Cafe 14

“Sensei or something… “

Lived for almost thirty years old, Li Yalin has never been called sensei. Not to mention now being called sensei by a beautiful girl, it’s makes him feel unable to adapt.

Because of this, he faltered subconsciously for a short moment.

After feeling faltered, Rize’s question still has to be answered. After all, this is no secret.

“In fact, I have already drawn chapter 2, and just went out to post chapter 2 on the internet. If Rize-san want to read it, you can read my manuscript directly.”

Li Yalin and Rize haven’t communicated much before. Although they are friendly to each other, but in fact, they just decided how to call each other. As students of the same year, they called each other by name with honorific, it’s already considered a relatively close relationship in the eyes of others.

Li Yalin is more comfortable being called this way. Only because of the subsequent change, Rize change of calling him from Yalin-san to Yalin sensei makes him feel a lot of pressure.

Looking at Rize, it might be impossible for her to change her way of calling him. So after a little thought, Li Yalin decided to go along with her. She can call him as she like, as long as it’s satisfied her.

Anyway, when he was watching the anime, he really liked this girl Rize. Now he can make good friends with her by vitue of manga, which is a good result.

Speaking while smiling, Li Yalin took his original manuscript bag. This bag was placed on the bar counter when he talked to Chino, and Rize saw it too.

It’s just that Rize didn’t expect for such an obscure bag to actually contained her favorite manga manuscript.

“This is chapter 2 of Cat’s Eye? Or is it the original?”

Mangaka’s work is boring and tedious. Without the help of an assistant, it takes a lot of time to complete a piece of work, and manga assistant usually monopolized by a famous mangaka. It’s a luxury for a new manga author.

Because of this, many netizens including Rize have less expectation for Cat’s Eye chapter 2 to be produced quickly, even if it get’s more subscription on the internet. There were quite a lot of similar discussion topics.

Rize is even more surprised now because she know how hard it is to update manga. Looking at the comments on the website yesterday, most netizens think that Cat’s Eye this work can update chapter 2 in two weeks can be regarded as author works really hard. After all, Cat Eye has as many as forty pages, twice as much as the weekly manga.

Just like now, she can not only see Cat’s Eye’s chapter 2 but also see the manga’s manuscript with her own eyes. How excited Rize is at the moment, can be seen from her performance.

“I… I… “

“How? Rize-san, you don’t want to read it?”

Rize’s reaction was very interesting right now. It was clear that Li Yalin had handed the bag to her, but she reached out several times but failed to grasp the bag.

Is it too excited?

Is it so exaggerated?

Rize’s reaction made Li Yalin feel a little funny. He never thought that Rize would make such expressions and movements in front of him, and the reason is because of him.

Such a once-in-a-lifetime chance, wouldn’t it be a waste not to tease her?

“No… I want to see!”

I don’t know if it was stimulated by Li Yalin’s words, Rize seemed to wake up from her dream. Subconsciously trembling, and then returned to normal.

Even if she returned to normal, she wiped her hands vigorously before taking the bag with tension and excitement. She carefully took out the manuscript, as if afraid of staining the manuscript.

It was really exaggerated.

Witnessing this scene with his own eyes, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders in silence, turned his head to look at Chino again. Chino as if saw this side of Rize for the first time, causing her small mouth to open slightly in surprise.

“Rize-san really likes this manga.”

Rize’s performance made Chino sigh. Although she really likes the work, the reaction is far less exciting than Rize. Even though there is a personality reason, Chino still thinks that she likes Cat’s Eye less than Rize.

Perhaps this is what it’s meant to be a true fan.

“Seeing Rize-san like this, I couldn’t help but want to complete chapter 3 immediately.”

While Chino sighed next to him, Li Yalin couldn’t help but touch his chin. This attitude of Rize certainly made him a little embarrassed, but it also bring him a great sense of accomplishment.

Admittedly, the completion of Cat’s Eye is from another world achievements and the help of the system, but it still created by Li Yalin hand. This work is like his children, of course he will feel happy if his own children are liked by others.

This even made Li Yalin ignite the idea of ​​drawing Cat Eye chapter 3 immediately!

That’s right! Just do it!

Li Yalin is an activist. Since the idea already in his mind, it is naturally impossible to dawdle. After he said goodbye to Chino, he went straight upstairs and returned to his room to start the drawing work of chapter 3.

To tell the truth, Rize’s attitude is certainly one of the reasons why it ignited his fighting spirit. But the most crucial thing is actually the stimulation of the manuscript fee.

Compared with the 100 million debts, the hundreds of thousands of Japan currency are like a drop in the bucket, but it can solve Li Yalin most pressing issue. It will give them peace of mind if they have food at home. How can he continue to work with a piece of mind if he can’t eat enough meal?

Now with a goal as the support, it would be strange if he didn’t get fired up!

Speed ​​up!

Strive to get chapter 3 before eating barbecue tomorrow!

“Where’s Yalin sensei?”

Upstairs, Li Yalin fired up because of the manuscript fee. While downstairs, Rize who carefully read Cat Eye chapter 2 just recovered from her sense.

It’s really a good work!

As Rize finished reading chapter 2, she felt that she liked the work more and more, especially the stealing plot in chapter 2 that made her fascinated.

Although the 3 sisters did not really walk in a tightrope on a skyscraper, they used this method to confuse the police and eventually succeeded in obtaining the target is simply an IQ victory!

Making a manga with such a powerful plot, Yalin sensei is really amazing!

Sighed like this in her heart, Rize subconsciously looked around but found no one else besides Chino, Li Yalin had long disappeared.

“Yalin-san went upstairs to work.”

Chino responded quickly to Rize’s question, and it was for this reason that Rize sighed even more.

“As expected of Yalin sensei, he is really hardworking!”

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