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Li Yalin knows very well that Takahito Tougo, as the leader of Melee Fight Crew and a man must be voted out.

If you shoot a bird with a gun, you can’t convince the crowd if you don’t kill the bird.

Since Takahito Tougo has been defeated, in his opinion, the second best person Kamiji Ayaka is a target that must be attracted, but he did not expect that her target of attraction is so… special.

“Yalin-sama wants to control Melee Fight Crew, Takahito Tougo will be the biggest obstacle. Although he is currently in a coma, he will definitely retaliate against you when he wakes up!”

“Takahito Tougo has three hardcore supporters, all of whom are strong members of Melee Fight Crew. In order to better control Melee Fight Crew, I suggest to… just kill them!”


This woman is really ruthless!

Although he knew that Kamiji Ayaka was indifferent to people lives, and Melee Fight Crew’s high-pressure policy had a great relationship with her, but when he heard about her vicious plan, she wanted to wipe out the obstacles without hesitation. He sucked in cold air.

Of course, he have to admit that Kamiji Ayaka’s idea is correct. To control Melee Fight Crew, he must eliminate the biggest unrest factor. Killing Takahito Tougo and his supporters is the easiest and fastest way.

But… is this really necessary?

No, what needs to be considered now is, can he really control this woman?

She can betray her companion without hesitation at this moment, or even actively kill her companion. Will she one day also betray him and kill him without hesitation?

Speaking of the biggest unrest factor, in his eyes, Kamiji Ayaka’s threat is far greater than Takahito Tougo!

Should he kill her now?

Otherwise, she will turn on him one day, and she will definitely be difficult to deal with!

Coming to this world where zombies are everywhere, although Li Yalin has not really killed anyone, some people have died because of him. He has already made preparations to kill people with his own hands.

It can be said that Kamiji Ayaka was the first person he really want to kill. This woman is too dangerous!

So… do it?

No… Kamiji Ayaka still has utility value. Killing her now will only cause trouble, and it will not do any good to him.

As said before, she is a smart woman, she will not betray him before she has enough capital.

Because of his arrival, Kamiji Ayaka will betray Takahito Tougo, so as long as he always stays strong and always overwhelms her, she will never think of rebellion!

Even if she have the mind, she dare not to take action!

Li Yalin has unparalleled confidence in himself because he is fundamentally different from Kamiji Ayaka.

He owns the Salvation system and will only become stronger and stronger.

If even Kamiji Ayaka he can’t hold down, how can he talk about completing tasks and making himself stronger in the future? How can he protect the girl around him?


Kamiji Ayaka, you will become a trial in my growth, see if you dare to betray me, or I can always hold you down!


After Kamiji Ayaka finished talking about her plan, she found that Li Yalin on the opposite side hadn’t said anything. Although she couldn’t see anything with his pensive expression, the frowning and sometimes stretched brows at times made her a little disappointed.

He doesn’t agree with her plan?

Did she guess wrong, he is not of the same kind as her?

Yes, the reason why Kamiji Ayaka has changed so fast is because of Li Yalin’s strength, and secondly, she was moved by his words just now.

She has always hated the world, the unchanging days, and the predictable boring life.

It wasn’t until one day that disaster struck this world that she discovered that this brand new world was so beautiful, releasing that repressed self and living as she pleased in this world was the life she dreamed of!

Abandoning that old world and rebuilding this new world is Kamiji Ayaka’s long-time dream, and it is for this reason that she considers Li Yalin who has the same idea as her own.

But now…

“Ayaka, what do you think we need to rely on to rebuild the world and control the rules of the new world?”

Li Yalin quickly turned back to his mind, seeing Kamiji Ayaka’s expression, his heart also felt a little clear.

He has made a decision to treat Kamiji Ayaka as the object of his own trial, then, naturally, it is his turn!

It is impossible to train Kamiji Ayaka to return to the right path. He didn’t intend to waste his time. Since she has fallen into the abyss, let’s play happily in the abyss!

“Rely on… strength?”

Kamiji Ayaka didn’t know Li Yalin’s thoughts, nor did she know what his inexplicable question meant, but since he had spoken, she couldn’t ignore it, she could only say strength as her answer after a little hesitation.

In this apocalypse, having strength can have everything.

“A good answer, but not completely correct. Strength is just one of the necessities of survival. Since we want to control the rules, we cannot rely solely on strength to act. Sometimes, we still need this…”

Regarding Kamiji Ayaka’s answer, Li Yalin nodded first, then began to shake his head. When he said this, his fingers tapped around his temple.

“Sir means… wisdom?”

Although she didn’t understand what Li Yalin wanted to say, Kamiji Ayaka could still understand what he said.

But this wisdom means…

“Personal power alone, no matter how powerful it is, it is ultimately limited. If we want to survive better in this collapsed world, we must be good at using wisdom and unify more power.”

“You and Takahito Tougo chose high-pressure management of Melee Fight Crew. I personally appreciate this decision, but again, this is a very stupid approach.”

“Abandon if you are suspected of being injured? Do you really know the importance of labor? And have you considered the issue of people’s hearts? How can the group be brought together if they lose their sense of purpose?”

“The decision to kill Takahito Tougo and his supporters is correct, but in the same way, we have to consider the feelings of other survivors. No matter how cold-blooded we are, we can’t show it in front of other members!”

“Takahito Tougo can die, but it is not now. The top priority is that you help me control the internal resources of Melee Fight Crew, and then I will solve the Yamada group issue. Only after all this can we truly control this survivor group! You know what I mean?”

Since Kamiji Ayaka couldn’t figure it out, Li Yalin helped her figure it out. This woman’s thinking is really one-sided, and he should instill into her some better ideas.

For example… controlling people’s hearts.

This is an advanced technique and it is also the beginning of Kamiji Ayaka’s training.

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