Cafe 134

“What did you say?”

When Li Yalin’s voice fell, Takahito Tougo’s brows furrowed. These unidentified soldiers with guns had to take the management of Melee Fight Crew as soon as they arrived. How can he accept that as the leader of Melee Fight Crew?

Not only Takahito Tougo, but the college students who firmly supported him were also in a commotion. If it weren’t for them had guns in their hands, they would have been swearing.

Obey your orders inexplicably?

Who do you think you are?

“I don’t want to hear you talk nonsense!”

Looking around for a while, Li Yalin drew the pistol from his waist in a thunderous manner, and fired three shots into the sky.

In order to act as a deterrent, he had already removed the muffler on the gun muzzle. The loud gunshot shocked all the survivors present, because it was a real deterrent by force!

There is a good saying that power comes from the barrel of a gun. This is true.

The students were still muttering just now, obviously dissatisfied with Li Yalin’s words. Now with the sound of the gunshots, most of them immediately held their breath and did not dare to complain any more.

After doing this, he looked at Takahito Tougo again, his complexion had changed.

After experiencing the Yamada group battle, he can understand what is truly cold-blooded and ruthless. Some people are really killing people without blinking. Several members of Melee Fight Crew died in the gunfire. The horrors still distinctly in his head.

Although in this apocalypse world, a dead person is already an uncommon thing, but being shot by someone is completely different from being killed by a zombie!

What to do?


Still resist?

Yield, he can’t give up the Melee Fight Crew he have finally formed.

But resist… facing the black gunpoint, did he have that opportunity?


There is still a chance!

Li Yalin is less than three meters away from Takahito Tougo. At this distance, firearms may not be able to occupy the advantage. Especially at this moment, his gun muzzle is still aimed at the sky, which is a great opportunity.

Takahito Tougo can also see that Li Yalin is the leader of this team. As long as he wins against him, he may be able to counterattack successfully.

Chance… only at that moment!


In an instant, Takahito Tougo made his decision.

This guy is a bit clever and decisive in doing things. He is a material for big things.

Unfortunately, although it was a good idea, it is destined to fail.

Takahito Tougo’s counterattack had long been expected by Li Yalin. He was not surprised at all, because people who can execute high-pressure cold-blooded tactics, even regardless of the life and death of their companions, won’t hand over their authority so easily.

And so…

Come on!

Feeling Takahito Tougo’s nail bat waved, Li Yalin put the pistol back into the holster like lightning. Do you want to fight in close combat with an expert fighter like me? Boy, you’re losing your mind!

Just as Takahito Tougo’s nail bat was about to be swung down, Li Yalin decisively reached out and grabbed the opponent’s wrist accurately. With a twist of his backhand, he immediately let go because of the pain, and the weapon fell to the ground.

With this alone, Takahito Tougo’s surprise attack was declared a failure, but he can’t end it with just this.

In the presence of so many survivors of Melee Fight Crew, Li Yalin is going to smack someone face in front of everybody. Only by prove them wrong can he shock these guys better.

Takahito Tougo is the best sacrifice.

Pulling his hand back, Takahito Tougo was immediately pulled in front of him, and after three consecutive punches, Takahito Tougo’s handsome face was immediately distorted in pain.

“Want to attack me?”

With a sneer, Li Yalin twisted his backhand, twisting Takahito Tougo’s hand behind him, and then hit his popliteal with a knee blow, directly causing him to kneel to the ground.

It’s not over yet, Li Yalin leaned over and pressed his knees unceremoniously against Takahito Tougo’s face, still twisting his wrists without letting go. This action caused great pain to the opponent.

What happened?

The surrounding Melee Fight Crew survivors were dumbfounded. What just happened?

They simply could not have imagined that such a huge change would have taken place in short moment.

They only saw their leader launch an attack on the armed soldier leader, and then he was subdued easily. At this moment, he was pushed to the ground and couldn’t move. The expression on his face was extremely painful.

This is… too strong, right?

At the beginning, the young girl in the team and Li Yalin’s immature face might be the reason everyone subconsciously despised, but at this moment, no one dared to raise the slightest thought of resistance.

With such a strong strength, only the soldiers of the Self-Defense Forces can do it. Otherwise, how can ordinary people solve one person so easily!

This means…

Is the rescue of the Self-Defense Force coming?

Are they sent by the Self-Defense Forces to take over Saint Isidore University?

With Li Yalin’s skillful performance, most of the survivors of Melee Fight Crew thought of this possibility. Although it may not look like it, it is absolutely correct!

The rescue is here!

We finally waited for the rescue!

“Who is still not convinced now?”

In the hands of Li Yalin, Takahito Tougo quickly lost the ability to resist. He didn’t plan to abuse him in front of so many people and don’t want to be too cruel, just let him fainted.

When he stood up from Takahito Tougo and looked around again, he said a word, no one dared to look at him again.

Very good!

This is the effect he wants!

“Are you Kamiji Ayaka-san?”

Takahito Tougo has lost consciousness, he lose his leadership and now has no value, so Li Yalin’s gaze is quickly placed on the second best person of Melee Fight Crew – Kamiji Ayaka.

This woman… is dangerous!

Different from the lively and cheerful girls he usually come into contact with, Li Yalin feels a dark atmosphere that is incompatible with normal person from her body.

Let’s put it this way, putting this woman in a movie or TV series is a classic villain, and the one that can be level up to a big boss at any time.

If possible, Li Yalin doesn’t want to be in contact with such women. He likes those sunny girls.

But the problem is that he still has to contact this woman now because he knows very well that to win over the Melee Fight Crew, this woman is a key part of his plan.

Only by taking this woman down, can Melee Fight Crew be under him.

“Mind chatting with me?”

Although he doesn’t like it and he is not good at playing with conspiracy, but for the sake of the future, he has to face her!

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