policy came from that woman.

To win Melee Fight Crew, they must take the lead in solving these two people!

Regarding this point, Li Yalin has thought a very good plan.

“Are you… from the Self-Defense Force?”

Not too long after, Li Yalin group was surrounded. It could be seen that Melee Fight Crew was very wary of their group. Almost everyone was holding weapons.

Without introduction, Li Yalin saw at a glance that the blond young man who was surrounded in the center and holding a nail bat is definitely Takahito Tougo, the leader of Melee Fight Crew.

And standing not far from him, the black-haired beauty who does not hold a weapon but exudes a dangerous atmosphere from her body should be Kamiji Ayaka.

As Hikarizato Aki said, these two people are really not simple characters.

But… it’s just relative to ordinary college students!

In Li Yalin’s group, Li Yalin was obviously the leader, and Takahito Tougo immediately faced him.

However, when he raised this question, his gaze unconsciously shifted to Li Yalin’s side and turned to Hikarizato Aki.

Hikarizato Aki escaped from Saint Isidore University. There’s no way he would not recognized her. Because of this, the nail bat in his hand was slightly clenched, obviously he’s aware of the insecure atmosphere.

“You are Takahito Tougo, the leader of Melee Fight Crew, the survivor group of Saint Isidore University, right? Now I announce that Melee Fight Crew will be managed by us from now on, and everyone must follow our orders!”

Although it didn’t feel right, Takahito Tougo didn’t immediately show hostility. After all, he hadn’t figured out the origin of Li Yalin, let alone what the situation was.

Looking at Li Yalin again, he snorted and said something unacceptable.


Melee Fight Crew is managed by them?

Who are you guys anyway?

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