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“It’s my honor.”

Takahito Tougo was lying on the ground. No one dared to help him. How could Kamiji Ayaka refuse Li Yalin’s ‘invitation’.

It can be seen that his performance just now is simply out of the ordinary, let alone an ordinary member of Melee Fight Crew, even Kamiji Ayaka, the second best person, still has lingering fears, and her complexion is unsightly.

Isn’t there such a sentence? It’s impossible to communicate with an ignorant person. In the face of power, he dared to show resistance. Takahito Tougo’s fate is the best example.

“Hikarizato Aki-san has already explained to us about the encounter with Melee Fight Crew, the survivor group of Saint Isidore University, so I won’t talk any more nonsense.”

“This time we are here, our main purpose is two, one is to receive Melee Fight Crew, and the other is to expel or destroy the Yamada group. I don’t know what Kamiji Ayaka-san would think about this?”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Kamiji Ayaka officially started in a conference room in the B area of ​​the Saint Isidore University school building.

However, in this room, only the two of them were present, and there was no third person on the sidelines at all, which also complied with Li Yalin’s request.

As for why he requested such a request, he also had his own careful thinking.

“I don’t have any objection.”

Facing Kamiji Ayaka, Li Yalin showed unparalleled strength. Although his words sounded like asking for the other party’s ideas, would things really be that simple?

No, of course not.

Kamiji Ayaka is a smart person who knows exactly what she should say and do, so at this moment, she can only keep a calm attitude and obey all arrangements of the other party.

“Very well, I can talk to Kamiji Ayaka-san normally, then I feel more relieved.”

Kamiji Ayaka’s answer made Li Yalin’s mouth slightly raised. The meaning in his words is very obvious. Takahito Tougo is a guy who can’t talk normally, so he give up. Then be obidient if you don’t want to fall into Takahito Tougo’s end.

“Speaking of which, does Kamiji Ayaka-san have any good suggestions for receiving Melee Fight Crew?”

Without giving Kamiji Ayaka time to think, Li Yalin quickly brought up the next topic. From the time he came to Saint Isidore University until now, he has been showing a strong character, and he intends to stay strong here in the future.

Just these words, it was more an order than an inquiry.

He wants to win Melee Fight Crew, so it’s time for Kamiji Ayaka’s performance!

“I think… you already have the Melee Fight Crew, as the rescue of the Self-Defense Force, no one dares to resist your command.”

Looking at Kamiji Ayaka again, there is still no expression on her face, just a slightly shaking head, opening her mouth with an attitude that seems respectful but unapproachable.

What she meant was that under the deterrence of force, a group of college student survivors could not raise the idea of ​​resistance at all. In the future, the group of Melee Fight Crew can only let Li Yalin handle them, so whether accepting or not the Melee Fight Crew is meaningless.

It sounds reasonable, but…

“Kamiji Ayaka-san, you are not honest.”
Kamiji Ayaka’s voice fell. Looking at Li Yalin again, he got up from his seat and walked in front of her after a few steps.

“What kind of illusion makes you think that you’re going to fool me?”

Impolitely squeezing the opponent’s chin, Li Yalin began to carefully trace the girl in front of him.

It can be said with certainty that Kamiji Ayaka is a rare beauty, with such a cold temperament. Before the disaster, she must be an ice beauty who can only be seen from afar, and although she may not have many friends, there will definitely be many schoolboys secretly admiring her.

It’s a pity that this woman is not just an iceberg beauty. From her eyes, Li Yalin seems to have seen more.


And indifference…

Interesting, really interesting.

“This world has completely collapsed and has lost its proper order. The strong can do whatever it wants. The weak can only be slaughtered obediently. The so-called law of the jungle, this sentence is really true.”

“But on the contrary, some people are obviously weak, but they think they are strong and they think they are the chosen one. They don’t know that in the eyes of others, they are just fish on the chopping board.”

“Kamiji Ayaka-san, do you want to claim yourself as weak, or are you one of the strong?”

Holding Kamiji Ayaka’s chin, Li Yalin sneered.

Two roads are right in front of you, Kamiji Ayaka-san, how will you choose?

“The chosen one…”

At the beginning, Kamiji Ayaka didn’t respond even if he pinched her chin, as if she was transformed into a puppet, ready to be pinched.

However, just after Li Yalin finished speaking, her eyes suddenly flashed a light, as if his words poking into her heart, activating a switch in her.

Whispering the chosen one word, and the light in her eyes light up even more!

This woman… could she be a chuunibyou?

Kamiji Ayaka’s reaction was somewhat beyond Li Yalin’s expectation. According to his thoughts, since the other party is a smart person, she would just choose to rely on him. It doesn’t matter whether she is sincere or currying favor, he is just using the other party anyway.

But now. He never thought that Kamiji Ayaka would care so much about the words being the chosen. She is obviously a college student, so why she still in her Chuuni?

However, this reaction is quite interesting. How about adding more oil?

“The old world is about to die, and the new world will be created by us, Kamiji Ayaka-san, are you willing to join us and rebuild this new world with us?”

“Rebuild… the new world!”

“Yes! Rebuild the new world!”

“I see, we are all the chosen one, so only we have the power to rebuild the world!”


This chuuni dialogue is simply unbearable!

Had Kamiji Ayaka not been in front of him, and still needed to remain majestic and strong, he might have been rolling on the ground in shame!

Yes, Li Yalin was supported by his acting skills all the way. Because with his usual personality, it is impossible to completely accept Melee Fight Crew since it will only cause greater disputes.

So at the very beginning, he was prepared to be strong to the end, and the facts proved that his approach was correct. Melee Fight Crew was accustomed to being suppressed, and his tyranny did not trigger any backlash.

As long as he solved the leader Takahito Tougo and the second best person Kamiji Ayaka, everything will be fine.

But now…

He solved Takahito Tougo already.

But Kamiji Ayaka, this chuunibyou…what should he do with her?

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