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In Li Yalin’s eyes, the future of Melee Fight Crew is full of uncertainty. In contrast, Megurigaoka High School is the best place to survive.

The most important thing is that the role of Ryougawara Rise is far greater than imagined. As a librarian and bookworm, her knowledge is very rich, and in Megaurigaoka High School, what they lack the most is someone like her!

So in any case, he has to take away the curator onee-san, and even use the manpower of Melee Fight Crew to pack away a large number of books in the library, plus the equipment of Aosoi Shiiko, the truck was packed to the brim.

Is this the harvest of this trip?

Virus experts and librarians, laboratory equipment and a large number of books.

No, this is just a superficial gain. In fact, what Li Yalin really gets is a reward that ordinary people can’t imagine!

3 times System Lottery!

Get anything you want!

Regarding System Lottery, Li Yalin has already figured out some rules. In the previous four lotteries, three of the prizes were from the Cat Eye world, and the other prize was from the Generation XTH world.

In other words, it seems that he can only draw rewards from the world of works rewarded by the system.

Congratulations for winning the proficient level exclusive bloodline skill – Guardian Shield – from the world of ‘Generation Xth: Code Hazard’.
Congratulations for winning the proficient level WIZ spell skill – Flame – from the world of ‘Generation Xth: Code Hazard’.
Congratulations for winning the adept level Firearm skill – from the world of ‘Cat Eye’.

Looking at the prompts given by the system one after another, Li Yalin couldn’t help but smile. His guess was right!

Does this mean that whenever the system rewards him with creation, he is equivalent to opening a lottery world?

Although there is no way to further verify, but he’s looking forward to it in the future.

Not to mention the future, even at this moment, he really want to cheer.

Sure enough, the products produced by the system are all high-quality products. These three consecutive draws are really too powerful.

Let’s take a look at the reward this time, adept level Firearm skill, which not only raise Li Yalin control on guns, but also gives him a +3 gun accuracy bonus.

Prior to this, his marksmanship was only slightly higher than that of the girls, hitting the target within 50 meters is already good. Then now, he is a sharpshooter that can’t miss!

Not to mention a distance of 50 meters, even if it is a distance of two hundred meters, he can hit it perfectly!

This simply refers to hitting everthing on sight!

Don’t be surprised too early, this is just the beginning.

Guardian Shield, this is the exclusive bloodline skill of Saintess Jeanne gene. As literally as written, when Li Yalin turns on this skill, it can stimulate the bloodline of Saintess Jeanne gene and form an energy shield in front of him.

This can not only resist damage for him, but also protect his teammates.

Although it is only a proficient level, this ability is still very powerful. After several tests, this guardian shield can completely resist pistol bullets, and even assault rifle bullets can resist seven or eight rounds.

This means that he now has a life-saving weapon, and it should be able to withstand more damage in the future as the skill level increases!

There is also the last WIZ spell skill, Flame, which is also a surprising skill. With the emergence of the spell engraved in his brain, Li Yalin’s hand can produce a flaming fireball.

Was he… inclined towards magician?

Li Yalin never expected that he would one day possess this magic-like mysterious ability.

As a former self-proclaimed otaku, there will definitely has fantasy in this area, but when it become reality, he feels that everything is so unreal.

But… this is reality!

As the flame in his hand was launched, causing the power to detonate a zombie’s head in that instant, Li Yalin knew that he had an extra life-saving card.

The flame of proficient level can detonate the head of a zombie, so what about adept level? What about expert level? What about the master level?

You know, flame is just a first-order spell!

This surprise came too suddenly!

Of course, the two skills of Guardian Shield and Flame have advantages, and naturally there are disadvantages. Their disadvantage is that they cannot be used too many times with Li Yalin’s current ability.

Using these two skills, it consumes his mana, one use of the guardian shield costs 3 points, and one use of the flame costs 1 point.

In other words, even if he has full mana, he can only use the guardian shield five times or the flame seventeen times.

And with the consumption of mana, his state will also get worse, and can only slowly recover through rest. It can be said that there are advantages and disadvantages.

But in any case, the acquisition of the three skills also surprised him greatly.

Is it worth it to go to Saint Isidore University this time?

Worth it!

Of course it’s worth it!

It’s a pity that he can’t share his joy with others. Fortunately, the Firearm skill can be said to be a sharpshooter that doesn’t miss. He can show it off to the girls, but to use the guardian shield or flame…

Forget it, it’s the second thing to scare everyone. In case he was eyed by researcher Aosoi Shiiko, he might get pulled into the dissection room.

All in all, this trip was very rewarding for him. So after they returned to Megurigaoka High School, he immediately organized another operation, killing all the way to the laboratory location provided by Aosoi Shiiko, and obtained a lot of professional equipment for her.

For these things, everyone has worked very hard. After all, the professional equipment is quite heavy, it took everyone’s efforts to carry it back.

But all these efforts are worthwhile, because with these professional equipment, further breakthroughs have been made in virus research, and the ingredients of those antidote have been quickly analyzed, and mass production can be achieved.

As long as the raw materials are sufficient, it won’t be a problem to mass-produce it.

This is the strength of Aosoi Shiiko!


The antidote can be mass-produced, but it cannot completely cure the zombie virus. It is even said that with the further evolution of the virus, the effect of the antidote will only become smaller and smaller.

According to Aosoi Shiiko’s judgment, the antidote will completely lose its effect after five to eight months later. And by that time, the survivor’s own immunity will no longer work.

If there is no new vaccine, mankind would perish.

This is really bad news.

Only five to eight months left?

This means that he must transfer everyone out of this world within that time?

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