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Regarding Takahito Tougo, Li Yalin didn’t have a good impression on him from the beginning. He won’t do anything to him if he is the kind of leader who can lead Melee Fight Crew to survive better.

Li Yalin didn’t care much of Melee Fight Crew. He just wanted to open up a living space for the girls, not only to complete the task, but also for the cute girls, nothing more.

Megurigaoka High School is completely sufficient for living space. Saint Isidore University doesn’t seems that good, so he didn’t care much.

It was a pity that Takahito Tougo is not an object to cooperate with. No matter what he thinks, his existence will only be a scourge. Since it was inevitable that there will be an intersection with Saint Isidore University, Li Yalin is naturally more willing to control this force on his hands.

No, not to control but to restrict it.

In this dangerous world, everything can happen, and no one knows whether the existence of Melee Fight Crew will bring danger to the girls, so he want to eliminate all hidden dangers in its infancy.

At least this way, he can feel at ease when he leaves this world.

Kamiji Ayaka, this woman, is not inferior to Takahito Tougo. Perhaps in a sense, she is more dangerous.

But compared to Takahito Tougo, Li Yalin is more willing to keep her. After all, she is a woman and can be controlled more easily than a man.

The so-called same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction is nothing less than the truth.

Of course, Li Yalin didn’t give him the opportunity to choose. If he is willing to give up the power in his hands and continue to survive as an ordinary survivor in this collapsed world, then he can still survive.

Unfortunately, he chose another path.

That is a road to the abyss!

Speaking of which, this is also Kamiji Ayaka’s credit. Unlike Li Yalin, she never intended to let go of her former companion from start. In her eyes, the dead obstacle is the best obstacle.

Takahito Tougo is an obstacle, then he should die!

Melee Fight Crew is now under the control of Li Yalin. Under the deterrence of that powerful force, few people dare to rise up the idea of ​​resistance. Takahito Tougo wants to instigate the members of Melee Fight Crew to achieve the goal of counterattack, is totally unlikely.

After failed several persuasion, he finally communicated secretly with the Yamada group under the persuasion of Kamiji Ayaka, expressed his willingness to join the Yamada group, and helped the Yamada group break through the B area and occupy the entire Saint Isidore University.

However, what he never expected was that all this was a conspiracy by Kamiji Ayaka. He did reach a consensus with the Yamada group, and the Yamada group also believed him. They broke into Zone B at night and prepared to fight Melee Fight Crew by surprise.

But it turned out that when they came to Zone B, they encountered all the members of Melee Fight Crew who fought back. They were obviously attacked in surprise, but they fell into the trap and were scooped up.

After the battle, the Yamada group suffered heavy losses and had to lead the remaining wounded to escape from Saint Isidore University. Takahito Tougo himself died in the turmoil.

Clearly all of them are pitiful people struggling in this collapsed world. Why do they need to kill each other?

Looking at the almost deformed body of Takahito Tougo, Li Yalin sighed in his heart.

In this battle, he personally killed three Yamada group members, and his hands finally stained with blood.

But Takahito Tougo was not killed by him, but died in the hands of the angry Melee Fight Crew members.

Yes, before that, he was the leader of Melee Fight Crew, he led Melee Fight Crew to survive in the apocalypse. But it also because of his cold-blooded policy that he also deeply planted the seeds of hatred.

Now he had betray them, it was he who attracted the Yamada group. He betrayed everyone, so he must die!

The members of Melee Fight Crew thought so, so they killed him with their hands, not only to express the repression in their hearts, but also to avenge their companions who died under the cold-blooded policy.

It stands to reason that this is Takahito Tougo’s own to blame, but Li Yalin doesn’t want to say anything bad to the dead.

“The response from the members is pretty good. This is a good start, Ayaka. What we are about to face next is a period of steady development. During this period, we must not only recuperate, but also increase our strength.”

“There must be more survivor organizations similar to the Yamada group in Megurigaoka city, and one day we will encounter intruders again.”

“If we want to survive better in this collapsed world, we must develop and grow better. From today on, we must not only avoid sacrifices, but also absorb fresh blood!”

As the leader of Melee Fight Crew, in the eyes of ordinary members, all the cold-blooded high-pressure policies are proposed by Takahito Tougo, and only a few people know the role played by Kamiji Ayaka.

Because of this, many people did not resist Kamiji Ayaka’s management rights.

It is impossible for Li Yalin to stay at Saint Isidore University for a long time. In fact, he also dislikes the atmosphere here, so after he leaves, only Kamiji Ayaka is competent enough to manage this place.

At least in this way, the members of Melee Fight Crew can survive better.

As for the future of Melee Fight Crew, everything depend on their own efforts. Anyway, it is impossible to get worse, right?

With his own glorious ‘blueprint’, Li Yalin believes that Kamiji Ayaka will take it seriously right away and work hard to develop Melee Fight Crew, and he has also provided a lot of help for this.

The underground facility built by Randall Corporation at Saint Isidore University was found. The solar power generation equipment and water purification system were all turned on. The materials were greatly supplemented, and there was no need to worry about food problems in a short time.

In addition, although Li Yalin did not provide his own firearms, after the Yamada group was defeated, their weapons were left behind, which happened to be used to equip the members of the Melee Fight Crew.

It seems that the future of Melee Fight Crew is looking bright, and there is only so much that Li Yalin can do for them.

When everything was over, Li Yalin finally embarked on the way back, but unlike when he leave with six people, this time he’s back with two more people.

Ryougawara Rise and Aosoi Shiiko, neither of them stayed at Saint Isidore University, but unlike Aosoi Shiiko’s voluntary followed, Ryougawara Rise was almost forcibly taken away.

No way, as a bookworm, it is extremely difficult for Ryougawara Rise to leave the library. In her opinion, since the invaders have been driven away and the zombies have been cleaned up, she should continue to stay in the library.

But the question is, despite the Melee Fight Crew at the stage of development, but the level of danger is quite high. Will Li Yalin dare to keep the curator onee-san there?

No, that is simply impossible!

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