Cafe 139

“Ahem… I’m not a student of Saint Isidore University, but I have come to the library to save you at the request of Hikarizato Aki-san.”

With a light cough, Li Yalin used this to conceal his gaffe. Now is not the time to talk about love, the most important thing is to reveal his identity.

“Hikarizato-san? I see… It looks like I can continue reading again.”

After Li Yalin revealed his identity, the librarian Ryougawara Rise showed her understanding, but she still thinks about reading, which makes people want tsukomi and feel dumbfounded.

“Don’t move, your body is very weak now.”

Now that the rescue has comes, Ryougawara Rise naturally understands what to do next. This library is already occupied by zombies, and evacuating is the best choice.

It was regrettable that she can’t take away all the books, but now is not the time to think so much.

She wanted to get up from the seat, but with the movement of her body, she subconsciously wobble and almost fell to the ground.

Li Yalin quickly reached out to support her after seeing this.

This beauty curator’s physical condition is very bad. Looking at the condition of the hiding place, there is nothing but books. It can be concluded that she hasn’t eaten for a long time. She can’t escape from the library on her own in her state.

“Eat some chocolate to replenish your energy, and then I will take you away.”

Taking out the chocolate he carried with him, Li Yalin handed it to Ryougawara Rise. Although it can’t be eaten as a meal, it can at least add some calories and physical strength.

“Thank you.”

Ryougawara Rise did not refuse his chocolate, but politely said her gratitude.

She knows that her physical condition is not good, and she really needs to replenish energy, otherwise, she will only become a burden.


“No, you can’t get out by yourself like this.”

Even after eating chocolate, Ryougawara Rise’s body won’t be able to recover that easily. From her appearance, it is not realistic to expect her to move freely in a short time.

Staying in this library is too dangerous, and Li Yalin is unwilling to waste too much time in this library.


“Come here! I will carry you out!”

Leaning over and squatting in front of Ryougawara Rise, Li Yalin made a decision, he wanted to carry her out!

Although he prefers to hold her in a princess hug rather than carrying her on his back, it is estimated that he will encounter zombies when he leaves the library. He won’t be able to resist if he use his hands to princess hug her.

So the only choice is to piggy carry her.


Ryougawara Rise was slightly surprised when Li Yalin squat suddenly.

She’s obviously an excess baggage now. With the usual style of Melee Fight Crew, she would be banished to the outside to fend for herself.

But this person… no, this schoolboy is willing to take the risk to rescue her, and carrying this burden on his back regardless of his own safety.

For a while, Ryougawara Rise didn’t know what to do.

“What are you surprised for? It’s dangerous here, we must get out quickly!”

Li Yalin frowned after waiting for a long time. Now is not the time to hesitate, what is this woman thinking?

“Sorry… for causing you trouble.”

Ryougawara Rise also knows that now is not the time to hesitate. In fact, she just felt surprised. After the surprise, she immediately leaned over Li Yalin’s back.

As soon as they were in contact, Li Yalin suddenly felt a soft feeling coming from behind, WTF! The curator onee-san has a pretty good figure!


It’s really amazing!

Is this his benefit?

Yes, this must be a benefit!

Li Yalin enjoyed the warm and soft touch on his back, he really earn big this time!

But he also knew this wasn’t the time to enjoy himself, they must evacuate after finding the target!


Carrying the curator onee-san behind him, Li Yalin quickly rushed out of the library with a knife. Compared with the smoothness when he came, the return journey this time was not so easy. He can’t sneak away to avoid the zombies.

But it doesn’t matter, with the benefits on his back, Li Yalin feel full of energy. Beautiful girls are the biggest buff blessings. This is true.

With girl on his back, a mere group of zombies still want to stop me?

Even if he has to kill, he’ll kill his way out!

“He really rescue her!”

“It’s curator Ryougawara! They are back!”

Li Yalin rushed all the way into the library, and then rushed out of the zombies with one person on his back. This scene was seen by the survivors of Melee Fight Crew. This heroic feat actually appeared in front of them!

One can imagine how shocked they are.

Melee Fight Crew has always used a high-pressure policy. Under this cold-blooded management, everyone has gradually become numb, forgetting the original intention and only considering their own safety.

In order to survive, they abandon their companions without much thought. Once someone has symptoms of infection, they will ruthlessly drive them away and let them fend for themselves.

Saving people?

This idea has been abandoned by most survivors of Melee Fight Crew.

But today, one person in front of everyone, neither abandoning nor giving up.


It’s incredible!

But why… why did a feeling of passion emerge in their heart?

Why oneself want to replace that person and become the one who saved the curator Ryougawara?

“Kei! Miki! I’ll leave the curator Ryougawara to you. She is very weak now and needs food and water.”

Li Yalin’s rescue operation this time was not for show. What the survivors of Melee Fight Crew were thinking about had nothing to do with him. After he got out of the zombies, the first thing he did was to ask his own girls to help him take care the curator onee-san.

The Melee Fight Crew are not trustworthy, but their own girls are more reliable.

He had to kill his way out to rescue people. His body was already covered with the black blood of zombies. He had to quickly change his clothes. Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable when the blood is completely solidified.

“Please wait a minute!”

His own girls are very reliable, Li Yalin can rest assured leaving her to them. However, after he instruct them and was about to turn around and leave. The curator onee-san who is still very weak was supported by Kei and Miki suddenly called him.

“Thank you…”

Li Yalin looked back and got the sincere gratitude from the curator onee-san. When she was carried on his back, she could clearly feel his heartbeat, and she knew how much effort he had put in to save her.

She didn’t know how she should repay him. At the moment, she could only say her gratitude to him.

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