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The existence of Randall Corporation is very important and is the source of all these disasters. If he goes to Randall Corporation to investigated, not only will he know the truth, but it may also provide more protection for future survival.

After all, it was the origin of the virus, so a virus vaccine should also exist.

However, after thinking about it seriously, he always feel that the level of danger in that place will be higher than that of survival guarantee.

Imagine Umbrella Corporation in the world of Resident Evil. It is also were the virus came from. What kind of disposition the people there? A mere group of survivors who want rescue and help?

Li Yalin doesn’t want to thinks negatively about people, but it was impossible to naively think that everyone is kind. If it is really a kind company organization, would Randall Corporation create a virus that would destroy the world?

Don’t be naive, it’s impossible.

So he never thought of going to the Randall Corporation from the beginning. After all, his current background is still too low. Killing so many zombies and armed with four battlefield bishoujo does sound great. But they won’t be able to do anything if they really encounter a large number of armed forces soldiers.

Li Yalin is very self-aware of his own strength, not to aim too high.

What he wants to do now is to mass-produced the antidote, and even further improve it.

Viruses are evolving, and antidote to treat viruses will naturally evolve, which is why he values ​​Aosoi Shiiko so much.

“Virus antidote?”

Worthy of being a virus expert, a light flashed in her eyes immediately after seeing the antidote Li Yalin took out.

Prior to this, she could only study the virus through zombies, starting from scratch. She encountered too many obstacles and made no progress at all.

But now, with this antidote, her research can finally found a direction, so it will be much simpler!

Stepping forward and grabbing the antidote from Li Yalin, Aosoi Shiiko hold it like a treasure. This thing is very important to her!


“No! Not good enough! The equipment here is not enough, not enough!”

Saying this much, Aosoi Shiiko grabbed her hair in annoyance. Experimental research requires a lot of equipment, especially professional equipment, which is not something a university can have.

To study this antidote, it need laboratory-level professional equipment!

“I need more professional testing equipment! Otherwise, I won’t be able to continue to research!”

After pulling out some of her hair, Aosoi Shiiko slumped back into her chair. She is depressed now. She has clearly found the direction of her research and saw the dawn of hope, but she was forced to stop because the instrument could not keep up.

She can’t do anything without testing equipment.

“Professional testing equipment? Perhaps I can provide you with some help.”

Li Yalin knew that Aosoi Shiiko had taken the bait after he take out the antidote. He’s going to give her more since he was going to get her on his ship.

Isn’t it just a testing equipment? It’s easy!

“Can you help me get testing equipment?”

Li Yalin’s words caused Aosoi Shiiko to raise her head at once, her eyes flashed with light.

Yes, she can’t get the testing equipment, but that doesn’t mean he can’t.

Although Li Yalin looks young, the conversation with Aosoi Shiiko is very sophisticated, so she can’t really treat him as a kid.

“Of course, in such big Megurigaoka city, it should be easy to find a few professional research institutions, right?”

Because of these words, Aosoi Shiiko successfully joined his party. Of course, before seeing the professional equipment, she said that she would continue to stay in the Science Building and not meet with outsiders.

Because in her opinion, as long as she can study the virus, she has no intention of contacting outsiders.

Regarding this, Li Yalin decided to respect her thoughts. Let her stay in the Science Building if she want to live there. Experts has some quirks, which is understandable.

All in all, he reach an agreement with Aosoi Shiiko and the rescue task was completed. The only obstacle remaining was the Yamada group occupying the school building A zone.

A tough battle remains at the end!

“Takahito Tougo is already awake.”

After leaving the Science Building, Li Yalin met Kamiji Ayaka. Although this woman is dangerous, she is now his biggest help in controlling the Melee Fight Crew.

In some cases, they need to talk alone.

“Yes Yalin-sama, Takahito Tougo has regain his consciousness, and he has made up his mind to take revenge on you sir.”

Facing Li Yalin, Kamiji Ayaka’s eyes were filled with fanaticism. Only the real strong can get her approval and be accepted by her.

Before this, she had never treated anyone as her own, but she has fallen in front of his power.

At least at this moment, she sincerely put her mind on Li Yalin’s, and will sold her former companion without hesitation.

“He intends to secretly instigate the members of Melee Fight Crew, and wants to choose the best time to attack you, but I think he is purely digging his own grave. With the bravery shown by you sir, there will never be more than three people who is willing to follow him and turn against you!”

“Oh? That’s quite interesting. He want to fight me? Then I’ll give him this chance!”

Takahito Tougo never expected that he would be sold easily by Kamiji Ayaka. Just now, Kamiji Ayaka went to visit him and advised him to stay low temporarily. On the surface, he take her advice, but later on consider the issue of counterattack.

It’s just that Takahito Tougo’s head is filled with hatred, and simply can not live through it. He can’t forget the public humiliation. Not only he lose his face, but also his Melee Fight Crew!

He needs the help of Kamiji Ayaka, and he has always treated Kamiji Ayaka as his own, and sometimes he even feels that only Kamiji Ayaka is the most suitable for him.

In this apocalypse, he and she are like Adam and Eve, they are all chosen people, and only they deserve the right to survive!

It’s a pity that the girl who always smiled in front of him, the best companion he identified, used him as a chess piece from beginning to end.

She didn’t recognize him from the beginning, and he will never have that chance in the future.

I wonder what kind expression he would show if he saw this scene with his own eyes. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the opportunity, and a trap specially tailored for him was quietly set.

Is it sad?

No, not at all!

Since he started to deprive others of the right to survive, he should have thought that the same thing will happen to him sooner or later!

Your actions have consequences, and it will bite back at you.

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