Cafe 138

Li Yalin is going to save people even without Hikarizato Aki request. Rather, he is now more justified in saving people.

In that case, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the library!

“What? He want to save people in the library?”

“Going to save people so soon? For real?”

The news that Li Yalin was going to save people soon spread among Melee Fight Crew. No one could have imagined that the guy who had just come to seize power so strongly would start to save people so soon.

Did they really come here to rescue other?

Does this mean that everyone is really saved?

“My God… why doesn’t he carry a gun?”

“Doesn’t even wear a protective clothes and helmet? Does he want to die?”

“With only a knife? He must have a death wish!”

The news spread quickly. Many members of the Melee Fight Crew hiding in the safe area showing their heads and watching with curiosity. Everyone is very concerned about him saving people.

But many people were taken aback. They clearly saw the guy who had solved their boss easily had taken off his weapons and equipment. With a long knife on his waist, walked towards the library.

Dare to rush into the zombies without a gun?

He must have got a death wish!

“He is dead!”

At this moment, many people have this idea in their hearts. In their opinion, it only takes a moment for the zombies to surround Li Yalin, followed with his screams.

In this collapsed world, this scene is already the norm, and everyone has witnessed similar events with their own eyes.

So, did Li Yalin really had a death wish as they thought?

Of course not. In fact, for him, going to the library with weapons and equipment is burdensome, because he is fighting alone instead of fighting collectively.

Old partner, I am leaving it to you!

Holding the General Blade, Li Yalin has a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

When he was with the girls, he always armed with a gun to fight with everyone, because this can produce more tacit understanding with everyone.

But in fact, he thinks it is easier to use a knife than to kill a zombie with a gun!

Stealth activated!

“Look! He is near the zombie!”

As Li Yalin approached the library, the surrounding zombies got closer and closer, and the survivors in the school building window became more and more nervous.

Did he want to die?

Some timid survivors even covered their eyes, unable to bear to watch the cruel scene that is about to happen again.


“Gosh! How did he do that?”

“Why the zombies didn’t attack him?”

An astonishing scene appeared. When Li Yalin approached the zombies, everyone found that the man eating zombies seemed to be unable to see him, and still wandering on their own.

Clearly, that is fresh flesh and blood, a favorite of zombies, but why do they ignore it?

Are the eyes of the zombies blind?

Yes, the eyes of zombies are indeed blind. If there is no strong light to provoke them, they will not move at all.

The loss of vision is exchanged for the sharpness of hearing and smell. But on the contrary, Li Yalin has no injuries on his body, and there is no blood to stimulate the sense of smell of zombies. As for hearing, after activating stealth, what can those zombies hear?

For Li Yalin, this scene happened naturally, but in the eyes of those survivors, it was very different.

Is he a god?

Why he was ignored by zombies?

Just when the survivors of Melee Fight Crew were completely puzzled, Li Yalin had already made a move.

Although he can avoid the zombies, but this trip is to save people, then these zombies are all obstacles. In order to ensure the safety of the target person, these obstacles must be cleared.

The sword came out of its sheath, zombie head would land with every cold light flashed.

Li Yalin is already very good at killing zombies, and he will never do it sloppily.

“That is power! The power of the chosen!”

The performance of Li Yalin was seen by the survivors. At this moment, they could no longer make a sound because they were completely stunned by this scene.

Only Kamiji Ayaka, after seeing the power displayed by Li Yalin, her eyes were full of fanaticism.

This is her own kind!

This is the power of the chosen!

I am not alone in this world!

Okay, let’s leave aside the reaction of the survivors. After killing everything on the road, Li Yalin easily entered the library, and then successfully found the hiding place of the librarian Ryougawara Rise through the information provided by Hikarizato Aki.

Although the library is large, there’s not many hiding places. Nothing more to say here, but…

“You are miss Ryougawara Rise, right?”

Should he say that this woman has a good courage, or she’s scatter-brained?

When Li Yalin found Ryougawara Rise’s hiding place, he unexpectedly discovered that she was hiding in this small space, reading book with only a small candle.

That’s right, she was reading. Through the faint candlelight, her complexion look unsightly, and her body was obviously very weak, but even so, she still insisted on reading.

What is this?

The legendary bookworm?

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin really didn’t know whether to tsukomi her or not.

He should tsukomi her, right?

“You… don’t seem to be a student at Saint Isidore University.”

The arrival of Li Yalin quickly caught the attention of Ryougawara Rise, but even so, she did not put down the book in her hand.

How obsessed is she with books?

But… this librarian is really a beauty!

Although the light of the candlelight is very faint, Ryougawara Rise’s complexion doesn’t look good, but even so, it can be seen that she is a mature and intellectual beautiful woman.

Rather… this is exactly the type that Li Yalin likes!

As a self-proclaimed otaku who was nearly 30 years before transmigrated, Li Yalin’s most wanted woman to date is a beautiful onee-san like Ryougawara Rise. In contrast, after transmigrated, those young bishoujos who seem to be his age are all subconsciously regarded as imouto.

This time, he felt as if his heart had been taken away.

What is this?

Fateful encounter?

“Are you a student of Saint Isidore University? But I haven’t seen you before…”

Well, putting aside the heart being taken away, saving her is the top priority now!

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