Cafe 140

“You’re welcome.”

Faced with Ryougawara Rise’s gratitude, Li Yalin just smiled.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, he was risking his life to save people, but he did not feel that way. This was just his task, and he did his best to complete it.


Thanks to the beautiful curator, he got many benefit. Although he did not show it, he is in a very good mood now.

Reminiscent of the soft touch before…

System! No matter how much such tasks you issued to me, I’ll took them all!

Is the feeling of saving people so good?

Change clothes quickly!

There is another task to be completed next!

Ryougawara Rise is the type that Li Yalin likes. He’ll be happy to interact with the beauty curator more. However, she obviously needs a rest at the moment, so he thinks he should not disturb her.

What’s more, the third task released by system is also to save Aosoi Shiiko, this name also sounds like a girl!

As the saying goes, there are no ugly girls in 2D. Although this is a real world, after coming to this world, Li Yalin has not found any ugly girls.

Maybe the ugly girls have become zombies, but at least he hasn’t met them yet.

From this, it can be concluded that Aosoi Shiiko will also be very beautiful, and since she is a virus expert, she doesn’t seems to be too young. An onee-san beauty is his favorites.

He was full of expectations for the next rescue task.

Yes, this is indeed true, and in fact, just as Li Yalin thought, Aosoi Shiiko is not ugly. Rather, she can be regarded as a mature onee-san beauty.

But the problem is… why she has a decadence breath all over her body?

Her appearance of smoking cigarettes, tilting her legs while frowning has completely destroyed her beauty!

Is this the onee-san expert he envisioned?

She’s an onee-san all right and she’s indeed an experts, but it didn’t match with the image in his mind!

That’s right, sitting in front of Li Yalin at the moment is Aosoi Shiiko, the target of his third task.

In fact, meeting her is much simpler than expected. Unlike the library surrounded by zombies, there are not many zombies wandering in the Science Building, and it much easier to get into the Science Building.

Only after arriving at the Science Building, the place was completely enclosed. Not to mention the zombies, even he himself could not break in.

So he had no choice but to use a violent breakthrough, but just as he was about to destroy the Science Building door, a sudden voice interrupted him.

“Who are you? Get out of here! You are not welcome here!”

It seems that the Science Building is safer than expected. As the owner of this building, Aosoi Shiiko’s safety can also be guaranteed. From the other side’s attitude, Li Yalin’s rescue is meaningless.

The situation of Aosoi Shiiko is completely different from that of Ryougawara Rise. Li Yalin couldn’t figure out why the system issued this third task to him.

It doesn’t looks like she need rescue at all!

He was given a cold shoulder!

Li Yalin knew that Aosoi Shiiko, a virus expert, was far more important than Ryougawara Rise, since her existence is critical in fighting against zombie viruses.

How could Li Yalin leave the world with peace of mind if this problem wasn’t solved? So if he missed Aosoi Shiiko, where would he go to find another virus expert in the future?

“I heard that there is a virus expert here, is that right?”

“You… who are you?”

Regarding the existence of Aosoi Shiiko, most people are unaware of it. Whether it is Melee Fight Crew or Fallen Crew, they think that the Science Building is a closed building with no one inside.

When he heard the news, Li Yalin felt very strange. Although he didn’t know why Aosoi Shiiko wanted to hide herself, since she had already spoken, it meant she had been exposed, and he can continue talking with her.

However, Aosoi Shiiko obviously did not expect Li Yalin to expose her identity, which surprised her for a while.

“You should be the virus expert, right? How is your research on zombie viruses?”

“No comment!”

“Then if I say I can help you with your virus research, what do you think?”

“Help? How can you help me?”

“Like… this!”

Li Yalin knows that if he want to continue to interact with Aosoi Shiiko, he have to arouse her interest. So what can arouse her interest?

It just so happens that he has a very important piece of information in his hands.

The emergency evacuation manual for staff. This is a top-secret document, which is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to have. It contains a record of the virus, so there’s no way Aosoi Shiiko has no interest!

“That is…”

Sure enough, after Li Yalin took out the emergency evacuation manual, Aosoi Shiiko’s hesitated. Through the camera lens in front of the door, she could clearly see the contents of the evacuation manual.

“Come in.”

In the end, Aosoi Shiiko couldn’t resist her curiosity, allowing him to enter the Science Building.

So Li Yalin got his wish and saw the appearance of Aosoi Shiiko, and then his delusion shattered.


I shouldn’t expect anything…

At this moment, Li Yalin really wanted to pound his head on the floor. He was disillusioned, the curator onee-san is much better!

However, now is not the time for that.

Although disillusioned, what Li Yalin values ​​more is her identity as a virus expert. How to let her cooperate to create vaccines against zombie viruses is the real focus.

“It can be determined from this information that Randall Corporation is indeed the culprit in this incident. So… what do you mean by showing me this information? Are you planning to go to Randall Corporation to find a vaccine?”

After reading the emergency evacuation manual, Aosoi Shiiko recklessly dropped this information on the table. Although there is a lot of information written on it, but much of the important information is blacked out, so it didn’t have much value.

“No, I am not going to take the risk with Randall Corporation situation is still unclear. Showing you this information is just to share information with you. While at it, I want to know to what extent you have research on zombie viruses.”

“And if possible, mass produced the zombie virus antidote or even… improved it?”

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