Cafe 137

“I see… I’ve learned something.”

Because of Li Yalin’s words, Kamiji Ayaka opened up to a new world. Before this, she always felt that human life is the most worthless thing in the world, so naturally she didn’t pay attention to people’s hearts.

But now…

Controlling human heart, and then use the human heart to get more of what you want for yourself?

It seems to make sense, should she try it?

“Takahito Tougo is still valuable to us. Even if we want him to die, it is in our interest to let him die, Ayaka, I think you should understand what I mean.”

Looking at Kamiji Ayaka’s thoughtful expression, Li Yalin’s mouth raised slightly. He didn’t know why. He suddenly became excited at this moment, as if he encountered a difficult boss in a game. The more he challenging it, the stronger he will become!

He just opened a new world for Kamiji Ayaka, but didn’t he also opened a brand new world for himself?

He always feel that at this moment, he discovered the dark side in his heart. While instigating Kamiji Ayaka to control people’s hearts, isn’t he doing the same thing himself!

Not good, he’s too deep into the play!

“Yalin-sama is right. Takahito Tougo does have utility value, so we should squeeze out his value further!”

Kamiji Ayaka’s eyes are bright. She thinks Li Yalin’s words was right, and at the same time she knows what she should do next.

“As expected of Ayaka. When I heard Hikarizato-san talk about you before, I thought you were very talented. You really didn’t disappoint me.”

What Kamiji Ayaka is excited about, Li Yalin knows very well, so this woman’s risk factor has further increased.

However, on the surface, he has to show an attitude of appreciation and must not reveal any flaws.


Listening to Li Yalin mentioning Hikarizato Aki, Kamiji Ayaka has a disdainful expression on her face. Does she hate Hikarizato Aki?

“The pure little sheep doesn’t know how to survive in this world correctly.”

Well, looks like she really hates Hikarizato Aki.

Not come as surprise. In contrast, Hikarizato Aki and Kamiji Ayaka are the opposite extremes. From Kamiji Ayaka’s point of view, her kindness is indeed too dazzling.

She thinks Hikarizato Aki’s kindness is difficult to survive in this world?

Oh, it sounds reasonable, but…

Let us see who can survive better!

Li Yalin knows he cannot discuss positive and kind topics with Kamiji Ayaka. That is not what she needs. It is not needed now, and will not be needed in the future. For her, perhaps falling forever into the abyss is her end-result.

So, after done with this dangerous woman, let’s focus on the next task.

Regarding the Saint Isidore University recapture battle, the system has released three task in total. The first task to expel or destroy the Yamada group doesn’t need to be completed right away, because it has only just settled down, so it is better to stabilize the situation.

As for the remaining two tasks, one is to rescue the curator Ryougawara Rise in the library, and the other is to rescue the virus expert Aosoi Shiiko in the Science Building. So… which task he should complete first?

Either one is fine. But it was hard for him to choose.

Forget it, just go to the library first according to the order of the tasks!

“The library? Are you sure you want to go to the library? It was surrounded by zombies now, it is absolutely difficult to break through!”

Li Yalin still needs an excuse to go to the library to save people. Looking for information is a very good excuse, at least no one doubts him.

But hearing him want to go to the library made Hikarizato Aki’s face suddenly became ugly, because she knew that the library had already become a gathering place for zombies right now.

Because of Yamada group’s attack, a large number of zombies have also rushed into the campus. The school building and the area leading to the school gate are still safe. At least it has been isolated, but if one’s go to the library…

It may be really dangerous.

“It’s okay, it should be easy to avoid those zombies if I go alone.”

Hikarizato Aki is worried about Li Yalin’s safety, because she knows his importance. If something happens to him, she will not be able to suppress Melee Fight Crew by relying on the other girls, and it will inevitably turn into a huge dispute.

But he seems very relaxed, just like going out and wander around casually, as if not facing against a man eating zombies.

This makes Hikarizato Aki didn’t know what to say.


I am afraid that only you would say this.

“Um… if you really want to go to the library, can I ask you something?”

Hikarizato Aki knew that she could not stop him from going to the library, so she simply dispelled the idea of ​​persuading him.

But since he was going to the library, a thought suddenly flashed from Hikarizato Aki’s mind. Although she don’t know if it is feasible, but if it was him…

“What is it? As long as I can do it, just say it.”

Seeing Hikarizato Aki’s hesitation, Li Yalin found it quite interesting. Although he didn’t know what she wanted from him, he would not refuse as long as it was within his ability.

After getting in touch with a dark chuuni girl like Kamiji Ayaka, he feels that he really likes a kind girl like Hikarizato Aki even more.

“Ryougawara Rise… She is the curator of the library. Before the Yamada group captured the university, she had been living in the library. Now she should be surrounded by zombies in the library… If possible, can you…”

Hikarizato Aki wanted to ask Li Yalin to save people. It turned out she and Li Yalin has the same goal, but she was not strong enough to rescue Ryougawara Rise from the zombies.

She can’t do it, but she thinks Li Yalin can do it, but it made her feels a little sorry to asks others to take risks like this.

After all, in this collapsed world, saving people is always a very difficult task.

Because of the difficulties, she hesitated, but when she looked at Li Yalin again, he suddenly laughed.

Isn’t this a coincidence? He thought that his excuse was not enough, but Hikarizato Aki directly brought a better excuse.

“Hikarizato-san want me to rescue the library curator Ryougawara Rise, right? I will bring her back safely, so don’t worry!”

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